Al Cronkrite


From the depths of Hades the ugly head of the new world order is beginning to appear to the world.  We have watched as all sorts of sexual anomalies appeared in our culture now secular laws of the new order have been put in place making homosexuality and homosexual marriage legal and giving the aberrant participants special legal privileges.   As I have reported for several years our society is being changed by changing its legal structure; by overriding the formerly biblically graced system with laws that are clearly at odds with the God of the Bible.

This major change has been accomplished without much resistance by an insouciant people who have not been vigilant over their freedom.   The powerful oligarchs who are running our world have made every effort to force the world population into long working hours restricting their time for thought while at the same filling their TV screens with propaganda that digests quickly and occupies their minds with twisted logic and distortions of reality. It is a cunning combination.

Our news and commentary is controlled by the same powerful elitists who control most of the world.  The false propaganda instilled in our citizens through constant repetition has created a matrix in which most of our population lives.  This matrix has enveloped our clergy and our religious thinkers reducing the number of individuals who might sound the alarm.  The matrix restrains its inhabitants whose minds have become filled with twisted ideas and thoughts purposely pounded into their heads by the evil plotters.

Humanist thinkers of the highest quality are used to design the governmental structures that might soon house the new order.  Some of the plans are rational and intend to bring peace and justice to a new centralized governmental structure.  Jeff Faux in his book “The Global Class War” outlines a detailed plan.  He uses many pages to describe how a peaceful and just amalgamation of the three North American nations, Mexico, United States, and Canada, might be accomplished.  His plans are well thought out and appear to be workable.

There is a major flaw in all this planning. The planners fail to acknowledge the tyranny that is necessary to force unwilling people into a universal plan.

R. J. Rushdoony writes, “This is a fact of inestimable importance. Men apart from Christ tend to be as firm as sand, and as solid as water. They cannot be depended on.  To trust in man is to risk disaster…..Into the inconsistency and drifting changes of this world, God introduces a steady and purposeful element, His people.”

His people have been reborn and filled with His Spirit.  They are still imperfect but they now have the unchanging guide of His commandments by which to govern their lives.  When they fail they are forgiven by the Blood of Christ and can return to obeying His law and bringing His creation under His legal control.  As they obey in their own lives, tutor the world on obedience, and seek the power of God they become the “steady and purposeful element” Rushdoony describes.

Our Founders believed that obedient Christians were essential to maintaining our Constitutional Republic and without obedient Christians the nation would fail:

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passion unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams in letters to his Son, 1798

To the kindly influence of Christianity we owe that degree of civil freedom, and political and social happiness which mankind now enjoys…… Whenever the pillars of Christianity shall be overthrown, our present republican forms of government, and all blessings which flow from them, must fall with them.  Jedediah Morse in a Sermon, 1799

There are plans to organize a world religion, man-made and Luciferian in content. See here.  Centralization is the centerpiece of the elite’s plan for world; government, business, and religion are all to be brought under control from the top down.  As with all of Lucifer’s plans this one is an attempt to thwart God’s order.  World structure according to God’s Word is decentralized with the basic form being the individual family.  Centralization is tyrannical.

There is only one possible result of Godless humanism and that is tyranny.  Conversely, there is only one remedy for tyranny and that is the immutable law of the God of the Bible a legal system that cannot be overturned by the whims of man.  Human tyranny may over ride God’s commandments but the only way back to peace and freedom remains a return to His law.

The real enemies of our Constitutional Republic are not accessible.  They are the hidden puppeteers who pull the strings that control the behavior of our presidents, congressmen, and senators; men and women who are elected and who take an oath to support our Constitution but are in practice deceitful and traitorous in their behavior.  We have been unsuccessful in efforts to vote out these prostitutes and for decades they have continued to sell out the nation they were elected to protect.

That agenda for the destruction of our culture has been in place for many years it began with abortion and continued with women’s liberation, multiculturalism, special privileges for Black Americans, mountains of debt and manipulation of our money supply, perpetual wars, open borders and accepting immigrants with differing cultures and religions, weakening of marriage vows, denigration of fathers, censoring and using news for propaganda purposes, school integration, busing, intentional dumbing down of students, urging women to have careers, promoting homosexuality, deriding Christianity in the media, entertainment with no moral code, angst between Whites and Blacks, attacks on free speech, and purposely further dividing the nation along political lines.

These programs were planned and carried out by wealthy elitists and have devastated our nation making it unrecognizable compared to the peace and freedom we enjoyed during the 1930s.  Many of us were poor but there was little government interference in our daily lives.  Most of our current population was not alive during the 1930s and few Americans have experienced the personal freedom their ancestor knew..

There is now evidence of a conspiracy to remove President Trump from office.  It is being carried out by the individuals in our shadow government who are afraid Trump will stray from their agenda and try to bring our nation back to normality.  This conspiracy will involve confiscation of our guns, martial law, and a complete loss of our freedom.  There is doubt that such a conspiracy could be stopped, Russia and China may offer some hope for our world but they are already under constant attack by suspicions and sanctions of various kinds.

The United States of America is slowly losing its position as world leader.  It is being used as an instrument for conquering the world.  If this quest fails the U. S. will be thrown away like and old shoe.  The elite cadre that is using this nation dois not give a hoot about its condition; they are using it up by draining its wealth and creating a mountain of debt.  Citizens have no control over this devastation and they have not yet become wise enough to describe it and condemn it.

We need a widespread verbal confrontation where the evil oligarchs can be challenged with righteousness.  Revolution and hate is not the answer.  Calm and steadfast confrontation is the only action that can produce good results.

Educating the public is essential.

Just so everyone understands the necessary education.  This is not a time for enjoying retirement.  Retired citizens have the time and opportunity to understand and take action. This is a time for action.  Inaction may be fatal.  Everyone needs to understand what is happening not only in America but around the free world, it is world-wide.  Elections and voting are useless.  They are only devices for placating the public, they never change anything.  China and Russia seem to be resisting but their resistance is nationalistic and fails to provide the proper solution. Violence produces violence and we have enough violence.  We need a non-emotional, steady confrontation that makes no threats but instead recommends a return to the Biblical principles that created our once wealthy, righteous, and mimicked nation.

Our nation is in deep trouble but it is not up to us to determine who will win or lose this round in the perennial conflict between God and Satan.  That decision is up to the Creator.  Our job is to work for the establishment of His Kingdom if we do that blessings will follow.


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