Al Cronkrite


Paul Walter who publishes the “News with Views” website has been taking advantage of the popularity of Chuck Baldwin’s syndicated columns for a number of years.  Walter is a rabid supporter of the United States of America as long as it puts the Israeli agenda ahead of its own. Baldwin recently wrote a column about his changing attitude concerning Jewish hegemony in America, Walter printed the column with a prominent disclaimer at the top (seldom see a disclaimer on this site) and quickly allowed Rabbi Shifren to write a dissent. (Also with a disclaimer at the top)

Rabbi Shifren’s response held true to the Jewish view of Goyim.  It dripped with a superior attitude even though its content was missing.  He refers to Rev. Baldwin as “The good pastor”; “Does Pastor Baldwin believe in God?”; “Pastor Baldwin’s strange rhetoric”; and, “Are you kidding me?! —Pastor, this is delusional.  Find someone in your congregation that can teach you about Iran”.  This kind of obdurate, arrogance is typical and deplorable.  Baldwin has as much right to question Israel’s actions as Israel has to conduct them.

He defended Benjamin Netanyahu by claiming he has to be corrupt because he is governing a corrupt people. He began his rebuttal with “Perhaps it is so but” ———- and went on with his defense which was characterized by lots of well-crafted verbiage but very little content.

Rabbi Shifrin defended the Talmud by referring to the Koran.  He compared Israel to Jesus Christ in importance – more important than salvation.  He claimed Israel was the “Wife of God” and that the promise that God would support Israel and their ownership of the land unconditionally. He also contended that many Israeli Jews can trace their ancestry back to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I would not challenge Rabbi Shifrin’s sincere belief in the words he has written but I would contend that his interpretation of the Bible is based on an abbreviated version which the Jews call the Torah and Christians call the Pentateuch.   This truncated theology fails to bring the entire Christian Bible into the discussion.

The Bible is one narrative that needs to be read completely through in order to understand what God has done and why He has done it. God was disgusted enough with Judaism so that He promised several times to destroy His people but over and over relented and attempted to lure then back into a workable relationship. Ultimately, in order to prevent a final separation He sent His only Son to provide forgiveness and renew His relationship.  When this merciful gift was rejected and despitefully treated, at the Diaspora He broke off His covenant and as He had promised innumerable times He scattered them throughout His creation.  Henceforth the only avenue to the Father is through the Son whose blood provides forgiveness for sin.  Now, being saved involves being chosen by the Father and cleansed in the Blood of the Son.

Rabbi Shifrin claims that “The Abrahamic Covenant is unconditional and includes the land, and God does not lie, and neither does he go back on his promises.”  That is a true statement but what Rabbi fails to consider is that God does change His mind and when the Savior was crucified He broke the Abrahamic Covenant and discarded the Jews as His chosen people. For a Scriptural record of God changing His mind read here.


Israel is a human creation situated on land that for a thousand years, since the Diaspora, has belonged to Palestinians.  Stealing their land and persecuting them as a race is a dreadful sin.  The Balfour Agreement was a human effort to provide Jews with a homeland.   Naturea Karta  and organization of Orthodox Jewish Priests has it half right.  They believe that establishing neo-Israel by force is a sin contending they must wait for the coming of the Jewish Messiah.  They are right about Israel but wrong about the Messiah – their Messiah has already come and they are living in His presence.

Christianity is not about neo-Israel.  It was about the Good News of salvation for the Jews.  Unfortunately this Good News was greeted with the same pompous attitude that Rabbi now uses in writing to Pastor Baldwin, an attitude that God will always reject.  He is God we are His people.  Attempts to usurp His throne have been rejected as arrogant.  When we come to God with the same broken heart of His servant David we will be received, forgiven, and restored as Christian men and women.  It is the pompous attitude of the Pharisees that The Creator, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will not accept.

The creation of neo-Israel has been the source of constant war since its inception.  The idea that the land belongs to the Jews is an emotionally charged idea that is held by many Jews and denying its veracity if often met with violent reactions.  The God of the Bible is a patient, merciful God Who will only support violence when righteousness will be a result.  As Rabbi Shifren tells us the people of Israel are quite similar to the people in America, both are evil, both have forgotten God, and both are violent.

The battle between good and evil has been active in God’s creation since the time of Adam and Eve it never ceases and will not crease until God’s Son is accepted as King and obeyed as the King He is.  A Christian Israel would be a peaceful Israel and Christian America would be a peaceful America.

The world pines for obedience to the Commandments God gave to His servant Moses.  Obedience to these Commandments would bring peace to the entire world.  Sin brings discord and strife while obedience brings peace, prosperity, and order.  It is time for Jews to repent of their sin setting an example for wayward Gentiles and saving the world.  That was their original mission and it is time they fulfilled it.


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