Al Cronkrite


Several years ago a friend of mine, a retired College professor, said that this attempted world coup d’état would not be concluded without bloodshed. There are now rumbles of widespread violence in our deluded nation; riots in Ferguson, Mo. and Seattle, Washington; demonstrations in Washington, D. C and New York City.   A recession, the collapse of the dollar, rampant inflation, gun confiscation, or the imposition of martial law, any of these could quickly bring it about.  Today, our rulers are maintaining and protecting their house of cards hoping to bring the new order in before the looming turmoil.

As more and more of our citizens understand the malicious plot being prepared for their future the danger of rebellion will increase.  With armed federal employees in most branches of our government and an almost universal armed citizenry a major blood-letting could easily occur.   It is amazing that some group has not picketed  the headquarters of our deceitful newspapers and television studios.  Their lies and malignant positions have seriously damaged the nation and its culture.

The word “revolution” is being seen and heard more frequently.  Many angry citizens believe that it may be the solution to our impending captivity.  It is not.  Revolutions cannot be controlled and should be avoided.  Both France and Russia are good examples of the chaos that comes with revolutions.  Innocent people are killed while evil segments vie for control; no-one knows what the final outcome will be.

Most of us have never witnessed the frightening cruelty human beings can inflict on each other.  Soldiers live through some of it and are often permanently scared. Armies try to outdo each other with new kinds of sadism.   Prior to the fighting for America’s separation from England the nation was divided between separatists and loyalists.  One historian writes about the treatment of a supporter of the King by some of the separatists: he was kidnapped from his home, tarred, feathered, and beaten as he was paraded around the town.  The hot tar burned his skin which peeled off with the tar.  Atrocities against citizens who supported the Crown were both, cruel and common.  Homes and businesses were burned and other violence was committed against peaceful people who were no threat other than having a different opinion.  The human tendency to believe their cherished opinions with absolute certainty is a cause of much cruelty.

In both Russia and France the revolutions witnessed the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents.  Whole groups of citizens were eliminated because they disagreed with the current power structure.  In France power changed several times and the guillotine was used on groups and individuals the current power center did not like.  Some were starved to death and others were described as martyrs for the cause. Power in the hands of human beings who are not restrained by the Law of God will be used irresponsibly.

The separation of the United States from England was not really a revolution; it was more like a civil war with a seriously divided nation using a relatively small rag tag army to fight seasoned British units who were thousands of miles from home fighting in an alien environment.  They fought well but competing with an army fighting for its own freedom it was more than they could handle and though they won the early battles they were ultimately defeated and the untidy little nation gained its freedom.

We are living in circumstances similar to those faced by those determined colonial freedom fighters.  Our government is even more oppressive than the colonial English.  The difference is that English taxes were an overt encumbrance on the population. Our oppressors have set up circumstances that allow our citizens to live their daily lives as if nothing is amiss.  The tyrannical cloud has been kept hidden by law that is not yet enforced and which few of our citizens even realize has been passed.  Ignorance allows the satanic cabal time to strengthen their position.

The oligarchs who control our world hate White Christians and have been working for decades to destroy them.  Now, serious threats are becoming common.  Black and White dating, marriage, and social contact have become regular fare on the television and movie screens.  There is no better way to destroy us than to have our citizens marry outside the race.  I have seen White women with Black men for a long time but recently White men with Black women have become more numerous.

The propaganda that is pushing this trend is being intentionally presented as a means of continuing our destruction. The Jewish race has been able to maintain its integrity over the centuries even without a homeland by urging its people to marry within the tribe; Jews marry other Jews.  However, they do not want the insouciant White race to understand that if they do not do the same they will soon become extinct.

Multi-culturalism destroys cultures.  Marriages between White Christian citizens and those of other faiths and ethnicities works against maintaining the culture that has brought more mechanical and technical advances to the world than any other.

Our press and media is an arm of the elite oligarchs who control the puppets we elect to govern us.  Efforts to create riots and exacerbate unrest are common.  Outright distortions of the news are extensive.  In the Tryon Martin case the distortion was immediate and blatant.  Every effort was made to create unwarranted sympathy for the dangerous aggressive behavior of the Black teen.  The court exonerated George Zimmerman but sympathy for the bad guy continued in the press and media.

The same pattern was used on both 9/11 and the Tryon Martin case.  In spite of the fact that serious flaws were uncovered in both the original 9/11 story and Tryon Martin was guilty by default of assault the press and media are impervious to the pressure of public opinion and as in most dictatorships it is not what is true and reasonable but what the power structure wants that continues to pass as truth.  This creates a society that makes its daily decisions on false premises; a society that is lost and chaotic

Putin has found the antidote for all this chaos and decline.  He has returned Russia to it historic Christian base and is seeking to create a Christian nation.  If America wishes to survive it must follow Putin’s lead and return to its historic Christian foundation.  This change in direction is a responsibility of the Christian Church which must throw off its false and injurious Dispensational creed and return to the sound theology of God’s Word.

American Christians have been sowing the seeds of blasphemy for many years.  Their Sunday visit to God’s house is predicated on receiving blessing from the King.  They seem to believe that the King of the Universe is their servant rather than they being His.  Being humble servants of the King is far from most of their minds.  Preachers talk a lot about God’s promises to His people but they seldom mention that all of those blessings are predicated on obedience.

When we obey we are blest; when we disobey we are cursed.  We are reaping what we have sown and if we wish to change our situation we must change the seed we have been planting.  Instead of following the false prophecies of many preachers and the often wrong and frequently ridiculous person leadings of the Holy Spirit we must return to God’s commandments and His law which is solid, righteous, unchanging and when obeyed promises us blessings.

The Title of this essay is a quote from Roman presbyter Salvian during the last days of the Roman Empire.  It was taken from a new publication of Chalcedon’s Ross House Books entitled “An Informed Faith”, a set of three volumes of position papers by R. J. Rushdoony.






Al Cronkrite


From the depths of Hades the ugly head of the new world order is beginning to appear to the world.  We have watched as all sorts of sexual anomalies appeared in our culture now secular laws of the new order have been put in place making homosexuality and homosexual marriage legal and giving the aberrant participants special legal privileges.   As I have reported for several years our society is being changed by changing its legal structure; by overriding the formerly biblically graced system with laws that are clearly at odds with the God of the Bible.

This major change has been accomplished without much resistance by an insouciant people who have not been vigilant over their freedom.   The powerful oligarchs who are running our world have made every effort to force the world population into long working hours restricting their time for thought while at the same filling their TV screens with propaganda that digests quickly and occupies their minds with twisted logic and distortions of reality. It is a cunning combination.

Our news and commentary is controlled by the same powerful elitists who control most of the world.  The false propaganda instilled in our citizens through constant repetition has created a matrix in which most of our population lives.  This matrix has enveloped our clergy and our religious thinkers reducing the number of individuals who might sound the alarm.  The matrix restrains its inhabitants whose minds have become filled with twisted ideas and thoughts purposely pounded into their heads by the evil plotters.

Humanist thinkers of the highest quality are used to design the governmental structures that might soon house the new order.  Some of the plans are rational and intend to bring peace and justice to a new centralized governmental structure.  Jeff Faux in his book “The Global Class War” outlines a detailed plan.  He uses many pages to describe how a peaceful and just amalgamation of the three North American nations, Mexico, United States, and Canada, might be accomplished.  His plans are well thought out and appear to be workable.

There is a major flaw in all this planning. The planners fail to acknowledge the tyranny that is necessary to force unwilling people into a universal plan.

R. J. Rushdoony writes, “This is a fact of inestimable importance. Men apart from Christ tend to be as firm as sand, and as solid as water. They cannot be depended on.  To trust in man is to risk disaster…..Into the inconsistency and drifting changes of this world, God introduces a steady and purposeful element, His people.”

His people have been reborn and filled with His Spirit.  They are still imperfect but they now have the unchanging guide of His commandments by which to govern their lives.  When they fail they are forgiven by the Blood of Christ and can return to obeying His law and bringing His creation under His legal control.  As they obey in their own lives, tutor the world on obedience, and seek the power of God they become the “steady and purposeful element” Rushdoony describes.

Our Founders believed that obedient Christians were essential to maintaining our Constitutional Republic and without obedient Christians the nation would fail:

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passion unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams in letters to his Son, 1798

To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom, and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoys…… Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government, and all blessings which flow from them, must fall with them.  Jedediah Morse in a Sermon, 1799

There are plans to organize a world religion, man-made and Luciferian in content. See here.  Centralization is the centerpiece of the elite’s plan for world; government, business, and religion are all to be brought under control from the top down.  As with all of Lucifer’s plans this one is an attempt to thwart God’s order.  World structure according to God’s Word is decentralized with the basic form being the individual family.  Centralization is tyrannical.

There is only one possible result of Godless humanism and that is tyranny.  Conversely, there is only one remedy for tyranny and that is the immutable law of the God of the Bible a legal system that cannot be overturned by the whims of man.  Human tyranny may over ride God’s commandments but the only way back to peace and freedom remains a return to His law.

The real enemies of our Constitutional Republic are not accessible.  They are the hidden puppeteers who pull the strings that control the behavior of our presidents, congressmen, and senators; men and women who are elected and who take an oath to support our Constitution but are in practice deceitful and traitorous in their behavior.  We have been unsuccessful in efforts to vote out these prostitutes and for decades they have continued to sell out the nation they were elected to protect.

That agenda for the destruction of our culture has been in place for many years it began with abortion and continued with women’s liberation, multiculturalism, special privileges for Black Americans, mountains of debt and manipulation of our money supply, perpetual wars, open borders and accepting immigrants with differing cultures and religions, weakening of marriage vows, denigration of fathers, censoring and using news for propaganda purposes, school integration, busing, intentional dumbing down of students, urging women to have careers, promoting homosexuality, deriding Christianity in the media, entertainment with no moral code, angst between Whites and Blacks, attacks on free speech, and purposely further dividing the nation along political lines.

These programs were planned and carried out by wealthy elitists and have devastated our nation making it unrecognizable compared to the peace and freedom we enjoyed during the 1930s.  Many of us were poor but there was little government interference in our daily lives.  Most of our current population was not alive during the 1930s and few Americans have experienced the personal freedom their ancestor knew..

There is now evidence of a conspiracy to remove President Trump from office.  It is being carried out by the individuals in our shadow government who are afraid Trump will stray from their agenda and try to bring our nation back to normality.  This conspiracy will involve confiscation of our guns, martial law, and a complete loss of our freedom.  There is doubt that such a conspiracy could be stopped, Russia and China may offer some hope for our world but they are already under constant attack by suspicions and sanctions of various kinds.

The United States of America is slowly losing its position as world leader.  It is being used as an instrument for conquering the world.  If this quest fails the U. S. will be thrown away like and old shoe.  The elite cadre that is using this nation dois not give a hoot about its condition; they are using it up by draining its wealth and creating a mountain of debt.  Citizens have no control over this devastation and they have not yet become wise enough to describe it and condemn it.

We need a widespread verbal confrontation where the evil oligarchs can be challenged with righteousness.  Revolution and hate is not the answer.  Calm and steadfast confrontation is the only action that can produce good results.

Educating the public is essential.

Just so everyone understands the necessary education.  This is not a time for enjoying retirement.  Retired citizens have the time and opportunity to understand and take action. This is a time for action.  Inaction may be fatal.  Everyone needs to understand what is happening not only in America but around the free world, it is world-wide.  Elections and voting are useless.  They are only devices for placating the public, they never change anything.  China and Russia seem to be resisting but their resistance is nationalistic and fails to provide the proper solution. Violence produces violence and we have enough violence.  We need a non-emotional, steady confrontation that makes no threats but instead recommends a return to the Biblical principles that created our once wealthy, righteous, and mimicked nation.

Our nation is in deep trouble but it is not up to us to determine who will win or lose this round in the perennial conflict between God and Satan.  That decision is up to the Creator.  Our job is to work for the establishment of His Kingdom if we do that blessings will follow.





Al Cronkrite


There are few Christian writers that can describe the major problem of this age as clearly, succinctly, and accurately as R. J Rushdoony.

Following is his description:

“When God gave the Ten Commandments to Moses, He instituted thereby the laws to govern man’s relationship to God and to his fellow men. The first four Commandments govern worship. The other six govern the family, property, man’s speech and testimony (“Thou shalt not bear false witness against Thy neighbor”), and the heart of man (“Thou shalt not covet”)  With the triumph of Christianity in the Western world, these laws became basic to all society, the result was Christian civilization.”

God to Moses:

  1. Do not have any other god before God
  2. Do not make yourself an idol
  3. Do not take the Lord’s name in vain
  4. Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy
  5. Honor your mother and father
  6. Do not murder
  7. Do not commit adultery
  8. Do not steal
  9. Do not testify or fear false witness against your neighbor
  10. Do not covet


In 1847 Marx and Engles “Communist Manifesto” was published.  It contained the following commandments to be enforced by Government.


Marx and Engles to Government:


  1. Abolition of private property in land.
  2. Income tax.
  3. Abolition of the right of inheritance.
  4. Confiscation of all property of rebels and emigrants.
  5. A national bank monopoly and concentration and centralization of credit in its hands.
  6. State control of communications and transport.
  7. State ownership of factories and instruments of production
  8. Equal responsibility of all to labor and establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.
  9. Combination of agriculture with industry and the abolition of the distinction between town and country.
  10. Free education plus child labor as a part of education.

(Please note that most of this legislation has already been enacted in the United States of America.)

“These two law systems are at war today, two sets of Ten Commandments. One offers man the good life through faith, godly morality, and law.  The other offers the good life through changing the environment, that is, by revolutionary action.”  One requires man’s conversion and new men to bring the world under God’s law.  The other, since man is only of product of his environment, not lord over it, requires man to change his environment.

Between these two positions there can be no peace!

My bookshelves contain several books that clearly describe the pernicious influence of Jewish leadership in the United States and all over the world. I have written a number of articles describing the effects of their powerful influence on the United States.  Rushdoony’s description of the conflict can be accurately applied to these modern decedents of the Biblical Pharisees.  They have forsaken God’s clear instructions given to Moses and replaced them with man as the determiner of his fate and the mind of man as the instrument for the solution to world problems. This has left them with a recipe for the arrogance and chaos their acquisition of power has imposed on the world.


Nevertheless, God still may have His hand on this people and His intention may still be for them to be a strong influence for righteousness.   It would please God and be a blessing to His creation if they would repent and begin to again obey His Commandments..  Bred into this peculiar people is the need to lead.  God has given them a superior intellect, a desire to rule, and the durability to succeed.  From the Biblical selection of Joseph to manage the nation of Egypt to Bernard Baruch’s dominance of President Woodrow Wilson, they invariably rise and dominate.

In spite of these sterling qualities they have been exiled from a number of different nations as people that are not wanted. Even now as we struggle with how to respond to the power they have accumulated in United States and around the world we are aware that though there is something special about this people they are often a detriment to the nations that have given them asylum.

Satan has gained a strong foothold in the Jewish race. As his agents they are in the process of bringing his kingdom into the Christian culture of Western society. They have made great progress with little or no resistance from the world’s Christian organizations.   As they change the legal system of the “Free World” from the Biblical based system that has dominated Western culture for centuries to a Marxist system from the “Communist Manifesto”, most of our citizens are so dumbed down and distracted they have not even noticed.

It all started when they rejected their Savior who was sent by God to blot out sin and bring them back into His Kingdom as obedient servants. Since that rejection occurred during the early days of the First Century Jews have been without a home.  They have been nomads in the world without a nation of their own.  They have lived among us, becoming citizens and participated in our affairs but they have never been at home.

Solzhenitsyn in “Two Hundred Years Together” records personal descriptions of the inner turmoil some Jews experience after decades of attempting to integrate. Deep inside they know that something is not right, that they will never be at peace in this culture.  Hard as they try to integrate there is always that feeling that they belong elsewhere.  Some have identified the problem but failed to recognize a solution. Years have gone by since the Diaspora but they still do not understand that their inner turmoil is not a result of problems in the Christian culture but instead is a result of the still, small voice telling them that their home is in Christ, that it will never be found in Satanism or in the human works of the Talmud.  Christ is their home, a home God prepared for them when He sent His only Son to die so their sins might be forgiven and they could again enjoy His fellowship.  It is His fellowship they crave and that fellowship is only available through Jesus.

They are now working to create a nation by force. By starving, robbing, and torturing the owners and inhabitants of land to which they have no right and no title; land taken from them by God and inhabited for two thousand years by another people.  They are doing this without having repented from the persistent, sinful disobedience that lead God to reject them and their brethren.  Neo-Israel is the work of a rebellious, satanic people, not God’s work; the result has been decades of constant conflict.

If our world is to survive and again know peace, this rebellious, satanic people must once again repent and accept the Grace of their God through Jesus Christ. They must agree to obey the law God gave to Moses and again become His servants.  When this miracle becomes reality we can expect our new government to bring us a law abiding, peaceful, and prosperous society.

This is the battle, both spiritual and physical that the present Church of Jesus Christ has not yet recognized or challenged. It would take another miracle to awakening Christians with a resolve to challenge the Evil of Humanism with the righteousness, peace, and prosperity God promises those who worship Him and obey His commandments.

The responsibility of confronting them with this truth lies with the Christian church. Get busy, my Christian brethren!





Al Cronkrite


Paul Walter who publishes the “News with Views” website has been taking advantage of the popularity of Chuck Baldwin’s syndicated columns for a number of years.  Walter is a rabid supporter of the United States of America as long as it puts the Israeli agenda ahead of its own. Baldwin recently wrote a column about his changing attitude concerning Jewish hegemony in America, Walter printed the column with a prominent disclaimer at the top (seldom see a disclaimer on this site) and quickly allowed Rabbi Shifren to write a dissent. (Also with a disclaimer at the top)

Rabbi Shifren’s response held true to the Jewish view of Goyim.  It dripped with a superior attitude even though its content was missing.  He refers to Rev. Baldwin as “The good pastor”; “Does Pastor Baldwin believe in God?”; “Pastor Baldwin’s strange rhetoric”; and, “Are you kidding me?! —Pastor, this is delusional.  Find someone in your congregation that can teach you about Iran”.  This kind of obdurate, arrogance is typical and deplorable.  Baldwin has as much right to question Israel’s actions as Israel has to conduct them.

He defended Benjamin Netanyahu by claiming he has to be corrupt because he is governing a corrupt people. He began his rebuttal with “Perhaps it is so but” ———- and went on with his defense which was characterized by lots of well-crafted verbiage but very little content.

Rabbi Shifrin defended the Talmud by referring to the Koran.  He compared Israel to Jesus Christ in importance – more important than salvation.  He claimed Israel was the “Wife of God” and that the promise that God would support Israel and their ownership of the land unconditionally. He also contended that many Israeli Jews can trace their ancestry back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I would not challenge Rabbi Shifrin’s sincere belief in the words he has written but I would contend that his interpretation of the Bible is based on an abbreviated version which the Jews call the Torah and Christians call the Pentateuch.   This truncated theology fails to bring the entire Christian Bible into the discussion.

The Bible is one narrative that needs to be read completely through in order to understand what God has done and why He has done it. God was disgusted enough with Judaism so that He promised several times to destroy His people but over and over relented and attempted to lure then back into a workable relationship. Ultimately, in order to prevent a final separation He sent His only Son to provide forgiveness and renew His relationship.  When this merciful gift was rejected and despitefully treated, at the Diaspora He broke off His covenant and as He had promised innumerable times He scattered them throughout His creation.  Henceforth the only avenue to the Father is through the Son whose blood provides forgiveness for sin.  Now, being saved involves being chosen by the Father and cleansed in the Blood of the Son.

Rabbi Shifrin claims that “The Abrahamic Covenant is unconditional and includes the land, and God does not lie, and neither does he go back on his promises.”  That is a true statement but what Rabbi fails to consider is that God does change His mind and when the Savior was crucified He broke the Abrahamic Covenant and discarded the Jews as His chosen people. For a Scriptural record of God changing His mind read here.


Israel is a human creation situated on land that for a thousand years, since the Diaspora, has belonged to Palestinians.  Stealing their land and persecuting them as a race is a dreadful sin.  The Balfour Agreement was a human effort to provide Jews with a homeland.   Naturea Karta  and organization of Orthodox Jewish Priests has it half right.  They believe that establishing neo-Israel by force is a sin contending they must wait for the coming of the Jewish Messiah.  They are right about Israel but wrong about the Messiah – their Messiah has already come and they are living in His presence.

Christianity is not about neo-Israel.  It was about the Good News of salvation for the Jews.  Unfortunately this Good News was greeted with the same pompous attitude that Rabbi now uses in writing to Pastor Baldwin, an attitude that God will always reject.  He is God we are His people.  Attempts to usurp His throne have been rejected as arrogant.  When we come to God with the same broken heart of His servant David we will be received, forgiven, and restored as Christian men and women.  It is the pompous attitude of the Pharisees that The Creator, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will not accept.

The creation of neo-Israel has been the source of constant war since its inception.  The idea that the land belongs to the Jews is an emotionally charged idea that is held by many Jews and denying its veracity if often met with violent reactions.  The God of the Bible is a patient, merciful God Who will only support violence when righteousness will be a result.  As Rabbi Shifren tells us the people of Israel are quite similar to the people in America, both are evil, both have forgotten God, and both are violent.

The battle between good and evil has been active in God’s creation since the time of Adam and Eve it never ceases and will not crease until God’s Son is accepted as King and obeyed as the King He is.  A Christian Israel would be a peaceful Israel and Christian America would be a peaceful America.

The world pines for obedience to the Commandments God gave to His servant Moses.  Obedience to these Commandments would bring peace to the entire world.  Sin brings discord and strife while obedience brings peace, prosperity, and order.  It is time for Jews to repent of their sin setting an example for wayward Gentiles and saving the world.  That was their original mission and it is time they fulfilled it.





Al Cronkrite


Are you aware, Mr. and Mrs. America that your nation, The United States of America, is being controlled and used by a tiny fraction of its population?

Neocons control America; they control its monetary system, its government, its educational institutions, its businesses, and its media.  They control the news Americans are allowed to hear and see; they control the wars our young men fight; the religion its populace believes in; the actions they love and the actions they hate.  The control is acute and pervasive but largely unrecognized.

Jews have immigrated into our nation from all over the world but there were some significant waves.  In the 1840s a sizeable number arrived from Germany where persecution, restrictive laws, and financial hardship made the U. S  a tempting destination.  Two hundred fifty thousand German Jews had come to America before the beginning of WW1.  They settled in the small towns of the Mid-west, West, and South often working as peddlers and then as owners of small stores.

Between 1880 and 1924 there was a massive influx from Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Romania.  By the 1920s the Jewish population in the United States had reached four million.  Five out of six of these immigrants came from Eastern Europe. There were no restrictions in America where Christians offered Jews total freedom.

It is individuals from this pool of immigrants that within a generation were able to take virtual control of the nation that had offered them refuge.  Though they are a small fraction of its total population they have manipulated it in ways that serve their interests but not the interests of the nation. That these manipulations were dressed in fine linen does not change their effect.

The absolutes of the Christian era have been replaced with the arbitrary dictates of a humanistic order where Biblical morality is overridden by power and position.  Congress no longer controls the money or the wars that we fight.  These strategic elements are being controlled for the benefit of this foreign power.

The Chief Executive of the nation, The President, is a puppet to this hidden power structure.  The two party political system that developed quickly in our early history is manipulated by selecting controllable individuals from both parties.  It makes no difference who gets elected, the despotic trend continues, endless wars and crushing debt are our fare.  Propaganda is our daily bread and our culture and ways of life continue to falter under tremendous secular pressure.

The tragedy is that most of our citizens are not aware of what is happening. They still participate in national elections that have become no more than charades to certify a preselected puppet who will carry out the will of his masters.  During their election campaigns the candidates promise citizens changes that are badly needed but once they are elected many of these promises are forgotten and the will of the controlling cabal continues to hold sway.   Change will never come through a political system which is itself the problem.

How did we get into this mess?

University of California professor Kevin MacDonald did extensive research for his trilogy on the Jewish culture.  His three volumes “Separation and Its Discontents”; “A People that shall Dwell Alone”; and, “The Culture of Critique” provide a carefully researched analysis of their perennial tendency to control their environment.

His work has been pilloried in the press and often unfairly criticized but he has defended it faithfully and it remains an important contribution to our social order. We are fortunate that he found a publisher who would set his work in print.  Solzhenitsyn’s final book “Two Hundred Years together” has never been published in the United States where publishing is tightly controlled.

MacDonald contends that the accumulation of decisive power by the Neocons was a result of the clash of two cultures. He outlines why and how he thinks it happened.   Jewish ownership of the media was pre-planned.   It started with the motion picture industry and went on to include the newspapers, publishing houses, magazines, and radio.  Once ownership and control of all news outlets fell into the hands of an antagonistic foreign power, America was in serious trouble.

MacDonald points to the individualistic nature of Western society: respect for women; simple, monogamous marriage based and mutual affection; independence; self-reliance; and moral absolutes.  He contrasts these characteristics with the patriarchal nature of Jewish society where men play a more dominate role, where marriages are confined to the tribe and are often even between relatives; where unions with outsiders are frowned upon and conformity is praised.  He describes families as military units where individualism and independence are sacrificed to the higher group order.

He believes that the cultural battle between these two groups allowed major advantages to the interlopers whose morals standards were flexible but tightly tied to group welfare. It is never what is good for a nation but always what is good for the group.  Individualistic societies are not cohesive; they are open and easy to penetrate.  Collectivist societies are cohesive and difficult to penetrate.

Control of the United States of America was gained without a noticeable struggle.  Most Americans did not know what was happening let alone who was responsible.  Our politicians understood but they were afraid to talk since press coverage spells life or death for elected officials.

National hero Charles Lindberg tried to tie our Jewish population to warmongering.  The treatment he received put fear into all who might discuss Jewish influence in our nation. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt wrote critically about the Israeli Lobby and were soundly thrashed in the press.  Like the airplanes that spray our skies the incursion is so blatant that people are afraid to discuss it.

It isn’t just Jewish need for hegemony that is worrisome but their contention that the Jewish race is the Master Race.  Jews do not consider Gentiles (Goyum) as their equals and believe we should be treated like servants of animals whose lives and welfare could be taken at any moment.

MacDonald spends many pages describing the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  It was essentially a Jewish revolution with Jewish leadership and Jewish cadre.  Over twenty million Christians were killed many of them starved to death by Jewish leadership.  Sadistic cruelty was rampant as it always is when humanism is in control.

In the initial pages of his final book,”The Culture of Critique”, MacDonald tells how his work on the trilogy began to change his opinion on Jews.  He began as a moderate who believed Jews were an extremely talented race who had contributed to the American culture but as he continued to read and study his opinion began to change.  He began to see a self-serving, godless, deceptive race that hated the America people and was doing everything it could to bring down the nation.

Neocon control of the United States has been accompanied by a significant coarsening of our society.  Torture, police brutality, aggressive warfare, racial strife, civilian casualties, and oppressive power are all additions tendered by our Neocon masters.  Patience, compassion, understanding, and altruism have been replaced by deleterious manipulation, confining power, and a towering self-righteousness.

It is neocon power behind never ending war, propaganda, excessive  immigration, destruction of our culture, hate for Christianity, censorship, police brutality, riots, sexual perversion, and the dearth of open discussion.

Their latest effort is to mix the Black and White races further destroying the White culture.  Television is rife with racial mixing.  This effort is helped along by naïve Blacks who believe the media propaganda and is being taken up by Whites who don’t understand what is going on.

There is also evidence that the evil powers are working to impeach President Trump by using lies promoted by a satanic press and media along with fabricated allegations.  The power behind the rulers of our nation is an evil power.  Americans need to find honest answers and begin to support righteous action.  It may be too late.  Evil control may be too deeply entrenched to stop our downfall.  If so, read about the atrocities of the Russian Revolution as they will be coming to America.

In a recent interview Jewish Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein avowed that Jews are God’s Chosen People but their god is the devil.

It was known as the –




Al Cronkrite


America’s small towns enjoyed real freedom during the 1930s Depression.   Middle class Americas bore the brunt of the job lose with many being laid off with no hope of finding another job.  At the beginning of the slow-down there were no government programs to relieve the hunger of the penniless unemployed; few women worked and unemployed men took to riding freight trains from town to town in search of work.

Families that had food regularly shared with the itinerate population and with their starving neighbors as well.  Neither as sophisticated nor as arrogant as our current culture it was a time when people were willing to care for one another. There was very little government involvement at the local level and most citizens enjoyed a form of freedom that the current generation has never experienced.  There were no drivers licenses, licenses to hunt and fish were easy to obtain, arrests of honest citizens were unknown.  If a man beat his wife soon his neighbor would come over and beat him.  Much of what is now done by bureaucracy was done by individual citizens

The depression was intentional.  The Federal Reserve System which was created by congress through stealth intentionally restricted the money supply causing a serious crisis for many businesses.  The mysterious cabal that controls our world created government programs which because of the depression were welcomed by the public.  These programs changed America from a Democratic Republic to a Socialist State.  They have been expanded and added to as time has gone on.  Now a major portion of our population is beholden to government for at least some of their sustenance; some for all.

Inordinate power in human hands has been the bane of civilized cultures all through the ages.  The United States of America was founded under a Constitution prepared by human beings who intended that its people would remain free from the tyranny that had long afflicted European and most of the world.  It was intended to be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.  Unfortunately, the Creator and His immutable commandments were forgotten, this bit of human arrogance could not be blest by the One True God.  His Name and His Commandments were replaced with the often evil, mutable thoughts of men.

Efforts to subvert this unique Constitution began almost before the ink dried on the document

The Bible teaches that the borrower is a slave to the lender.  When business transactions began to use money as a medium of exchange, bankers quickly caught on to ways to increase their profits by fraud and usury.  National governments needed large sums of money to conduct wars and bankers found ways to supply these funds charging interest on the debt.  Control of the money is tantamount to control of the food supply, with lucrative usury and control of the currency bankers had tremendous power.

The scramble to control the monetary system of The United States of America began shortly after the ratification of the Constitution.  Some of the Founders of this new nation understood the avarice of the bankers and their attempts to gain control were thwarted for over a hundred years.  In 1913 the previously mentioned Federal Reserve System was passed by stealth through a deceived and deceptive congress.  Since that time the nation has been controlled by a power hungry cabal that continuously thwarts the will of the people.

When the Constitution was ratified the embers of Christianity were still burning and the nation gave credence to God and to His Ways.  But as the claws of the power hungry gained control of press and media there has been a steady decline in allegiance to Christ and obedience to His commandments.  Righteousness has been replaced with lust and cruelty.  The government has produced a shower of double speak and deceit.

Because the impetus for our decline is not apparent there has been no effective counter attack.  Our laws are being re-written replacing righteousness with evil and there has been little resistance or public criticism.  Dishonest congressmen and senators enjoying the lucre of the bankers work against the nation they have sworn to uphold  and are regularly re-elected by a populace that has been dumbed down and is easily deceived..

The overwhelming majority of our churches are pastored by men and women who have been taught faulty Christian doctrine and are being duped into supporting organizations that are destroying the nation.  As keepers of morality they are not only useless but actually big contributors to immorality.

For over fifteen years we have been engaged in a war that has built up trillions of dollars of debt; a debt so large that if the entire population became slaves for a generation they might not be able to pay it off.   In addition we have gained the ire of the entire world which has been appalled at the actions of a nation that was once considered righteous.

Presidential candidate, now President, Donald Trump promised to bring changes that appealed to voters.  However, along with the appealing measures his promise to continue to torture and kill by supporting the will of a foreign power that is using the nation as a power piece in an international chess game will continue to drag the nation down.  The good he promised to accomplish will be blocked by forces more powerful than he and the nation will continue down the same disastrous path.

Torture and mass slaughter are not signs of a civilized society.

Now there is evidence that evil forces may be successful in dividing the nation and subverting the presidency created the scenario for revolution. Read here. This division is being supported by our press and media and portions of our population still believe this despicable propaganda and will support a revolution.  The White population that founded and designed America are now hated by a sizeable portion of its citizens and will be targets in any unrest.

Life as we know it is in great danger from evil forces within our nation and most of our citizens are not aware of how close chaos is to their front door.  We are a nation of working people whose concerns are for their job and their family.  Most of our citizens are not aware that there are angry young men who participate in riots and seek to burn the Capitol building and kill White people.  But these elements are very real and they wait for the proper moment.

We are on the cusp of a real revolution with half of the nation seeking to unseat a legitimately elected president.  The unrest is being fanned by the powerful Neocons who support Israel and are willing to sacrifice America to gain world hegemony.  Many of our congressmen and Senators, elected to serve the people and support our Constitution, instead of announcing a  policy of America first, regularly announce their support of Israel.

There is ample reason for portions of the world to hate White Americans.  For fifteen years the government we support has been bombing and killing in nations that have never done us harm and would never be a threat to us.  We have done this under the control of the Neocons and most of the world knows it but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who hate White Americans rightly holding them responsible for the carnage their government has created.

Many internet writers have called for the trial of the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas for war crimes but as long as our nation is a puppet to the powerful Neocons nothing will be done.  Our nation is being sacrificed on the altar of mammon and too many of our citizens are indifferent, stupid, arrogant, or asleep.  We are in terrible trouble much of which is of our own making.

We are urged to pray for our nation but God is not on the side of evil.  He is a righteous God who hates evil but when He looks for righteousness in America there is little to attract His attention.  Judgment often results in captivity and that may be coming..





Al Cronkrite


The prototype family has been in existence since the creation of living things.  There are few species that do not form some sort of family.  Humans have always been family oriented.

The deterioration of the family is ultimately a result of the replacement of the restraints of the Christian religion with a humanist religion supported by the demigod of reason.

The family has been under severe attack for the past several decades.   The women’s movement goes back into the Nineteenth Century and was one of the first attacks on marriage.  The Enlightenment gave human reason a big boost and humanism immediately threatened Christianity, its laws and its procedures.

Rebellion has always pushed evil against righteousness and in the mid-Eighteenth Century women began an open rebellion against the confines of marriage.  At a meeting held in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848, sixty-eight women and thirty-two men signed a “Declaration of Sentiments”.  The declaration contained a series of accusations against men for having kept women from opportunities to realize their full potential.  It began with this sentence: ““The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her.”  It goes on to list how women were being slighted:  they could not vote, if married they could not own property, colleges did not accept women, keeping women in an inferior position in churches and affairs of state, and at the end it claims that man has endeavored “in every way that he could, to destroy her confidence in her own powers, to lessen her self-respect, and to make her willing to lead a dependent and abject life.”

The accusations are against men.  Historically, humans immediately understood that women were physically inferior to men and needed the strong masculine arm as protection.  This obvious conclusion has been ignored by latter day intellectuals in an effort to separate and compare what was created to be equal halves of a singular family government.  There is a bit of insanity involved in all this.

Over the years since that mid-Nineteenth Century meeting there have been other efforts to elevate the position of women.  Some of these efforts were needed and some of them did some good.  However, rebellion still lurked in many feminist leaders.  The majorities of married women were happy with their role as wives and mothers and refused to become part of the rebellion but in 1963 a young Jewish girl from Peoria, Illinois wrote a book called “The Feminine Mystique” and became active in efforts to organize a movement.  Her name was Betty Freidan and she provided the impetus to bring the women’s movement into the public eye.

The book was published at a time when the typical housewife had been emancipated by technology and the social trend to limit the number of children families produced.  Married women had more free time and Freidan’s contention that they were being held down by the husbands began to take hold in some parts of society.  Friedan’s preaching that men were holding woman down was quite different than the general perception of men’s role as protector and lover of their wives.  It resounded mightily in the ears of rebellious females and some were eager participants in the liberation movement.

In 1966 with Betty Freidan at the center a group of women formed the National Organization for Women (NOW) which has been a strong force for women’s rights.  There are exceptions but overall marriage and family life has been a blessing to most women.  Organizations like NOW have created unrest by denigrating marriage and blaming men for keeping women down.  It has hurt the institution of marriage by distorting the role of husbands and wives as family leaders causing wives to nit pic and rebel against their husbands.

Both the masculine essence and the feminine essence have a vital role in the family.  When these roles are blurred or removed the family suffers and when the family suffers society suffers.

As feminism resulted in single women who competed with men in the workplace husbands were regularly depicted by the media as fumbling ignoramuses who could not run their own lives let along govern a family.  Women were portrayed as wiser than their husbands and men were expected to act like women.  The feminizing of men removed masculine wisdom from many families, increasing chaos and divorce.

Marriage is a religious institution.  Defined as a holy union it was intended to be a blessing to both husband and wife who were to become “one flesh” creating a union that could present a singular government for raising and nurturing a family.  As modern conveniences have removed much of the hard work formerly required of wives they have enjoyed more leisure.  If this leisure is used productively as an asset to the family rather than as a separate opportunity for women to become more independent it will be a blessing rather than a curse.

The women’s movement has been followed with other more insane ideas.  Homosexuality and Lesbianism have been promoted, again by the media, and what has historically been considered a tragic occurrence is now touted as normal.  Financial help has come from mysterious sources and the movement to promote this anomaly has become widespread with young children being urged to question their sexual preference.   To cap the insanity of promoting an abnormality, homosexual marriage has actually been approved and is being administered.

I spoke with a friend today who lives in California.  He was upset because his daughter was in the process of divorcing her husband who married her as a man but was actually bi-sexual. Deviations are now being cataloged and some claim there are score or more. It is hard to tell where this sexual insanity will end.

These deviations are being touted as an alternative to normal marriage and even some older men and women are now beginning to question their sexual preference and some are joining the homosexual ranks.

Transgender operations are now available and both men and women can have their sex organs mutilated in efforts to change their gender.  Unfortunately, the DNA still remains the same regardless of what is done to the outer shell.  The DNA confirms that men remain masculine and women remain feminine.

The world has lost the restraint of a civilized society and is becoming more sadistic with torture and human butchery being accepted as normal.   Gore fills the TV and movie screen hardening the hearts and destroying the peace of its viewers.  Human beings in societies that do not honor the God of the Bible quickly become brutal and sadistic.

Families are designed to be loving institutions the grim bestiality that pours from our media threatens the tender care marriages are expected to provide.

American Christianity has become a cauldron for murderous wars and vapid support for causes that fly in the face of Biblical admonitions.

The foolishness of lesbianism, homosexuality, torture, aggressive war, and humanistic religion needs to be publically and robustly countered with Biblical truth from every pulpit in America.  If our pulpits were occupied by real servants of the Living God they would be attaching the immoral and ludicrous social trends but, alas, our preachers are ambitious, self-centered, buffoons who bring their audiences spine tingling euphoria and uplifting ideas rather than the confrontation of the Word of God.  Human opinions that differ from God’s commandments deteriorate a nation.

The United States of America is already in serious trouble.  Deep divisions are common with young Black rebels calling for the murder of Whites.  Christianity is deeply divided as I have written before many of those that call themselves Christian could not be recognized by the God of the Bible.

Christians are a problem in America.  They are deluded, mislead, untaught, arrogant, and often unteachable.  Excitement, enjoyment and blessing are sought by trying to manipulate God.  There are few real servants in the entire lot.  God cannot bless such arrogance and the condition of our nation depicts His judgement.

There is little evidence that would allow me to end this essay on a positive note.  The evidence is that dangerous times are coming that will bring a brutal surprise to those who are not aware of what is going on.  Citizens of the U. S. are under the direct control of Satan and soon he will show us his ugly face.