Al Cronkrite


In October, 2016 Paul Rosenberg a regular contributor to Freedom’s Phoenix wrote an article entitled “How the Bible Became an Idol”. He describes the Bible as a “false god” and maintains it should be treated as a “book” not a deity.

Rosenberg defines an idol as “something you hold above reality”.  He then writes that “A true God-creator of the universe for example” should be held above reality, since he created reality.


Rosenberg’s reality is vested in humanism.  He claims to revere the Bible but is critical of its content and its origin   He selects what portions of the Bible to believe and what portions to discard.  The Law, of course is the first to go.  It is anachronistic and “no one follows” it anymore.


Like our Founder and most Libertarian leaning President, Thomas Jefferson,  Rosenberg is attracted to the New Testament and “love”.  President Jefferson took the scissors to the Bible cutting out the parts he did not like and kept those he did.  He created the Jefferson Bible, a compilation of sublime passages that to his way of thinking kept the good and removed the bad.


I agree with Rosenberg that the discussion of doctrine and argument over Biblical passages is often not productive.  However, the quest for an enduring doctrine cannot be a result of human reason but must, instead, be a consistent effort to better understand the Will of God through his Word; not to interpret but to understand what has been bequeathed to us.  The Bible gives us the best available record of the character of God as He worked with His chosen people.


Reality to a Christian should be the Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, the Creator, Sustainer, Law Giver, and King.  Peace, blessing, order, and prosperity depend on obedience to His Law.  That is reality for the true Christian servant.


Oral tradition was important in  preaching the good news in the post Jesus era; but as time went on there was a need to codify the Christian religion and to preserve the Spirit if not the exact words of the Savior.


During the Fourth Century A.D., the Catholic Church worked to put the chapters of the Bible together into one volume.  There was much controversy and many opinions.  Martin Luther was involved in editing the Protestant version which is shorter by several chapters.


Nevertheless, with all the differences of opinion and conflicts the simple Biblical narrative is clearly set forth:  God chose a particular individual and his progeny    He chose them as His people and He required their obedience.  Though He was patient they regularly disobeyed Him.  Because their willful disobedience required His rejection, He mercifully sacrificed His own Son as a propitiation for their sin so that they could again enjoy His blessing.  It was the sacrifice of His Son that created the “Good News” – “rejoice, your sins are forgiven”.  When His chosen people callously rejected His Son, God rejected them as His chosen people substituting Christians of all races.  Biblical Christians are God’s chosen people.  They are expected to obey Him; to do His Will, and bring his creation under His dominion


My Merriam Webster dictionary program provides five definitions for “idol”.

1   a representation or symbol of an object of worship; broadly: a false god
2   a likeness of something b obsolete: Pretender, Impostor

3   a form or appearance visible but without substance <an enchanted phantom, a lifeless idol — P. B. Shelley>
4   an object of extreme devotion <a movie idol>
5   a false conception


Christian reality is different from pagan reality.  The age of reason would use the human mind to determine reality; Christians use faith in God.   Reality is not mentioned in the dictionary definition of an idol.  ..


The Bible with all its frailties still communicates the true Gospel.  It is an immutable anchor to the constant chaos that accompanies human reason.  It is not an idol or false god as Rosenberg attempts to claim but the ultimate reliable source of bedrock Christianity.  It is the best available record of the ministry of the Old Testament prophets and the life of the Savior.


God is a Spiritual Being Who can be contacted directly without reference to the Bible.  His methods of communication are several and often difficult to hear clearly in the ear of a sinful servant.  The Bible provides a stable rule to measure our impressions.  Using it effectively for that purpose the Christian must have a grasp of God’s character.  The Old Testament books describe God’s dealings with His chosen people.  They are indispensable in understanding our unchangeable Christian God.  We can say that God is Love but then we must define Love.  Love can only be properly understood by studying the way God worked with His people.

Someone said, “Love in practice is a cruel and terrible thing compared to love in dreams”.  Many Christians fall into the trap of thinking the Torah and the Prophets were written for the Jews and are not binding on contemporary Christianity.  They fall into the blasphemy of believing God has changed and no longer demands obedience to the His Law. This widespread distortion of the Gospel has robbed it of its strength and created an effete, ineffective religion that no longer resembles the Christianity brought to America on the Mayflower.

The Bible is the Word of God.  It is the only written Word that Christians possess.

Theology is missing in the practice of much of today’s Christian world.  It has been replaced by a quest for spine tingling spirituality and personal gratification.  Christians are trying to make God their servant instead of their Master. 

The Bible records God’s discourse with His chosen people.  It specifies God’s exact requirements for His Chosen people and provides an accurate picture of His character and the requirements of His Kingdom.  It is a light to the feet of every current Christian and indispensable in his quest for righteous living.

When God chose His people He chose a small and insignificant group and made of them a great nation.  The Bible records the nature of their obedience and their rebellion and brings us concrete examples of His judgment and of His mercy. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the One True God, is omniscient, omnipotent, and immutable; He is all seeing, all powerful, and unchangeable.  Since He does not change, His dealing with the people of ancient Israel provides us with a perfect description of how He deals with us today.

Actually, instead of being an idol, the Bible is sorely neglected in most contemporary Christian circles.  It has been replaced with the humanistic, evil, opinions of men.  As a result Christianity has become a divided, ethereal, weak religion that is being replaced by Islam all over the world.  

Today’s Christians need to read through the Bible noting how God dealt with His initial choice.   As they read they will begin to see the character of the Trinitarian God of the Christian religion and be able to help others to please the ultimate Power Who when obeyed blesses obedient servants with peace and wealth. 





Al Cronkrite


“But, among the ancient Romans, the lands were all cultivated by slaves, who wrought under an overseer, who was likewise a slave; so that a poor freeman had little chance of being employed either as a farmer or as a laborer.  All trades and manufacturers too, even the retail trade, were carried on by the slaves of the rich for the benefit of their masters, whose wealth, authority and protection made it difficult for a poor freeman to maintain the competition against them.  The citizens, therefore, who had no land, had scarce any other means of subsistence….” Adam Smith, “The Wealth of Nations”

Adam Smith published his seminal work “The Wealth of Nations” in 1776.  His description of the working conditions in the Roman Empire gives insight into the importance of freedom to the early American inhabitants.  The hopeless condition described by Adam Smith was common before the Reformation.  Freedom was more valuable than life itself. The Founders exerted their utmost effort to preserve freedom in this new land and to prevent future generations from falling back into the prison of slavery.

Living in the Twenty-First Century most of us take freedom for granted.  Many of us assume that our elected officials are preserving our freedoms for us and for future generations.  Many believe in Democracy and think our nation is still a Democratic Republic.

It is difficult for Americans to believe that much of this is not true that our elected officials have passed totalitarian laws that could destroy our freedoms and return us to a bondage that might be worse than the slavery of antiquity.  There is very little publicity about the actual condition of our freedoms.  The onerous provisions of the Patriot Act are never publically aired and many believe it is patriotic to support the Act and those who wrote and passed it. Read here.

Truth has become hard to find in the sea of lies and propaganda that spews daily from our press, TV, and radio.  Ownership of public information outlets is centralized and the tiny group of people who own and control it are not friendly to the Christian culture.

Immorality is rampant and sexual deviancy is now supported by law.  Christianity which used to be the religion of the land has been forbidden allowing the agenda of Satan to become the mandate.

Serious deterioration of our educational system began with government mandated Black integration.  Forcing a social phenomenon onto a society caused considerable upheaval that could have been avoided by a more relaxed approach.  Blacks who were inserted into our educational system are beginning to catch up but they were far behind most White students and as a result White standards were lowered and the intellectual level of the nation was adversely affected.  It has never recovered.

Each new government educational program has resulted in less well educated students.  Now we are way down the list of the world’s educated nations. Read here.

Along with this educational deterioration has been serious decline in moral standards.  These two trends have played a major role in the destruction of the American Democratic system.

Benjamin Franklin wrote on April 17, 1787: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Our nation has suffered a series of planned setbacks that have made consensus difficult and serious resistance less likely.  The Christian religion has been distorted and manipulated in ways that have destroyed its ability to sustain freedom or even to maintain the moral standards that allow a nation to prosper.

When the moral fiber has been destroyed everyone wants to be a chief and it becomes impossible to reach consensus.  Some of our citizens are willing to sacrifice freedom for security while a handful of others understand that freedom must come before security or it is soon lost.

We have hundreds of thousands of people who live under the banner of Christianity who have been taught to support our enemies and who are so indoctrinated that they cannot understand the danger posed by this common heresy.

Christianity has been so badly distorted that there are now several distinctly different religions being practices under the name of the Savior.

Evangelicals believe conversion is the sole objective, charismatics are stuck on the Holy Spirit, Catholics have supplemented the Gospel with humanism, Dispensationalists have accepted an erroneous, alien, interpretation of scripture that also inserts humanistic logic, then there are scores of churches that are pastored by independent ministers who preach a gospel of their own making. There is no consensus in Christian circles – the power that should be there has fallen away with doctrinal error.

We are no longer a nation of European immigrants.  We have been purposely invaded by a variety of different ethnic groups whose lives and beliefs are very different from those that made our nation great.

In our town we have an Indian Social Club.  One of the objectives is to maintain their culture.  They want to live in this once Christian nation and enjoy a much higher standard of living than can be had in India, they want to prosper at the expense of United States citizens who along with their ancestors built and defended the society they are now being allowed, even urged, to exploit.

In its present state America might not be worth saving.  It has become a predatory nation that murders, exploits, and dominates by threats and intimidations.  It has nothing better to offer the world than the vicious strife that fills our history books.

Jean-Marc Berthoud writing in the current issue of “Faith for All of Life” describes it this way: “This, in particular, is the strange character of our present hedonistic, utilitarian, science worshiping, and technocratic civilization.   Having utterly deformed the Creators first principles, modern man has once again taken of the poison fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and excluded both from his thinking and his doing (corresponding respectively to the mark of the beast on his forehead and on his hand) all true knowledge, that of both the One True God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and his works of creation, redemption, and providence.  God is thus banished from the technocratic cosmos which autonomous scientific man thus arbitrarily constructs.  In our present view of the universe, God the Creator and Redeemer has been utterly rejected.  God has in this way disappeared from the perspective of our apostate civilization.”

The signs of this rejection are everywhere.  Creeping tyranny, deteriorating morals, torture, abortion, chaos, avarice, theft, murder, suicide, mendacity, betrayal, sexual confusion, female dominance, drugs, rebellion, illegitimacy, racial strife, militant degeneracy, and widespread impatience – all portend a dark age to come.

It is the foundation that originally built America that offers world peace and freedom.  It cannot be attained in any other way.

We were founded by Christian men and women who sought to worship the Living God without being harassed by secular governments.  These men and women provided a Christian base for a new nation, a base that survived the secular onslaught and served the nation well for over two hundred years.  It is now being destroyed by a group of power hungry oligarchs bent on subduing and controlling the world.

When it fails the major question will be what system will replace this rapacious evil.  Will it be the system that made America the greatest and most respected nation on earth or will it be one of the ugly humanistic systems that so aggressively seek power; will it be Fascism, Communism, or Libertarianism?  Will we improve the world with a consensus for peace, order, righteousness, and prosperity or will we remain divided and get conquered by yet another tyrant?  Only time will tell. In the meantime we are faced with the murderous power structure that we have allowed to gain power.  As it plays out Christians will be persecuted.

The Police and Black Americans




Al Cronkrite


A recent letter in our local paper expressed concern that the Country Sheriff Department and the local Police Department were under attack.  Citing scandal in both organizations the writer expressed concern that policing, itself, would suffer.  I share the concern.  We live in a volatile society and we need our policemen and sheriffs to maintain peace and order.  Attempts to use insignificant issues to bring chaos to our law enforcement organizations should be discouraged.

However, policing in the United States at all levels is out of control.  Citizens are being shot and killed over trivial offenses that are escalated by unnecessary police arrogance.

Though it has detractors the idea that suspects are innocent until proven guilty is widely held throughout the world.  It is inferred by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to our Constitution.  Police departments regularly violate that principle by forcibly arresting and handcuffing suspects who are often innocent.  Innocent people resent being treated like criminals and they resent the police who do it.  Instead of being respected members of society who enforce the law and make an effort to be friendly and helpful policemen and women are feared for their aggressive pursuit of reasons to arrest.

There is frightening tension between the police and Black Americans.  Blacks are convinced that they are being picked on.  There is some truth in their feeling.  However, the crime rate in Black communities is disproportionately high (7 Black crimes to 1 White crime).  Police are aware of this statistic and accordingly spend more time watching Blacks.

Our press and media regularly distort the news making it appear that Blacks are not being treated fairly.  The Trayvon Martin case was a typical example.  Martin was shown as a sweet looking innocent teen while Zimmerman was shown as a dark villain.  Black citizens should be aware that the media distorts the news and that it is their own crime rate that causes many of the arrests.

The crime rate is not the only problem.  Everyone dislikes the arrogant attitude that comes with many police encounters.  Police act like privileged citizens whose lives are more important than the lives of the people they are paid to serve.  Handcuffs, bulletproof vests, helmets, shields, black boots and their tendency to shoot first and ask questions later serves to enhance this opinion.  Since Blacks have more contact with the police they are more aware of the nastiness that pervades their ranks.

The police have become robotical – without discernment or compassion.  They spend their time trying to find crimes and treat every suspect in the same manner: submission, arrest, handcuffs and a trip to the local jail.  With dictatorial arrogance they demand obeisance with no regard for the person they are accosting.  Innocent citizens are killed because they refuse to be tyrannized.  Let me repeat it: Innocent people resent being treated like criminals and they resent the police who do it.

This kind of tyrannical behavior tends to produce resistance and the police are being trained to subdue resistance.  A policeman or woman who has the authority to stop you under frivolous pretense and demand that you submit to demeaning restraints designed to immobilize you physically is a danger to citizens and a deterrent to justice.  Though you may be completely innocent and appear to be a model citizen, resistance to this hateful operation can lead to your being shot and killed.

In spite of the fact that we are living in a violent society, police could use some discernment in the way they go about their duties.  Entering a person’s home and handcuffing a compliant father in front of his wife and family shows a lack of compassionate understanding.  Violent responses by police do not serve to allay growing rebellion.  Instead, like the wars we are fighting in the Middle East, it increases the breadth of the conflict bringing more citizens into the fold of police haters.

One wonders what happened to forgiveness and the practice of giving a suspect another chance.  It appears that when police are involved there are invariably arrests made and someone is handcuffed and transported to the local jail.  We house 6.85 million prisoners in the United States, 25 percent of all the prisoners in the world; our police forces are the world’s champion arresters.  We have the larger percentage of our population entangled with the prison system than any other nation in the world.  Something is drastically wrong!

Absolute submission and universal arrests actually contributes to the violence in our society by creating anger and resentment in the population. While the police are busy creating more violence our elected law makers are busy passing laws the no one understands or even knows about.  Police can pick and choose which law they will enforce.  They know the law better than civilians giving them a distinct advantage.

Police behavior is a complicated matter but there is no doubt that the United States of American has a serious problem.  With the world highest quantity of prisoners and widespread civilian demonstrations it is time to take notice

Our society has become secular it no longer adheres to absolutes; power and human reason are in complete control.  God’s churches have become social organizations having lost all connection to the Biblical Law that creates a righteous nation. This lack of resistance to evil has allowed dark forces to overrun us.

A free society cannot long exist without absolute Law.  Without an immutable standard people champion their individual reason which differs with each individual, the result is the man with the gun rules.

In spite of the fact the Black citizens are living in a society that pampers them and puts their desires ahead of all others; in spite of this fact they have bought into the propaganda that they are being oppressed and discriminated against by the White majority.  It is a lie that threatens to destroy the nation and Blacks along with it.

White citizens do not rob and kill because a Black policeman shoots a White citizen, only Blacks do that.  White citizens do not threaten Blacks or urge anyone to burn their buildings. Blacks are free to call Whites any demeaning name they choose but White citizens are severely reprimanded for even pronouncing Black slang.  White citizens working for the media must be very careful not to use a derogatory word concerning Black citizens; they face dismissal if they do.

This severe bias by the media is subtly designed to incite Black animosity which eventually might cause White citizens to retaliate against unfair Black preference, creating riots, shootings, and ultimately martial law for everyone.  Black citizens are being manipulated.  Black publications regularly distort crime statistics to make it seem that they are being treated unfairly.  The true figures prove that reality is otherwise.  Compare the NAACP statistics with those of the Department of Justice.

Reconciliation between Black and White Americans cannot progress until both sides are willing to accept factual information.  As long as distorted facts, figures and baseless opinions are accepted real progress is impossible.

America’s Black citizens have been given every possible advantage.  Welfare, superior job opportunities, freedom, and consistently unbalanced media support.  Barack Obama could not have been elected President of the United States without hundreds of thousands of White votes.  There is no other nation in the entire world that has been more generous with their Black citizens.  In spite of the generous opportunities granted to Blacks they riot and burn their neighborhoods while targeting and unmercifully beating defenseless White citizens.  Hate and prejudice are just under the surface.  It is an unwarranted hate that divides the races

The White race has not owned slaves for many generations.  Blaming White people for what happened centuries ago is sinful.  Every person must be responsible for their own sin.  We can acknowledge the sins of our fathers but we cannot repent from them, they are done and the time is past.

The propaganda that is poured into the Black community by nefarious sources constantly feeds them distorted information which they then regurgitate as reality.

Our town has a Black Democrat running against a White Republican for Sheriff of the county.  This is the Black candidate’s assessment of the job, “As sheriff your job isn’t just to fight crime but to ensure that the laws are enforced in a way that doesn’t violate the rights and freedoms of others, including your employees.  When leadership fails to do the right thing, leadership fails.”

He has the right objective. Justice must be applied equally!

We have two major problems:  One, a police force that incites violence and resentment, and, two, a Black population that believes propaganda and refuses to face reality.

There Was a Better Way



By Al Cronkrite

“In the United States evil has seized power from the people, and evil will not give it back.”  Paul Craig Roberts

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if ancient Israel had obeyed God and grown into the nation He intended it to be?

I am interested in writing and writers and enjoy watching C-Span.  I also like Brian Lamb’s interviews.  Jewish dominance of the United States publishing industry is blatantly evident in this venue with seventy-five percent, or more, of the interviews and book reviews are with Jewish authors. Lamb’s interviews have a similar percentage.  The media is a public facility and this sort of dominance by two percent or less of the population is disturbing.

It is disturbing because the citizens of ancient Israel did not obey God and their progeny mocks Him today.

Unfortunately, the media is not the only part of our culture that is controlled and manipulated by this same power structure; the entire world population is affected as well.  Media’s power in America and around the world allows its owners to heavily influence everyone.  This is particularly true in the U. S. where voters are systematically bombarded with lies and propaganda.

In the beginning Trump had towering numbers but as time went on the mysterious, unverified polls that always accompany elections found his support was declining.  The criterion and procedures used in doing these polls is never reported so the public only hears what the media wants them to hear.   While the polls are being reported Hillary is favored with lots of publicity while Trump is trashed.  The bias is profound.  The massive corporations that control our press and media can be counted on our fingers with several fingers left over.   It is an oligarchy that overflows with propaganda, news censorship, restrictions on free speech, bias, lies, and truncated coverage.

Selection of candidates and elections are heavily controlled by this massive oligarchy.  Favorable publicity has allowed Hillary Clinton with her tons of baggage to become a viable candidate.  Our representative form of government is manipulated with representatives living in fear of adverse publicity that will result in their being voted from office.  The press and television are monolithic sources; there is no dissent.  The town where I live has only one newspaper which was owned by the New York Times but is now a possession of a media giant that owns papers throughout the country.

We have a candidate that comes with tons of negative baggage running against a buffoon who is using popular key issues to activate the electorate while at the same time creating doubt about his ability to successfully lead the nation.

The tragedy is that deceived American voters will fall for this charade and go to the polls hoping to save the nation by electing the lessor of these two evils. Their efforts are for naught since the entire event has been planned and executed and the outcome is assured regardless of who wins.

During the Clinton Administration and that of Bush, the lessor, government began to ignore the Constitution and instead of serving the people it served other interests becoming tyrannical, aggressive and illegitimate.

In Democratic societies talent produces wealth and the two, like cream, have always risen to the top eventually becoming despotic.  It seems that the common people are neither smart enough nor aggressive enough to gain and maintain control over a tiny minority that is smarter, more cunning, and more persistent.  When our nation still saluted the overarching legal system given us by God it provided a deterrent to the ambitions of these avaricious individuals but as this legal system has been discarded in favor of humanism our freedom has been lost.

Had it had been accompanied by a pervasive effort to obey the Law of Moses; the rise of Jewish power might have been a blessing to the world.  It might have created a new freedom and widespread prosperity.  Instead, it is a humanistic effort that ignores the God of Israel and instead mimics Satan.  Russia now considers itself the last bastion of Christian righteousness in the world.

In an Address given at the Bridgnorth Institute in February, 1877 Lord  Acton said, “The government of the Israelites was a Federation, held together by no political authority, but by the unity of race and faith, and founded, not on physical force, but on a voluntary covenant. The principle of self-government was carried out not only in each tribe, but in every group of at least 120 families; and there was neither privilege of rank, nor inequality before the law. Monarchy was so alien to the primitive spirit of the community that it was resisted by Samuel in that momentous protestation and warning which all the kingdoms of Asia and many of the kingdoms of Europe have unceasingly confirmed. The throne was erected on a compact; and the King was deprived of the right of legislation among a people that recognized no lawgiver but God, whose highest aim in politics was to restore the original purity of the constitution, and to make its government conform to the ideal type that was hallowed by the sanctions of heaven. The inspired men who rose up in unfailing succession to prophesy against the usurper and the tyrant, constantly proclaimed that the laws, which were divine, were paramount over sinful rulers, and appealed from the established authorities, from the king, the priests, and the princes of the people, to the healing forces that slept in the uncorrupted conscience of the masses. Thus the example of the Hebrew nation laid down the parallel lines on which all freedom has been won—the doctrine of national tradition, and the doctrine of the higher law; the principle that a constitution grows from a root, by process of development and not of essential change; and the principle that all political authorities must be tested and reformed according to a code which was not made by man. The operation of these two principles, in unison or in antagonism, occupies the whole of the space we are going over together.”

The solution to the decline of righteousness throughout the world will not come from the minds of men.  The world’s best minds are currently fixed on exerting tight control over 99 percent of the world population, eventually annihilating many and making slaves of the remainder.

If this diabolical scheme is to be thwarted social reformation must come through a people who recognize “no lawgiver but God” and understand that “political authorities must be tested and reformed according to a code not made by man”.

Ancient Israel failed as the people fell away from their God and into actions not “tested and reformed according to a code not made by man”.  Instead they trod the road of self-determination to the ruin of themselves and their nation.

The United States of America has been taken over by Neocons and is being led down the same path that destroyed their ancient nation and left them without a legitimate homeland.

At one time our nation recognized God as the foundational law giver; now, we are following a people that God has rejected a people who are alienated from their legitimate mooring and have become lethal and diabolical.

Lord Acton also wrote that, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men”.  Sans the last sentence this quotation is still in common usage.  Centralization of power is progressing rapidly throughout the world.  The elite 1% have gained control of the major nations of the world and are using the United States as a weapon to subdue those that still seek independence.  The number of individual corporations has become smaller and smaller as buy-outs and mergers occur on a daily basis.  Monsanto was just acquired by Bayer creating another uncontrollable giant.

Governments now seek to control their people individually by spying on their electronic behavior, passing laws so numerous that obedience is impossible, teaching the police forces to handcuff, jail, and prosecute for the slightest violation, by keeping them misinformed and ignorant using propaganda and outright lies, and by rewarding degeneracy and condemning righteousness.

While Mr. and Mrs. America go happily about their daily tasks totally consumed by their job and their family, while they digest the steady diet of propaganda and lies purposely designed to placate and mislead them, the hidden world government extends its tentacles into every nook and cranny of theirs homes and families setting them up for the despotic state they are planning.

We must understand that it makes no difference which of the current forms of governments is installed; talented citizens will always rise like cream to the top.  If these superior individuals are not governed by the overarching Law of God they will always seek tyrannical power.  God did not create man to govern himself.  He is the governor and we are His created beings made to obey His Commandments.  There will be no change in direction until the people understand, accept and promote this verity.

Libertarianism’s quest for limited government is a step in the right direction but if the government is not under the power and authority of the Creator it will soon grow and become malignant.  Communists claim an interest in the welfare of the people but Communist governments never get beyond the tyrant that brings them into being – they are all tyrannical.  Democracy enshrines an evil populace that eschews wisdom and Republics are vulnerable to evil manipulation.  Without God and His legal standards freedom is impossible.

When God, the One True God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the law giver a nation is anchored to righteousness; no longer floating about in a sea of avaricious, evil opinion. Evil and righteousness are defined and justice can be administered.

The American free-fall cannot be stopped by human wisdom.  Human opinion is always diverse and often in error. The elite power structure always brings a solution that requires the submission of the people.   Vesting power in the individual is a freedom creating procedure.  When individual power and autonomy are drained off into smaller and smaller human entities the result is always tyranny.  Power should be vested in God who is the sole source of righteousness and humility.

The fall of the United States of America will not be stopped, it will implode and chaos will result.  We are living in a cesspool among people who are lost.  Today’s Christian church is so far off the mark that God cannot hear their prayers.  Many here and around the world will continue to perish.  Hopefully wisdom will overcome the rebellion that has caused our fall and a system of government under the One True God will again prevail.





Al Cronkrite


“I have found five forces that undermine nations after they achieve economic success – and they are biting down on the U.S. today. We have little time to spare to renew the nation. Whichever candidate wins in November better come up with tough and effective solutions.”

1. Falling Birthrates
2. Globalized Trade
3. Rising Debt loads
4. Eroding work ethic
5. The challenge of patriotism in a multicultural country
             Chuck Butler, Everbank

Initially money was backed by gold, a solid form of value.  The banks issued certificates of deposit when gold coins were put in their banks.  Because they represented wealth these certificates began to circulate as paper money.  They were more convenient than cumbersome gold coins and quickly became popular.  The receipts issued by banks for deposits of gold were convertible to an equal gold coinage.  They provided a sound, trustworthy currency that helped develop a thriving economy.  However, as bankers realized that the gold they held in their vaults was never all required at one time they began to lend money using as collateral gold they did not own.  Fractional reserve banking became the norm.

This dishonest procedure resulted in a loss of control over the money supply and an immense transfer of power to bankers. As time went on the government made the dollar convertible to gold at a fixed rate.  This solid backing would have created a sound currency if the international markets, particularly France, had not begun converting their dollars to gold at rates that threatened the U. S. cache.

In the modern world national currencies have replaced the life sustaining products citizens produced during the agrarian era.  Currency represents food, clothing, and lodging and when it is manipulated it quickly disturbs the population.  Bankers and governments have regularly deceived the public, robbing their wealth by devaluing the currency, charging usurious interest rates, confiscating gold, causing depressions by restricting the supply of money, curtailing capitol for business ventures, and other underhanded schemes.

Our money supply is now in the hands of international bankers who are using the United States of America as a weapon in an attempt to dominate the world.

As technical developments have eliminated much of life’s drudgery and the industrial revolution has replaced the need for the individual to produce his own food, children no longer help sustain the family and have become a burden rather than a blessing.  Consequently, particularly in the Western World the birth rate has plummeted putting it in danger of being overwhelmed by more productive races.

This problem has never been properly addressed.  It is now being used as an excuse to allow the culture to be destroyed by immigrants in quantities that cannot be successfully integrated.

The Globalist oligarchs who run America as well as much of the rest of the world are using free trade as a means of redistributing wealth.  They created a climate where the industries of the United States of America would be forced to move overseas robbing us of our wealth, our jobs, our technology, and our world leadership while making China, India, and other far Eastern nations wealthy.  Free trade was sold to the American people as being beneficial to American business by elected officials who knew (or should have known) it was a lie.

The current war was originally described to us as a means of freeing Middle Eastern Arabs from cruel dictators.  This too was a lie.  Instead the objective was perpetual war that would create chaos in these nations so they could be controlled by the shadow government.

The massive debt being created by perpetual war coupled with our welfare state is being financed by the Federal Reserve System as well as various trade schemes.  Tragically this overwhelming debt is not widely publicized and its danger for future generations is not considered by congress or of much a concern for most citizens.

As the American standard of living has contracted under the pressure of Free Trade and inflation, families are attempting to maintain living standards by going into debt.  American consumers are up to their necks in debt putting future growth at risk.  Read here.  College loans are part of the credit problem.  Graduates who cannot find good jobs cannot pay off loans.   Many of these loans will default.

Recently I was talking with a retired friend who is older.  We talked about Globalism and the deterioration of our food supply.   How food is now being shipped into the United States from all over the world in quantities that it is impossible to inspect and control.   We can no longer sue an American firm because a can of beans made us sick.  The can of beans may have been packed in China.  Exposing our citizens to dangers from abroad has become popular and profitable.

Years ago American manufacturers took pride in producing quality products that would function properly, could be repaired, and would last.  Now, manufactured products are being made overseas and the prime consideration is profit.  Broken manufactured products are throwaways.

When shoes were made in the United States they were made of quality materials and with the anticipation that they could be repaired as they wore out.  Shoe repair is a thing of the past.  It is even difficult to get repairs on quality shoes.  Shoes are often discarded before they are worn out.

Globalism has changed our culture from one that paid high wages to those who produced quality and enduring products to one that pays niggardly wages for “throw aways” that produce maximum profits for the manufacturer.

There is no discussion about the massive waste of time and energy that is involved in shipping throw away  manufactured products thousands of miles across oceans where they are used and thrown away – no discussion because behind this costly procedure is profit and the progress of tyrannical Globalism.

Butler is rightly worried about the work ethic.  As American business are moved overseas and competition is forcing wages lower and lower, working hard and producing quality products has become less popular; workers who understand that they are being exploited are just trying to make a living and are being forced to spend longer and longer hours doing it.

Massive immigration has exacerbated this problem.  Many of the immigrants come here to make money and have little interest in the welfare of our nation.  They maintain their own culture, collude, and milk our dying economy for the last drop of profit.  In smaller quantities immigrants could be absorbed into our culture and become worthwhile citizens of a prosperous nation.  Obviously this is no the objective.  The objective seems to be the final destruction of Christian culture bequeathed by our European ancestors.

Most of the citizens of the world resent the incurrence of the Globalist agenda.  They want to keep their national identity.  While English citizens recently voted to leave the European Union, in America Donald Trump gained a hug backing by promising to curtain the flood of illegal immigrants.  The world is waking up and confrontations are in the offing.  Our government has prepared for any future trouble by buying massive quantities of hollow point ammunition and arming most government agencies.

The turmoil that always results from unanchored, egocentric human beings writing the law and creating the policies is just around the corner.




Al Cronkrite


There are three massive manipulations being carried on in the world that are immune from publicity, widely doubted, scoffed at, and ignored by people who should be investigating and reporting on them.

One is the massive amount of Zionist Jewish control of the world; another is the worldwide existence of Chemtrails; and, another is the acquiescence of all of our elected officials to the politically correct agenda of a delinquent government.

There are others but these three are particularly egregious and harmful since while plainly visible to everyone they remain mostly unacknowledged.

A tiny minority of the world’s population is manipulating major governments and societies around the Globe.  The Yiddish finger is always hidden from view but a little investigation reveals it is present, strong, and often a clinched fist.

History reveals that Jews have been a powerful force in several nations during previous eras but never before have they enjoyed the overwhelming dominance they have today.. The United States of America is completely under the thumb of Zionist power.  As the 2016 presidential election draws closer their control of election process is clearly visible in the rise of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate for President of the United States.  It would be difficult to find anyone that could bring more negative baggage to the table.  But here she is, cleansed, white clad, coiffed, and rolled is righteousness.

Her husband, President William Clinton came within a hairs breadth of being impeached for lying to congress (and everyone else) and she has escaped jail by a whisker for a rather stupid email scandal that has been successfully whitewashed.  In spite of this truckload of negativity she is now in a position to win an election.

The stage has been set and the actors have memorized their lines.  Hillary has rallied the troops and an ignorant electorate living in our nation under the auspices of the Zionist immigration law of 1965 will propel her to control of the world’s most decadent but powerful nation.  And how was she able to accomplish all this?  The Zionist controlled press and money machine has given her a steady flow of funds and favorable publicity creating a positive image for a malicious woman.

And it isn’t just Hillary whose strings are being pulled by invisible fingers; Trump’s major backers are of the same ilk

Chemtrails, the second massive manipulation, provides another strange but telling phenomenon.  They are so obvious that everyone can see them and so scandalous that they are easy to deny.  The official story is that they are just vapor trails left by high flying aircraft.   This lie can be easily refuted by any sane person who watches what is going on in the sky.  The long chemtrails can be seen coming from high flying aircraft; a short time later these thin trails begin to expand into imitation clouds.   Anyone who confronts this massive prevarication is branded a “conspiracy theorist”. None of our weather forecasters, news people, papers, or television shows mention them.  It is either denied or ignored by our entire population.  Now they have been a part of the scene for so long that everyone considers them normal..

A sort of mass insanity prevents citizens from seeing and confronting the obvious; a symptom of the insouciance that paralyzes the only army that could return us to peace and safety.

Please watch this video.

The third manipulation involves our government, the heart of our nation.

We are living in the age of false flag operations, massive propaganda campaigns, and flagrant outrageous mendacity.    It is everywhere from our churches to our retail establishments to the corporations that supply our food, to our doctors, our teachers, historians, etc.  Propaganda and prevarications are pandemic.

All this evil fantasy makes it impossible to render correct decisions because the facts have been severely distorted or forgotten.  When correct decisions are impossible chaos results; we are living in such a time.  We are drinking the wine of confusion.

We have been at war for close to fifteen years yet our citizens seem oblivious.  It is happening thousands of miles away, does not affect our daily life, and is seldom questioned by our citizens.

The massive debt being accumulated for us and our children is seldom mentioned.  Once in a while someone complains about our deteriorating infrastructure and the loss of millions of high paying jobs; but mostly all of this is separated from our consideration being a responsibility of esoteric factions in our government.  Most of our citizens seem to consider mass murder by our distant military a righteous undertaking.

Our government was designed to provide contending branches that would prevent one segment from becoming too powerful.  Power was purposely decentralized.  It was the hope of our Founders that preventing the concentration of power would result in freedom for our citizens.

Powerful forces outside our government have succeeded in distorting the relationship of its branches.  These powerful forces have imposed and illegal format that allows them to use our entire nation as their own private weapon.  Their agenda is to conquer and impose a solitary government on the entire world.

This immense power in the hands of a tiny colluded group of winners in the game of Capitalism has resulted in our elected officials being puppets to their wealth and power rather than to the voters who are the legitimate puppet masters.  The result of this manipulation is a uniform failure to confront illegitimate control, inimical government actions, propaganda, lies, illegal law, spurious war, and mountainous debt.

While all this is going on our elected officials act as if everything is normal.  Rather than exposing the outside forces that are destroying our nation they work at accumulating wealth and power at the expense of the people they are elected to represent.  Our entire government has become an inimical charade.

Obedient servants like Bill and Hillary Clinton become multi-millionaires through infusions of money that falls into their bank account.  Obedience to the current Satanic force is lucrative.

Our elected officials are afraid to confront the people who are destroying us because in doing so they might, themselves, be destroyed.

We gave up the absolutes given us by our Creator thinking we could do better using our human brain power.  The result of this disastrous decision is now apparent for everyone to see.  Confusion reigns in our families, our churches, and in our government.  It is as profound confusion that does not lend itself to correction.  Barring the sovereign intervention of the One True God we and our nation are lost.




Al Cronkrite


“Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”  Alexandre Solzhenitsyn

God, the God Who created the world, chose a man and from that man He created a nation – His nation.  The people of that nation were His people and the nation His nation.  He did miraculous things for His nation providing irrefutable evidence of His care for it and its inhabitants. Soon after choosing this people He gave their leader His law.  He expected them to obey this law because obedience would bring them blessing.  As an incentive, He made blessing contingent on obedience to His law.  As time went on disobedience increased and true repentance diminished.  In a final effort to redeem His people He sent His only Son to become a sacrifice for their wretchedness.  His people refused to recognize The Son as their Savior and crucified Him.  As punishment for being rejected God destroyed their nation and scattered them throughout His creation.  Rejected by His intended recipients The Son became Savior to the Gentiles, the ONLY door to the Father, and the source of salvation for all who come.  His followers are called Christians.

The people who rejected God’s mercy became a people without a nation; a foreign race sent to live in an alien environment without an indigenous refuge.  Their unique circumstances welded them together, their evil quest gave them hope, their obdurate disposition gave them endurance, and their guile gave them a wedge. They have been a danger to every society that has welcomed their presence and have been rejected and persecuted again and again.

In 2001 and 2002 the late, a Russian dissident, Alexandre Solzhenitsyn, whose writings have received worldwide acclaim published a two volume work entitled “Two Hundred Years Together” a well-researched, detailed account of Russia’s relationship with Jewish immigrants during the years 1795 and 1995.  As with all publications involving this oft rejected but powerful clan the book received a tumult of vilification accompanied by an equal amount of critical acclaim.

As a result of a letter critical of Joseph Stalin written to a friend Solzhenitsyn was imprisoned in the Soviet Gulag for eight years.  During his imprisonment he began to see the extent of his wickedness.  He repented and became a Christian.  “Two Hundred Years Together” was written from a Christian perspective.  Unbiased reviews indicate that it was honest in its verbiage and clear in its perspective.  It recorded history with the best of human accuracy providing details and documentation.    .

“Two Hundred Years Together” has never been published in the United States.  It has been widely read in Russia and is available in Germany and France but the powerful monopoly has prevented the American people from reading this factual account of Russian history.

Amazon sells the untranslated Russian language version and there is an extensive translation by L. T. Kizhe (Probably a pseudonym) available on the internet. Fear that truth might tarnish the carefully fabricated image, brainwashed into America’s population by this tiny minority, has prevented Americans from reading this factual and honest masterpiece.


The information that is available on the internet provides some of the facts that are being kept from us.  During the late Eighteenth and through the Nineteenth Century Russia authorities made generous efforts to accommodate Jewish immigrants.


Russian authorities knew that Jewish immigrants tended to form a nation within a nation; they knew that this tribe of stubborn, arrogant, smart, industrious and collusive people would over and over again succeed in preying on the indigenous population, accumulating wealth and power at the expense of the indigenous population. Their objective was the accumulation of wealth and power which would enable them to control the nation that had accepted them as guests.


Extensive efforts were made to assimilate them but the attempts were always thwarted.  Finally in the mid and latter Nineteenth Century heavy Russian regulations resulted in a mass exodus of the Russian Jewish population to the United States where they found a free and welcoming environment.


In the early chapters of his book Solzhenitsyn quotes extensively from the writings of Gavrila Romanovich Derzhavin, a late Eighteenth Century Russian poet and Senator.


“‘The jewish popular teachers mingle ‘mystic-talmudic’ pseudo-exegesis of the Bible with the true spirit of the teachings… They expound strict laws with the goal of isolating the jews from other peoples and to instill a deep hatred against every other religion… Instead of cultivating a universal virtue, they contrive… an empty ceremony of honoring God… The moral character of the jews has changed in the last century to their disadvantage, and in consequence they have become pernicious subjects… In order to renew the jews morally and politically, they have to be brought to the point of returning to the original purity of their religion…The jewish reform in Russia must begin with the foundation of public schools, in which the Russian, German and jewish languages would be taught’ What kind of prejudice is it to believe that the assimilation of secular knowledge is tantamount to a betrayal of religion and folk and that working the land is not suitable for a jew?”

“Derzhavin identified the nub of the problem thusly: ‘great numbers (of jews) in White Russia … is itself a heavy burden for the land on account of the disproportion to that of the crop farmers… This disproportion is the outstanding one of several important reasons that produces here a shortage of grain and other edible stores… Not one of them was a crop farmer at that time, yet each possessed and gobbled up more grain than the peasant with his large family, who had harvested it by the sweat of his brow… Above all, in the villages they … are occupied in giving the peasant all their necessities on credit, at an extraordinary rate of interest; and thus the peasant, who at some time or other became a debtor to them, can no longer get free of it.’”

“To Ilya Frank, Derzhavin once said, ‘since the providence of this tiny scattered people has preserved them until the present, we too must take care for their protection.’ And in his report he wrote with the uprightness of that time, ‘if the Most High Providence, to the end of some unknown purpose, leaves (on account of His purposes) this dangerous people to live on the earth, then governments under whose scepter they have sought protection must bear it… They are thus obligated extend their protection to the jews, so that they may be useful both to themselves and to the society in which they dwell.’”

Because history had recorded the behavior of Jewish immigrants into other societies Russian officials were concerned that their influence was controlled and that they were not allowed to usurp power over the nation.  Solzhenitsyn believed Derzhavin’s educational solution was the best palliative of many that had been and were later tried.

In the late Nineteenth Century when Russia installed conscription for the armed forces over 30 percent of the Jewish citizens failed to conform.  This compared to 0.19 percent in the general population.  However, when laws were passed deferring the draft for educated individuals Jewish students flocked into public schools; even Orthodox Jewish children enter the public educational system.

This mass move of Jewish children into public education began to create a sizeable community of Jewish intellectuals. Major universities became Jewish institutions. “ the Department of Medicine of Kharkov University Jews comprised 42% of student body; in the Department of Medicine of Odessa University — 31%, and in the School of Law — 41%.  In all schools of the country, the percentage of Jews doubled to 12% from 1870 to 1880 (and compared to 1865, it had quadrupled). In the Odessa school district it reached 32% by 1886, and in some schools it was 75% and even more.”  (Few Americans know it but our top rated colleges are similar right now.)

It was then, at the end of 1850s and during the 1860s, when the baptized Jew, Yakov Brafman, appeared before the government and later came out publicly in an energetic attempt at radical reformation of the Jewish way of life. He had petitioned the Tsar with a memorandum and was summoned to St. Petersburg for consultations in the Synod. He set about exposing and explaining the Qahal system (though a little bit late, since the Qahal had already been abolished). For that purpose he had translated into Russian the resolutions of the Minsk Qahal issued in the period between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th centuries. Initially he published the documents in parts and later (in 1869 and 1875) as a compilation, The Book of Qahal, (Read here and here) which revealed the all-encompassing absoluteness of the personal and material powerlessness of the community member. The book “had acquired exceptional weight in the eyes of the authorities and was accepted as an official guidebook; it won recognition (often by hearsay) in wide circles of Russian society”; it was referred to as the “Brafman’s triumph” and lauded as an “extraordinary success.”  (Later the book was translated into French, German, and Polish.)  The Book of Qahal managed to instill in a great number of individuals a fanatical hatred toward Jews as the ‘worldwide enemy of Christians’; it had succeeded in spreading misconceptions about Jewish way of life.”

Brafman’s “Qahal” is not available in an English translation.  Russian Translations are on the Net

In 1978 Solzhenitsyn was invited to speak at Harvard.   He began his talk with these words, “truth seldom is sweet; it is almost invariably bitter. A measure of bitter truth is included in my speech today, but I offer it as a friend, not as an adversary”.   He went on to say of America: “Destructive and irresponsible freedom has been granted boundless space. Society appears to have little defense against the abyss of human decadence, such as, for example, misuse of liberty for moral violence against young people, motion pictures full of pornography, crime and horror. It is considered to be part of freedom and theoretically counter-balanced by the young people’s right not to look or not to accept. Life organized legalistically has thus shown its inability to defend itself against the corrosion of evil.”

To be absolutely correct the last statement would need to be revised to read “Life organized legalistically (with humanistic laws) has shown its inability to defend itself against the corrosion of evil”.  The proper definition of evil is disobedience to God’s Law.  R. J. Rushdoony writes “When law is transferred from God to man, the tyrants were able to prevail over the religiously disarmed people”.  That is our current dilemma; we have replaced God’s Law with human law and the result has been the evil that overflows from the hearts of men.

Evil seeks the anonymity of darkness. Under humanistic law evil is hidden.  Such a legal system allows the unrestrained musings of the human mind to be encoded in state statutes   When that happens law supporting homosexuality, lesbianism, welfarism, torture, infanticide, mercy killing, abortion, deceptive pricing, mendacity, censorship, etc. etc. become binding on citizens by a state that is evil at its core.  It is God’s mandate to His people to expose that evil by confronting it with the righteousness of His Law.

The United States of America is living under an evil power that has encoded evil law because the Christian Church has forsaken God’s definition of righteousness and replaced it with evil humanistic doctrines that have destroyed its ability to resist.

Have you read God’s Law?  Have you accepted it as the dictates of its Author or have you rejected it as anachronistic, committed the ultimate heresy and thereby contributed to the destruction of our nation? If you are guilty of the latter you have rejected the One True God and replaced Him with the wickedness of human reason. You can now participate in the pernicious system in which you live under the false assumption that you are pursuing righteousness.

Recently, at the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California Condoleezza Rice prayed, “But dear Heavenly Father,  that is not the future we want for our country.  We do not want that division to continue to shadow our future, or the future of our children or our grandchildren. And so we turn to you. We know that there are no easy answers, but the answers will come through you.”

“As a nation and as a people, we need to race again toward you, into the embrace of your loving arms,” she continued. “Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for guidance, we pray for wisdom for our leaders, and we pray that each and every one of us will leave this place justified by faith and secure and confident in your deep, deep love for us.”

This brilliant woman failed to mention obedience.  She made the same mistake the church continues to make – emphasizing “love” over obedience.  We are to love one another enough to challenge disobedience.  This challenge is impossible without the absolutes encoded in God’s Law.

As Solzhenitsyn has so eloquently written, we have forgotten God.  We have dissected His Word and distorted His intent allowing our human reason to overlay His dictates.  We have made the same error as His original people and we, too, have been rejected.

This rejection is evident in the coming election which presents us with secular candidates who recommend the mass murder of endless wars.  Nowhere is an admonition to return to the mandates of our Creator and nowhere is the hope of progress for civilization.   We have rejected the bright star of obedience and replaced it with the darkness of humanism.  King Jesus, The Light of the World, has become an esoteric spirit.  “Destructive and irresponsible freedom has been granted groundless space”.