Al Cronkrite


Are you aware, Mr. and Mrs. America that your nation, The United States of America, is being controlled and used by a tiny fraction of its population?

Neocons control America; they control its monetary system, its government, its educational institutions, its businesses, and its media.  They control the news Americans are allowed to hear and see; they control the wars our young men fight; the religion its populace believes in; the actions they love and the actions they hate.  The control is acute and pervasive but largely unrecognized.

Jews have immigrated into our nation from all over the world but there were some significant waves.  In the 1840s a sizeable number arrived from Germany where persecution, restrictive laws, and financial hardship made the U. S  a tempting destination.  Two hundred fifty thousand German Jews had come to America before the beginning of WW1.  They settled in the small towns of the Mid-west, West, and South often working as peddlers and then as owners of small stores.

Between 1880 and 1924 there was a massive influx from Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Romania.  By the 1920s the Jewish population in the United States had reached four million.  Five out of six of these immigrants came from Eastern Europe. There were no restrictions in America where Christians offered Jews total freedom.

It is individuals from this pool of immigrants that within a generation were able to take virtual control of the nation that had offered them refuge.  Though they are a small fraction of its total population they have manipulated it in ways that serve their interests but not the interests of the nation. That these manipulations were dressed in fine linen does not change their effect.

The absolutes of the Christian era have been replaced with the arbitrary dictates of a humanistic order where Biblical morality is overridden by power and position.  Congress no longer controls the money or the wars that we fight.  These strategic elements are being controlled for the benefit of this foreign power.

The Chief Executive of the nation, The President, is a puppet to this hidden power structure.  The two party political system that developed quickly in our early history is manipulated by selecting controllable individuals from both parties.  It makes no difference who gets elected, the despotic trend continues, endless wars and crushing debt are our fare.  Propaganda is our daily bread and our culture and ways of life continue to falter under tremendous secular pressure.

The tragedy is that most of our citizens are not aware of what is happening. They still participate in national elections that have become no more than charades to certify a preselected puppet who will carry out the will of his masters.  During their election campaigns the candidates promise citizens changes that are badly needed but once they are elected many of these promises are forgotten and the will of the controlling cabal continues to hold sway.   Change will never come through a political system which is itself the problem.

How did we get into this mess?

University of California professor Kevin MacDonald did extensive research for his trilogy on the Jewish culture.  His three volumes “Separation and Its Discontents”; “A People that shall Dwell Alone”; and, “The Culture of Critique” provide a carefully researched analysis of their perennial tendency to control their environment.

His work has been pilloried in the press and often unfairly criticized but he has defended it faithfully and it remains an important contribution to our social order. We are fortunate that he found a publisher who would set his work in print.  Solzhenitsyn’s final book “Two Hundred Years together” has never been published in the United States where publishing is tightly controlled.

MacDonald contends that the accumulation of decisive power by the Neocons was a result of the clash of two cultures. He outlines why and how he thinks it happened.   Jewish ownership of the media was pre-planned.   It started with the motion picture industry and went on to include the newspapers, publishing houses, magazines, and radio.  Once ownership and control of all news outlets fell into the hands of an antagonistic foreign power, America was in serious trouble.

MacDonald points to the individualistic nature of Western society: respect for women; simple, monogamous marriage based and mutual affection; independence; self-reliance; and moral absolutes.  He contrasts these characteristics with the patriarchal nature of Jewish society where men play a more dominate role, where marriages are confined to the tribe and are often even between relatives; where unions with outsiders are frowned upon and conformity is praised.  He describes families as military units where individualism and independence are sacrificed to the higher group order.

He believes that the cultural battle between these two groups allowed major advantages to the interlopers whose morals standards were flexible but tightly tied to group welfare. It is never what is good for a nation but always what is good for the group.  Individualistic societies are not cohesive; they are open and easy to penetrate.  Collectivist societies are cohesive and difficult to penetrate.

Control of the United States of America was gained without a noticeable struggle.  Most Americans did not know what was happening let alone who was responsible.  Our politicians understood but they were afraid to talk since press coverage spells life or death for elected officials.

National hero Charles Lindberg tried to tie our Jewish population to warmongering.  The treatment he received put fear into all who might discuss Jewish influence in our nation. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt wrote critically about the Israeli Lobby and were soundly thrashed in the press.  Like the airplanes that spray our skies the incursion is so blatant that people are afraid to discuss it.

It isn’t just Jewish need for hegemony that is worrisome but their contention that the Jewish race is the Master Race.  Jews do not consider Gentiles (Goyum) as their equals and believe we should be treated like servants of animals whose lives and welfare could be taken at any moment.

MacDonald spends many pages describing the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.  It was essentially a Jewish revolution with Jewish leadership and Jewish cadre.  Over twenty million Christians were killed many of them starved to death by Jewish leadership.  Sadistic cruelty was rampant as it always is when humanism is in control.

In the initial pages of his final book,”The Culture of Critique”, MacDonald tells how his work on the trilogy began to change his opinion on Jews.  He began as a moderate who believed Jews were an extremely talented race who had contributed to the American culture but as he continued to read and study his opinion began to change.  He began to see a self-serving, godless, deceptive race that hated the America people and was doing everything it could to bring down the nation.

Neocon control of the United States has been accompanied by a significant coarsening of our society.  Torture, police brutality, aggressive warfare, racial strife, civilian casualties, and oppressive power are all additions tendered by our Neocon masters.  Patience, compassion, understanding, and altruism have been replaced by deleterious manipulation, confining power, and a towering self-righteousness.

It is neocon power behind never ending war, propaganda, excessive  immigration, destruction of our culture, hate for Christianity, censorship, police brutality, riots, sexual perversion, and the dearth of open discussion.

Their latest effort is to mix the Black and White races further destroying the White culture.  Television is rife with racial mixing.  This effort is helped along by naïve Blacks who believe the media propaganda and is being taken up by Whites who don’t understand what is going on.

There is also evidence that the evil powers are working to impeach President Trump by using lies promoted by a satanic press and media along with fabricated allegations.  The power behind the rulers of our nation is an evil power.  Americans need to find honest answers and begin to support righteous action.  It may be too late.  Evil control may be too deeply entrenched to stop our downfall.  If so, read about the atrocities of the Russian Revolution as they will be coming to America.

In a recent interview Jewish Rabbi Abraham Finkelstein avowed that Jews are God’s Chosen People but their god is the devil.


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