The Police and Black Americans




Al Cronkrite


A recent letter in our local paper expressed concern that the Country Sheriff Department and the local Police Department were under attack.  Citing scandal in both organizations the writer expressed concern that policing, itself, would suffer.  I share the concern.  We live in a volatile society and we need our policemen and sheriffs to maintain peace and order.  Attempts to use insignificant issues to bring chaos to our law enforcement organizations should be discouraged.

However, policing in the United States at all levels is out of control.  Citizens are being shot and killed over trivial offenses that are escalated by unnecessary police arrogance.

Though it has detractors the idea that suspects are innocent until proven guilty is widely held throughout the world.  It is inferred by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments to our Constitution.  Police departments regularly violate that principle by forcibly arresting and handcuffing suspects who are often innocent.  Innocent people resent being treated like criminals and they resent the police who do it.  Instead of being respected members of society who enforce the law and make an effort to be friendly and helpful policemen and women are feared for their aggressive pursuit of reasons to arrest.

There is frightening tension between the police and Black Americans.  Blacks are convinced that they are being picked on.  There is some truth in their feeling.  However, the crime rate in Black communities is disproportionately high (7 Black crimes to 1 White crime).  Police are aware of this statistic and accordingly spend more time watching Blacks.

Our press and media regularly distort the news making it appear that Blacks are not being treated fairly.  The Trayvon Martin case was a typical example.  Martin was shown as a sweet looking innocent teen while Zimmerman was shown as a dark villain.  Black citizens should be aware that the media distorts the news and that it is their own crime rate that causes many of the arrests.

The crime rate is not the only problem.  Everyone dislikes the arrogant attitude that comes with many police encounters.  Police act like privileged citizens whose lives are more important than the lives of the people they are paid to serve.  Handcuffs, bulletproof vests, helmets, shields, black boots and their tendency to shoot first and ask questions later serves to enhance this opinion.  Since Blacks have more contact with the police they are more aware of the nastiness that pervades their ranks.

The police have become robotical – without discernment or compassion.  They spend their time trying to find crimes and treat every suspect in the same manner: submission, arrest, handcuffs and a trip to the local jail.  With dictatorial arrogance they demand obeisance with no regard for the person they are accosting.  Innocent citizens are killed because they refuse to be tyrannized.  Let me repeat it: Innocent people resent being treated like criminals and they resent the police who do it.

This kind of tyrannical behavior tends to produce resistance and the police are being trained to subdue resistance.  A policeman or woman who has the authority to stop you under frivolous pretense and demand that you submit to demeaning restraints designed to immobilize you physically is a danger to citizens and a deterrent to justice.  Though you may be completely innocent and appear to be a model citizen, resistance to this hateful operation can lead to your being shot and killed.

In spite of the fact that we are living in a violent society, police could use some discernment in the way they go about their duties.  Entering a person’s home and handcuffing a compliant father in front of his wife and family shows a lack of compassionate understanding.  Violent responses by police do not serve to allay growing rebellion.  Instead, like the wars we are fighting in the Middle East, it increases the breadth of the conflict bringing more citizens into the fold of police haters.

One wonders what happened to forgiveness and the practice of giving a suspect another chance.  It appears that when police are involved there are invariably arrests made and someone is handcuffed and transported to the local jail.  We house 6.85 million prisoners in the United States, 25 percent of all the prisoners in the world; our police forces are the world’s champion arresters.  We have the larger percentage of our population entangled with the prison system than any other nation in the world.  Something is drastically wrong!

Absolute submission and universal arrests actually contributes to the violence in our society by creating anger and resentment in the population. While the police are busy creating more violence our elected law makers are busy passing laws the no one understands or even knows about.  Police can pick and choose which law they will enforce.  They know the law better than civilians giving them a distinct advantage.

Police behavior is a complicated matter but there is no doubt that the United States of American has a serious problem.  With the world highest quantity of prisoners and widespread civilian demonstrations it is time to take notice

Our society has become secular it no longer adheres to absolutes; power and human reason are in complete control.  God’s churches have become social organizations having lost all connection to the Biblical Law that creates a righteous nation. This lack of resistance to evil has allowed dark forces to overrun us.

A free society cannot long exist without absolute Law.  Without an immutable standard people champion their individual reason which differs with each individual, the result is the man with the gun rules.

In spite of the fact the Black citizens are living in a society that pampers them and puts their desires ahead of all others; in spite of this fact they have bought into the propaganda that they are being oppressed and discriminated against by the White majority.  It is a lie that threatens to destroy the nation and Blacks along with it.

White citizens do not rob and kill because a Black policeman shoots a White citizen, only Blacks do that.  White citizens do not threaten Blacks or urge anyone to burn their buildings. Blacks are free to call Whites any demeaning name they choose but White citizens are severely reprimanded for even pronouncing Black slang.  White citizens working for the media must be very careful not to use a derogatory word concerning Black citizens; they face dismissal if they do.

This severe bias by the media is subtly designed to incite Black animosity which eventually might cause White citizens to retaliate against unfair Black preference, creating riots, shootings, and ultimately martial law for everyone.  Black citizens are being manipulated.  Black publications regularly distort crime statistics to make it seem that they are being treated unfairly.  The true figures prove that reality is otherwise.  Compare the NAACP statistics with those of the Department of Justice.

Reconciliation between Black and White Americans cannot progress until both sides are willing to accept factual information.  As long as distorted facts, figures and baseless opinions are accepted real progress is impossible.

America’s Black citizens have been given every possible advantage.  Welfare, superior job opportunities, freedom, and consistently unbalanced media support.  Barack Obama could not have been elected President of the United States without hundreds of thousands of White votes.  There is no other nation in the entire world that has been more generous with their Black citizens.  In spite of the generous opportunities granted to Blacks they riot and burn their neighborhoods while targeting and unmercifully beating defenseless White citizens.  Hate and prejudice are just under the surface.  It is an unwarranted hate that divides the races

The White race has not owned slaves for many generations.  Blaming White people for what happened centuries ago is sinful.  Every person must be responsible for their own sin.  We can acknowledge the sins of our fathers but we cannot repent from them, they are done and the time is past.

The propaganda that is poured into the Black community by nefarious sources constantly feeds them distorted information which they then regurgitate as reality.

Our town has a Black Democrat running against a White Republican for Sheriff of the county.  This is the Black candidate’s assessment of the job, “As sheriff your job isn’t just to fight crime but to ensure that the laws are enforced in a way that doesn’t violate the rights and freedoms of others, including your employees.  When leadership fails to do the right thing, leadership fails.”

He has the right objective. Justice must be applied equally!

We have two major problems:  One, a police force that incites violence and resentment, and, two, a Black population that believes propaganda and refuses to face reality.


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