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Al Cronkrite


America’s small towns enjoyed real freedom during the 1930s Depression.   Middle class Americas bore the brunt of the job lose with many being laid off with no hope of finding another job.  At the beginning of the slow-down there were no government programs to relieve the hunger of the penniless unemployed; few women worked and unemployed men took to riding freight trains from town to town in search of work.

Families that had food regularly shared with the itinerate population and with their starving neighbors as well.  Neither as sophisticated nor as arrogant as our current culture it was a time when people were willing to care for one another. There was very little government involvement at the local level and most citizens enjoyed a form of freedom that the current generation has never experienced.  There were no drivers licenses, licenses to hunt and fish were easy to obtain, arrests of honest citizens were unknown.  If a man beat his wife soon his neighbor would come over and beat him.  Much of what is now done by bureaucracy was done by individual citizens

The depression was intentional.  The Federal Reserve System which was created by congress through stealth intentionally restricted the money supply causing a serious crisis for many businesses.  The mysterious cabal that controls our world created government programs which because of the depression were welcomed by the public.  These programs changed America from a Democratic Republic to a Socialist State.  They have been expanded and added to as time has gone on.  Now a major portion of our population is beholden to government for at least some of their sustenance; some for all.

Inordinate power in human hands has been the bane of civilized cultures all through the ages.  The United States of America was founded under a Constitution prepared by human beings who intended that its people would remain free from the tyranny that had long afflicted European and most of the world.  It was intended to be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people”.  Unfortunately, the Creator and His immutable commandments were forgotten, this bit of human arrogance could not be blest by the One True God.  His Name and His Commandments were replaced with the often evil, mutable thoughts of men.

Efforts to subvert this unique Constitution began almost before the ink dried on the document

The Bible teaches that the borrower is a slave to the lender.  When business transactions began to use money as a medium of exchange, bankers quickly caught on to ways to increase their profits by fraud and usury.  National governments needed large sums of money to conduct wars and bankers found ways to supply these funds charging interest on the debt.  Control of the money is tantamount to control of the food supply, with lucrative usury and control of the currency bankers had tremendous power.

The scramble to control the monetary system of The United States of America began shortly after the ratification of the Constitution.  Some of the Founders of this new nation understood the avarice of the bankers and their attempts to gain control were thwarted for over a hundred years.  In 1913 the previously mentioned Federal Reserve System was passed by stealth through a deceived and deceptive congress.  Since that time the nation has been controlled by a power hungry cabal that continuously thwarts the will of the people.

When the Constitution was ratified the embers of Christianity were still burning and the nation gave credence to God and to His Ways.  But as the claws of the power hungry gained control of press and media there has been a steady decline in allegiance to Christ and obedience to His commandments.  Righteousness has been replaced with lust and cruelty.  The government has produced a shower of double speak and deceit.

Because the impetus for our decline is not apparent there has been no effective counter attack.  Our laws are being re-written replacing righteousness with evil and there has been little resistance or public criticism.  Dishonest congressmen and senators enjoying the lucre of the bankers work against the nation they have sworn to uphold  and are regularly re-elected by a populace that has been dumbed down and is easily deceived..

The overwhelming majority of our churches are pastored by men and women who have been taught faulty Christian doctrine and are being duped into supporting organizations that are destroying the nation.  As keepers of morality they are not only useless but actually big contributors to immorality.

For over fifteen years we have been engaged in a war that has built up trillions of dollars of debt; a debt so large that if the entire population became slaves for a generation they might not be able to pay it off.   In addition we have gained the ire of the entire world which has been appalled at the actions of a nation that was once considered righteous.

Presidential candidate, now President, Donald Trump promised to bring changes that appealed to voters.  However, along with the appealing measures his promise to continue to torture and kill by supporting the will of a foreign power that is using the nation as a power piece in an international chess game will continue to drag the nation down.  The good he promised to accomplish will be blocked by forces more powerful than he and the nation will continue down the same disastrous path.

Torture and mass slaughter are not signs of a civilized society.

Now there is evidence that evil forces may be successful in dividing the nation and subverting the presidency created the scenario for revolution. Read here. This division is being supported by our press and media and portions of our population still believe this despicable propaganda and will support a revolution.  The White population that founded and designed America are now hated by a sizeable portion of its citizens and will be targets in any unrest.

Life as we know it is in great danger from evil forces within our nation and most of our citizens are not aware of how close chaos is to their front door.  We are a nation of working people whose concerns are for their job and their family.  Most of our citizens are not aware that there are angry young men who participate in riots and seek to burn the Capitol building and kill White people.  But these elements are very real and they wait for the proper moment.

We are on the cusp of a real revolution with half of the nation seeking to unseat a legitimately elected president.  The unrest is being fanned by the powerful Neocons who support Israel and are willing to sacrifice America to gain world hegemony.  Many of our congressmen and Senators, elected to serve the people and support our Constitution, instead of announcing a  policy of America first, regularly announce their support of Israel.

There is ample reason for portions of the world to hate White Americans.  For fifteen years the government we support has been bombing and killing in nations that have never done us harm and would never be a threat to us.  We have done this under the control of the Neocons and most of the world knows it but there are still hundreds of thousands of people who hate White Americans rightly holding them responsible for the carnage their government has created.

Many internet writers have called for the trial of the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas for war crimes but as long as our nation is a puppet to the powerful Neocons nothing will be done.  Our nation is being sacrificed on the altar of mammon and too many of our citizens are indifferent, stupid, arrogant, or asleep.  We are in terrible trouble much of which is of our own making.

We are urged to pray for our nation but God is not on the side of evil.  He is a righteous God who hates evil but when He looks for righteousness in America there is little to attract His attention.  Judgment often results in captivity and that may be coming..


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