There Was a Better Way



By Al Cronkrite

“In the United States evil has seized power from the people, and evil will not give it back.”  Paul Craig Roberts

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if ancient Israel had obeyed God and grown into the nation He intended it to be?

I am interested in writing and writers and enjoy watching C-Span.  I also like Brian Lamb’s interviews.  Jewish dominance of the United States publishing industry is blatantly evident in this venue with seventy-five percent, or more, of the interviews and book reviews are with Jewish authors. Lamb’s interviews have a similar percentage.  The media is a public facility and this sort of dominance by two percent or less of the population is disturbing.

It is disturbing because the citizens of ancient Israel did not obey God and their progeny mocks Him today.

Unfortunately, the media is not the only part of our culture that is controlled and manipulated by this same power structure; the entire world population is affected as well.  Media’s power in America and around the world allows its owners to heavily influence everyone.  This is particularly true in the U. S. where voters are systematically bombarded with lies and propaganda.

In the beginning Trump had towering numbers but as time went on the mysterious, unverified polls that always accompany elections found his support was declining.  The criterion and procedures used in doing these polls is never reported so the public only hears what the media wants them to hear.   While the polls are being reported Hillary is favored with lots of publicity while Trump is trashed.  The bias is profound.  The massive corporations that control our press and media can be counted on our fingers with several fingers left over.   It is an oligarchy that overflows with propaganda, news censorship, restrictions on free speech, bias, lies, and truncated coverage.

Selection of candidates and elections are heavily controlled by this massive oligarchy.  Favorable publicity has allowed Hillary Clinton with her tons of baggage to become a viable candidate.  Our representative form of government is manipulated with representatives living in fear of adverse publicity that will result in their being voted from office.  The press and television are monolithic sources; there is no dissent.  The town where I live has only one newspaper which was owned by the New York Times but is now a possession of a media giant that owns papers throughout the country.

We have a candidate that comes with tons of negative baggage running against a buffoon who is using popular key issues to activate the electorate while at the same time creating doubt about his ability to successfully lead the nation.

The tragedy is that deceived American voters will fall for this charade and go to the polls hoping to save the nation by electing the lessor of these two evils. Their efforts are for naught since the entire event has been planned and executed and the outcome is assured regardless of who wins.

During the Clinton Administration and that of Bush, the lessor, government began to ignore the Constitution and instead of serving the people it served other interests becoming tyrannical, aggressive and illegitimate.

In Democratic societies talent produces wealth and the two, like cream, have always risen to the top eventually becoming despotic.  It seems that the common people are neither smart enough nor aggressive enough to gain and maintain control over a tiny minority that is smarter, more cunning, and more persistent.  When our nation still saluted the overarching legal system given us by God it provided a deterrent to the ambitions of these avaricious individuals but as this legal system has been discarded in favor of humanism our freedom has been lost.

Had it had been accompanied by a pervasive effort to obey the Law of Moses; the rise of Jewish power might have been a blessing to the world.  It might have created a new freedom and widespread prosperity.  Instead, it is a humanistic effort that ignores the God of Israel and instead mimics Satan.  Russia now considers itself the last bastion of Christian righteousness in the world.

In an Address given at the Bridgnorth Institute in February, 1877 Lord  Acton said, “The government of the Israelites was a Federation, held together by no political authority, but by the unity of race and faith, and founded, not on physical force, but on a voluntary covenant. The principle of self-government was carried out not only in each tribe, but in every group of at least 120 families; and there was neither privilege of rank, nor inequality before the law. Monarchy was so alien to the primitive spirit of the community that it was resisted by Samuel in that momentous protestation and warning which all the kingdoms of Asia and many of the kingdoms of Europe have unceasingly confirmed. The throne was erected on a compact; and the King was deprived of the right of legislation among a people that recognized no lawgiver but God, whose highest aim in politics was to restore the original purity of the constitution, and to make its government conform to the ideal type that was hallowed by the sanctions of heaven. The inspired men who rose up in unfailing succession to prophesy against the usurper and the tyrant, constantly proclaimed that the laws, which were divine, were paramount over sinful rulers, and appealed from the established authorities, from the king, the priests, and the princes of the people, to the healing forces that slept in the uncorrupted conscience of the masses. Thus the example of the Hebrew nation laid down the parallel lines on which all freedom has been won—the doctrine of national tradition, and the doctrine of the higher law; the principle that a constitution grows from a root, by process of development and not of essential change; and the principle that all political authorities must be tested and reformed according to a code which was not made by man. The operation of these two principles, in unison or in antagonism, occupies the whole of the space we are going over together.”

The solution to the decline of righteousness throughout the world will not come from the minds of men.  The world’s best minds are currently fixed on exerting tight control over 99 percent of the world population, eventually annihilating many and making slaves of the remainder.

If this diabolical scheme is to be thwarted social reformation must come through a people who recognize “no lawgiver but God” and understand that “political authorities must be tested and reformed according to a code not made by man”.

Ancient Israel failed as the people fell away from their God and into actions not “tested and reformed according to a code not made by man”.  Instead they trod the road of self-determination to the ruin of themselves and their nation.

The United States of America has been taken over by Neocons and is being led down the same path that destroyed their ancient nation and left them without a legitimate homeland.

At one time our nation recognized God as the foundational law giver; now, we are following a people that God has rejected a people who are alienated from their legitimate mooring and have become lethal and diabolical.

Lord Acton also wrote that, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men”.  Sans the last sentence this quotation is still in common usage.  Centralization of power is progressing rapidly throughout the world.  The elite 1% have gained control of the major nations of the world and are using the United States as a weapon to subdue those that still seek independence.  The number of individual corporations has become smaller and smaller as buy-outs and mergers occur on a daily basis.  Monsanto was just acquired by Bayer creating another uncontrollable giant.

Governments now seek to control their people individually by spying on their electronic behavior, passing laws so numerous that obedience is impossible, teaching the police forces to handcuff, jail, and prosecute for the slightest violation, by keeping them misinformed and ignorant using propaganda and outright lies, and by rewarding degeneracy and condemning righteousness.

While Mr. and Mrs. America go happily about their daily tasks totally consumed by their job and their family, while they digest the steady diet of propaganda and lies purposely designed to placate and mislead them, the hidden world government extends its tentacles into every nook and cranny of theirs homes and families setting them up for the despotic state they are planning.

We must understand that it makes no difference which of the current forms of governments is installed; talented citizens will always rise like cream to the top.  If these superior individuals are not governed by the overarching Law of God they will always seek tyrannical power.  God did not create man to govern himself.  He is the governor and we are His created beings made to obey His Commandments.  There will be no change in direction until the people understand, accept and promote this verity.

Libertarianism’s quest for limited government is a step in the right direction but if the government is not under the power and authority of the Creator it will soon grow and become malignant.  Communists claim an interest in the welfare of the people but Communist governments never get beyond the tyrant that brings them into being – they are all tyrannical.  Democracy enshrines an evil populace that eschews wisdom and Republics are vulnerable to evil manipulation.  Without God and His legal standards freedom is impossible.

When God, the One True God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the law giver a nation is anchored to righteousness; no longer floating about in a sea of avaricious, evil opinion. Evil and righteousness are defined and justice can be administered.

The American free-fall cannot be stopped by human wisdom.  Human opinion is always diverse and often in error. The elite power structure always brings a solution that requires the submission of the people.   Vesting power in the individual is a freedom creating procedure.  When individual power and autonomy are drained off into smaller and smaller human entities the result is always tyranny.  Power should be vested in God who is the sole source of righteousness and humility.

The fall of the United States of America will not be stopped, it will implode and chaos will result.  We are living in a cesspool among people who are lost.  Today’s Christian church is so far off the mark that God cannot hear their prayers.  Many here and around the world will continue to perish.  Hopefully wisdom will overcome the rebellion that has caused our fall and a system of government under the One True God will again prevail.


One thought on “There Was a Better Way

  1. Amen! and Amen! What a good article. That is the USA’s only hope to make us great again….yet they still want a king to reign over them..I am amazed at the good men who only take our history back to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers and forget Israel rejected YHVH in wanting a king as the other nations; at that time and still they are rejecting the King of Kings to rule them.


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