Al Cronkrite


The prototype family has been in existence since the creation of living things.  There are few species that do not form some sort of family.  Humans have always been family oriented.

The deterioration of the family is ultimately a result of the replacement of the restraints of the Christian religion with a humanist religion supported by the demigod of reason.

The family has been under severe attack for the past several decades.   The women’s movement goes back into the Nineteenth Century and was one of the first attacks on marriage.  The Enlightenment gave human reason a big boost and humanism immediately threatened Christianity, its laws and its procedures.

Rebellion has always pushed evil against righteousness and in the mid-Eighteenth Century women began an open rebellion against the confines of marriage.  At a meeting held in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848, sixty-eight women and thirty-two men signed a “Declaration of Sentiments”.  The declaration contained a series of accusations against men for having kept women from opportunities to realize their full potential.  It began with this sentence: ““The history of mankind is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations on the part of man toward woman, having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over her.”  It goes on to list how women were being slighted:  they could not vote, if married they could not own property, colleges did not accept women, keeping women in an inferior position in churches and affairs of state, and at the end it claims that man has endeavored “in every way that he could, to destroy her confidence in her own powers, to lessen her self-respect, and to make her willing to lead a dependent and abject life.”

The accusations are against men.  Historically, humans immediately understood that women were physically inferior to men and needed the strong masculine arm as protection.  This obvious conclusion has been ignored by latter day intellectuals in an effort to separate and compare what was created to be equal halves of a singular family government.  There is a bit of insanity involved in all this.

Over the years since that mid-Nineteenth Century meeting there have been other efforts to elevate the position of women.  Some of these efforts were needed and some of them did some good.  However, rebellion still lurked in many feminist leaders.  The majorities of married women were happy with their role as wives and mothers and refused to become part of the rebellion but in 1963 a young Jewish girl from Peoria, Illinois wrote a book called “The Feminine Mystique” and became active in efforts to organize a movement.  Her name was Betty Freidan and she provided the impetus to bring the women’s movement into the public eye.

The book was published at a time when the typical housewife had been emancipated by technology and the social trend to limit the number of children families produced.  Married women had more free time and Freidan’s contention that they were being held down by the husbands began to take hold in some parts of society.  Friedan’s preaching that men were holding woman down was quite different than the general perception of men’s role as protector and lover of their wives.  It resounded mightily in the ears of rebellious females and some were eager participants in the liberation movement.

In 1966 with Betty Freidan at the center a group of women formed the National Organization for Women (NOW) which has been a strong force for women’s rights.  There are exceptions but overall marriage and family life has been a blessing to most women.  Organizations like NOW have created unrest by denigrating marriage and blaming men for keeping women down.  It has hurt the institution of marriage by distorting the role of husbands and wives as family leaders causing wives to nit pic and rebel against their husbands.

Both the masculine essence and the feminine essence have a vital role in the family.  When these roles are blurred or removed the family suffers and when the family suffers society suffers.

As feminism resulted in single women who competed with men in the workplace husbands were regularly depicted by the media as fumbling ignoramuses who could not run their own lives let along govern a family.  Women were portrayed as wiser than their husbands and men were expected to act like women.  The feminizing of men removed masculine wisdom from many families, increasing chaos and divorce.

Marriage is a religious institution.  Defined as a holy union it was intended to be a blessing to both husband and wife who were to become “one flesh” creating a union that could present a singular government for raising and nurturing a family.  As modern conveniences have removed much of the hard work formerly required of wives they have enjoyed more leisure.  If this leisure is used productively as an asset to the family rather than as a separate opportunity for women to become more independent it will be a blessing rather than a curse.

The women’s movement has been followed with other more insane ideas.  Homosexuality and Lesbianism have been promoted, again by the media, and what has historically been considered a tragic occurrence is now touted as normal.  Financial help has come from mysterious sources and the movement to promote this anomaly has become widespread with young children being urged to question their sexual preference.   To cap the insanity of promoting an abnormality, homosexual marriage has actually been approved and is being administered.

I spoke with a friend today who lives in California.  He was upset because his daughter was in the process of divorcing her husband who married her as a man but was actually bi-sexual. Deviations are now being cataloged and some claim there are score or more. It is hard to tell where this sexual insanity will end.

These deviations are being touted as an alternative to normal marriage and even some older men and women are now beginning to question their sexual preference and some are joining the homosexual ranks.

Transgender operations are now available and both men and women can have their sex organs mutilated in efforts to change their gender.  Unfortunately, the DNA still remains the same regardless of what is done to the outer shell.  The DNA confirms that men remain masculine and women remain feminine.

The world has lost the restraint of a civilized society and is becoming more sadistic with torture and human butchery being accepted as normal.   Gore fills the TV and movie screen hardening the hearts and destroying the peace of its viewers.  Human beings in societies that do not honor the God of the Bible quickly become brutal and sadistic.

Families are designed to be loving institutions the grim bestiality that pours from our media threatens the tender care marriages are expected to provide.

American Christianity has become a cauldron for murderous wars and vapid support for causes that fly in the face of Biblical admonitions.

The foolishness of lesbianism, homosexuality, torture, aggressive war, and humanistic religion needs to be publically and robustly countered with Biblical truth from every pulpit in America.  If our pulpits were occupied by real servants of the Living God they would be attaching the immoral and ludicrous social trends but, alas, our preachers are ambitious, self-centered, buffoons who bring their audiences spine tingling euphoria and uplifting ideas rather than the confrontation of the Word of God.  Human opinions that differ from God’s commandments deteriorate a nation.

The United States of America is already in serious trouble.  Deep divisions are common with young Black rebels calling for the murder of Whites.  Christianity is deeply divided as I have written before many of those that call themselves Christian could not be recognized by the God of the Bible.

Christians are a problem in America.  They are deluded, mislead, untaught, arrogant, and often unteachable.  Excitement, enjoyment and blessing are sought by trying to manipulate God.  There are few real servants in the entire lot.  God cannot bless such arrogance and the condition of our nation depicts His judgement.

There is little evidence that would allow me to end this essay on a positive note.  The evidence is that dangerous times are coming that will bring a brutal surprise to those who are not aware of what is going on.  Citizens of the U. S. are under the direct control of Satan and soon he will show us his ugly face.


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