Al Cronkrite


Organized religion in America has mimicked the government; like our current social order truth is scarce and often found only at sites on the internet. Neither the government nor the churches are truth tellers.  Sermons are carefully inspected to be sure they are non-confrontational and non-controversial.  The cutting edge of the Gospel has been lost for decades.  Most churches are social clubs where “good“ people can meet other “good” people while government has become an elite club where pampered, arrogant, lackeys do the will of an oligarchic cabal by fomenting wars and thinking up ways to rob citizens of their freedom.

Instead of rocking the mendacity boat our church leaders prefer peace and good will from their church members and from society at large, they are careful not to relate the mandates of God to the actions of our profligate rulers.  The confrontation of our Savior with the money changers in the temple is no longer a pattern for Christian action.

Pastor Rousas Rushdoony told about a church where he was invited to speak; when the meeting was over a parishioner encountered the senior minister and inquired as to why he was upset since Rushdoony had supported his agenda.  The senior minister admitted that Rushdoony has supported his ministry but said he was upset by the confrontational tone.  Rousas Rushdoony’s preaching was confrontational.  He did not allow his audience to evade Biblical Truth.  His words were always relevant to the current situation (they still are).  Preachers who are proud of their expository preaching but are unwilling to relate it to current events are useless in bringing the power of Christianity to bear on our society.

The Biblical story is simple and easy to understand.  God chose a particular individual and his progeny; they were His people and He required their obedience.  Though He was merciful and patient they regularly disobeyed Him.  Because their willful disobedience required His rejection He sacrificed His only Son as a propitiation for their sin so that they could again enjoy His blessing.  When they rejected His Son God rejected them as His chosen people substituting Christians of all races in their place.  Biblical Christians are God’s chosen people.  They are expected to obey Him; to do His Will and bring his creation under His dominion,

This easily understood Biblical narrative has been so badly distorted by arrogant but often well-meaning men and women that the pristine Reformed Gospel that was granted to the church has been lost.  Now, the God of the Bible has trouble acknowledging many of the organizations that claim His Name.   (The words of Jesus in Matthew 7:21-23, “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!”)

In the United States of America we have many who claim His name but are not His servants.  Many are attempting to use God as their servant seeking healing, prosperity, and blessing while failing to obey Him.  How many Christians, laymen or leaders, are actually working as servants to the Living God forsaking any agenda of their own?    Servants die to themselves and do only the bidding of their master.  And, how does one become a servant to the Living God.?  By reading the Bible and realizing that from cover to cover it is about obedience; obedience to the Law God has given us.

It is true of the church as it is with the government, what is preached is often true; it is what is omitted that destroys the truth.  Christianity without law and obedience no longer resembles the Bible narrative.  When Dispensationalism attempts to divide God’s Word into different dispensations the pattern that God gives us in His Word is lost.  When preachers claim the promises of God they often fail to mention that they are contingent on obedience.  Blessing is a result of obedience; turmoil and suffering follow disobedience.   When Christian preachers and lay people claim that God has spoken to them they are not always deluded.  God does speak to us.  However, when God speaks to us He is speaking to sinners and sinners can easily distort the message.  All messages from God must be compared with immutable Biblical truth.

God can use His servants to bring new sheep into the fold but no one can be converted without God doing the choosing.  He has always chosen His servants, (Verify it in the Bible) He still does.

Preachers often offer counseling as a means of redeeming their congregants.  Humanistic psychology is popular in today’s church leaders.  In our town there is a sign outside a Baptist facility the reads “Christian Counseling”.  As with much of the preaching that goes on in our churches Christian Counseling is a humanistic procedure that often does more harm than good,

Reverend Rousas Rushdoony pointed out that the sinner must be confronted with the ”word of God” and his duty before God.  The important thing is that God’s requirements be faithfully set forth, because reconciliation to God in Christ must be the goal of counseling.”  He concludes, “Enough has been said to make it clear that humanistic counseling seeks not confession, restitution and restoration, but peace, harmony, and humanistic good will.  As a result the counseling process is morally wrong.”  (“The Cure of Souls”, Pg. 119)

Counseling is a prominent heresy in many of our contemporary churches.  It is invariable preceded by a profligate ministry that puts forth humanistic salve and ignores sound doctrine.  Our churches are weak because the preaching is weak.  Our pulpits fail to relate the Biblical narrative to our current situation.  They fail because their intent is not to redeem society by confronting their audience with the truth of the Gospel but rather to preach a sermon that is winsome, placating and friendly.  Their intent is not to serve the interests of the Living God but to grow and prosper a church.

Christians who are obeying God’s Law rarely, if ever, need counseling.  Disobedience causes a multitude of obdurate problems that counseling will not solve.  Neither Psychiatry nor Psychology is effective in solving the problems disobedience creates; they are both devilish frauds.

God converts his servants in a variety of ways but intrinsic in His conversions is a desire to obey – a desire to cease pursuing evil and instead pursue righteousness; along with that comes a humility that is amenable to correction.

The book of Acts tells us how a handful of converted Christians could create an enduring fire in the world .  How they could touch the hearts of their listeners with a conviction of sin and then bring them to the relief of forgiveness and salvation.  The Disciples were fully committed men who were servants to The Living God.  They had no other agenda but that of telling the “good news” and urging obedience and good works.

The sad state of Christian affairs is a result of churches that have forsaken their duty to God and to this nation allowing evil to debase us and our society without challenging the lies with truth.  Satanic forces have changed our social order from one that revered righteousness to one that is in the process of encoding evil.  We have allowed this to happen by ignoring the righteous laws of God and failing to publically stand in defense of them.

Our merciful Christian God has sacrificed His only Son providing forgiveness to His people. Conversion to Christ is a wonderful miracle.  However, contemporary Christian converts must remember that it is the beginning, not the end, of the Christian walk.  We are now commissioned to live by God’s Law, tell the world of His Salvation, and work to bring His creation under His dominion through obedience.

I am ending this essay with an interesting quote from Cicero who was convinced of life after death a couple of generations before the birth of Christ. Marcus Tullius Cicero lived from 106 B.C. to 43 B. C.   As translated by E. S. Shuckburgh from his treatise “On Old Age” this is how he described his faith:  “…..old age sits lightly on me and it is not only not oppressive but even delightful.  But if I am wrong in thinking the human soul immortal, I am glad to be wrong; nor will I allow the mistake which gives me so much pleasure to be wrested from me as long as I live…..a man must wish to have his life end at its proper time.  For nature puts a limit to living as to everything else.  Now old age is as it were the playing out of the drama, the full fatigue of which we should shun, especially when we also feel that we had more than enough of it.”


2 thoughts on “THE CHURCH

  1. Thank you for such a straight forward truth.
    I am interested in your idea that Yahsuha sent his disciples to the whole of mankind, when in truth they were sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, Israel the man not a piece of land, Matt 15:24. It was them he came to redeem not all of mankind. The lost were the dispersed of the 11 tribes of Israel that had been scattered and taken away into captivity, by war, because of disobedience to the Law many years prior. The Jews were one of the 12 tribes of Israel.
    You may find that an interesting study in and of itself.


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