Al Cronkrite


“I have found five forces that undermine nations after they achieve economic success – and they are biting down on the U.S. today. We have little time to spare to renew the nation. Whichever candidate wins in November better come up with tough and effective solutions.”

1. Falling Birthrates
2. Globalized Trade
3. Rising Debt loads
4. Eroding work ethic
5. The challenge of patriotism in a multicultural country
             Chuck Butler, Everbank

Initially money was backed by gold, a solid form of value.  The banks issued certificates of deposit when gold coins were put in their banks.  Because they represented wealth these certificates began to circulate as paper money.  They were more convenient than cumbersome gold coins and quickly became popular.  The receipts issued by banks for deposits of gold were convertible to an equal gold coinage.  They provided a sound, trustworthy currency that helped develop a thriving economy.  However, as bankers realized that the gold they held in their vaults was never all required at one time they began to lend money using as collateral gold they did not own.  Fractional reserve banking became the norm.

This dishonest procedure resulted in a loss of control over the money supply and an immense transfer of power to bankers. As time went on the government made the dollar convertible to gold at a fixed rate.  This solid backing would have created a sound currency if the international markets, particularly France, had not begun converting their dollars to gold at rates that threatened the U. S. cache.

In the modern world national currencies have replaced the life sustaining products citizens produced during the agrarian era.  Currency represents food, clothing, and lodging and when it is manipulated it quickly disturbs the population.  Bankers and governments have regularly deceived the public, robbing their wealth by devaluing the currency, charging usurious interest rates, confiscating gold, causing depressions by restricting the supply of money, curtailing capitol for business ventures, and other underhanded schemes.

Our money supply is now in the hands of international bankers who are using the United States of America as a weapon in an attempt to dominate the world.

As technical developments have eliminated much of life’s drudgery and the industrial revolution has replaced the need for the individual to produce his own food, children no longer help sustain the family and have become a burden rather than a blessing.  Consequently, particularly in the Western World the birth rate has plummeted putting it in danger of being overwhelmed by more productive races.

This problem has never been properly addressed.  It is now being used as an excuse to allow the culture to be destroyed by immigrants in quantities that cannot be successfully integrated.

The Globalist oligarchs who run America as well as much of the rest of the world are using free trade as a means of redistributing wealth.  They created a climate where the industries of the United States of America would be forced to move overseas robbing us of our wealth, our jobs, our technology, and our world leadership while making China, India, and other far Eastern nations wealthy.  Free trade was sold to the American people as being beneficial to American business by elected officials who knew (or should have known) it was a lie.

The current war was originally described to us as a means of freeing Middle Eastern Arabs from cruel dictators.  This too was a lie.  Instead the objective was perpetual war that would create chaos in these nations so they could be controlled by the shadow government.

The massive debt being created by perpetual war coupled with our welfare state is being financed by the Federal Reserve System as well as various trade schemes.  Tragically this overwhelming debt is not widely publicized and its danger for future generations is not considered by congress or of much a concern for most citizens.

As the American standard of living has contracted under the pressure of Free Trade and inflation, families are attempting to maintain living standards by going into debt.  American consumers are up to their necks in debt putting future growth at risk.  Read here.  College loans are part of the credit problem.  Graduates who cannot find good jobs cannot pay off loans.   Many of these loans will default.

Recently I was talking with a retired friend who is older.  We talked about Globalism and the deterioration of our food supply.   How food is now being shipped into the United States from all over the world in quantities that it is impossible to inspect and control.   We can no longer sue an American firm because a can of beans made us sick.  The can of beans may have been packed in China.  Exposing our citizens to dangers from abroad has become popular and profitable.

Years ago American manufacturers took pride in producing quality products that would function properly, could be repaired, and would last.  Now, manufactured products are being made overseas and the prime consideration is profit.  Broken manufactured products are throwaways.

When shoes were made in the United States they were made of quality materials and with the anticipation that they could be repaired as they wore out.  Shoe repair is a thing of the past.  It is even difficult to get repairs on quality shoes.  Shoes are often discarded before they are worn out.

Globalism has changed our culture from one that paid high wages to those who produced quality and enduring products to one that pays niggardly wages for “throw aways” that produce maximum profits for the manufacturer.

There is no discussion about the massive waste of time and energy that is involved in shipping throw away  manufactured products thousands of miles across oceans where they are used and thrown away – no discussion because behind this costly procedure is profit and the progress of tyrannical Globalism.

Butler is rightly worried about the work ethic.  As American business are moved overseas and competition is forcing wages lower and lower, working hard and producing quality products has become less popular; workers who understand that they are being exploited are just trying to make a living and are being forced to spend longer and longer hours doing it.

Massive immigration has exacerbated this problem.  Many of the immigrants come here to make money and have little interest in the welfare of our nation.  They maintain their own culture, collude, and milk our dying economy for the last drop of profit.  In smaller quantities immigrants could be absorbed into our culture and become worthwhile citizens of a prosperous nation.  Obviously this is no the objective.  The objective seems to be the final destruction of Christian culture bequeathed by our European ancestors.

Most of the citizens of the world resent the incurrence of the Globalist agenda.  They want to keep their national identity.  While English citizens recently voted to leave the European Union, in America Donald Trump gained a hug backing by promising to curtain the flood of illegal immigrants.  The world is waking up and confrontations are in the offing.  Our government has prepared for any future trouble by buying massive quantities of hollow point ammunition and arming most government agencies.

The turmoil that always results from unanchored, egocentric human beings writing the law and creating the policies is just around the corner.


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