Al Cronkrite


Several years ago a friend of mine, a retired College professor, said that this attempted world coup d’état would not be concluded without bloodshed. There are now rumbles of widespread violence in our deluded nation; riots in Ferguson, Mo. and Seattle, Washington; demonstrations in Washington, D. C and New York City.   A recession, the collapse of the dollar, rampant inflation, gun confiscation, or the imposition of martial law, any of these could quickly bring it about.  Today, our rulers are maintaining and protecting their house of cards hoping to bring the new order in before the looming turmoil.

As more and more of our citizens understand the malicious plot being prepared for their future the danger of rebellion will increase.  With armed federal employees in most branches of our government and an almost universal armed citizenry a major blood-letting could easily occur.   It is amazing that some group has not picketed  the headquarters of our deceitful newspapers and television studios.  Their lies and malignant positions have seriously damaged the nation and its culture.

The word “revolution” is being seen and heard more frequently.  Many angry citizens believe that it may be the solution to our impending captivity.  It is not.  Revolutions cannot be controlled and should be avoided.  Both France and Russia are good examples of the chaos that comes with revolutions.  Innocent people are killed while evil segments vie for control; no-one knows what the final outcome will be.

Most of us have never witnessed the frightening cruelty human beings can inflict on each other.  Soldiers live through some of it and are often permanently scared. Armies try to outdo each other with new kinds of sadism.   Prior to the fighting for America’s separation from England the nation was divided between separatists and loyalists.  One historian writes about the treatment of a supporter of the King by some of the separatists: he was kidnapped from his home, tarred, feathered, and beaten as he was paraded around the town.  The hot tar burned his skin which peeled off with the tar.  Atrocities against citizens who supported the Crown were both, cruel and common.  Homes and businesses were burned and other violence was committed against peaceful people who were no threat other than having a different opinion.  The human tendency to believe their cherished opinions with absolute certainty is a cause of much cruelty.

In both Russia and France the revolutions witnessed the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents.  Whole groups of citizens were eliminated because they disagreed with the current power structure.  In France power changed several times and the guillotine was used on groups and individuals the current power center did not like.  Some were starved to death and others were described as martyrs for the cause. Power in the hands of human beings who are not restrained by the Law of God will be used irresponsibly.

The separation of the United States from England was not really a revolution; it was more like a civil war with a seriously divided nation using a relatively small rag tag army to fight seasoned British units who were thousands of miles from home fighting in an alien environment.  They fought well but competing with an army fighting for its own freedom it was more than they could handle and though they won the early battles they were ultimately defeated and the untidy little nation gained its freedom.

We are living in circumstances similar to those faced by those determined colonial freedom fighters.  Our government is even more oppressive than the colonial English.  The difference is that English taxes were an overt encumbrance on the population. Our oppressors have set up circumstances that allow our citizens to live their daily lives as if nothing is amiss.  The tyrannical cloud has been kept hidden by law that is not yet enforced and which few of our citizens even realize has been passed.  Ignorance allows the satanic cabal time to strengthen their position.

The oligarchs who control our world hate White Christians and have been working for decades to destroy them.  Now, serious threats are becoming common.  Black and White dating, marriage, and social contact have become regular fare on the television and movie screens.  There is no better way to destroy us than to have our citizens marry outside the race.  I have seen White women with Black men for a long time but recently White men with Black women have become more numerous.

The propaganda that is pushing this trend is being intentionally presented as a means of continuing our destruction. The Jewish race has been able to maintain its integrity over the centuries even without a homeland by urging its people to marry within the tribe; Jews marry other Jews.  However, they do not want the insouciant White race to understand that if they do not do the same they will soon become extinct.

Multi-culturalism destroys cultures.  Marriages between White Christian citizens and those of other faiths and ethnicities works against maintaining the culture that has brought more mechanical and technical advances to the world than any other.

Our press and media is an arm of the elite oligarchs who control the puppets we elect to govern us.  Efforts to create riots and exacerbate unrest are common.  Outright distortions of the news are extensive.  In the Tryon Martin case the distortion was immediate and blatant.  Every effort was made to create unwarranted sympathy for the dangerous aggressive behavior of the Black teen.  The court exonerated George Zimmerman but sympathy for the bad guy continued in the press and media.

The same pattern was used on both 9/11 and the Tryon Martin case.  In spite of the fact that serious flaws were uncovered in both the original 9/11 story and Tryon Martin was guilty by default of assault the press and media are impervious to the pressure of public opinion and as in most dictatorships it is not what is true and reasonable but what the power structure wants that continues to pass as truth.  This creates a society that makes its daily decisions on false premises; a society that is lost and chaotic

Putin has found the antidote for all this chaos and decline.  He has returned Russia to it historic Christian base and is seeking to create a Christian nation.  If America wishes to survive it must follow Putin’s lead and return to its historic Christian foundation.  This change in direction is a responsibility of the Christian Church which must throw off its false and injurious Dispensational creed and return to the sound theology of God’s Word.

American Christians have been sowing the seeds of blasphemy for many years.  Their Sunday visit to God’s house is predicated on receiving blessing from the King.  They seem to believe that the King of the Universe is their servant rather than they being His.  Being humble servants of the King is far from most of their minds.  Preachers talk a lot about God’s promises to His people but they seldom mention that all of those blessings are predicated on obedience.

When we obey we are blest; when we disobey we are cursed.  We are reaping what we have sown and if we wish to change our situation we must change the seed we have been planting.  Instead of following the false prophecies of many preachers and the often wrong and frequently ridiculous person leadings of the Holy Spirit we must return to God’s commandments and His law which is solid, righteous, unchanging and when obeyed promises us blessings.

The Title of this essay is a quote from Roman presbyter Salvian during the last days of the Roman Empire.  It was taken from a new publication of Chalcedon’s Ross House Books entitled “An Informed Faith”, a set of three volumes of position papers by R. J. Rushdoony.



  1. Surely you are a voice in the wilderness, AC. I would like to share with you a few words about my spiritual life in South Florida leading up to my transitioning to Suwannee County in the North of Florida and then to Oregon to be near my son. I’ve hoped you would be interested in knowing that I found the greatest fulfillment in worshipping with my black brethren during those years, particularly at Pathway of Life and then Joy of Faith, a full-gospel Pentecostal congregation where I was honored to be able to worship with the saints, the wonderful spirit-filled black ladies in the group who made me feel truly at home and taught me to witness. During this period I was born-again and found spiritual fulfillment on a deeper level than ever before. Leaving my brothers and sisters in Christ behind was a sad but necessary turn of events. Purchasing a new home base, a natural retreat in a woodland area near the Suwannee River surrounded by farmland and the North Florida countryside, I decided, while developing my skills as a gardener and woods-woman, that I would do some research to find a new direction for my Christian roots. This I discovered in The Chalcedon Foundation papers which I subscribed to and devoured upon receipt. This also seemed to fit in with the Dutch Reformed background that was imparted by my beloved Dutch grandmother whom I mentioned to you a few years back after being inspired by your writing. I’m thinking now that I will renew my Chalcedon subscription this fall when I return from visiting my family in Colorado..Thank you for continuing to inspire ~


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