Al Cronkrite


There are three massive manipulations being carried on in the world that are immune from publicity, widely doubted, scoffed at, and ignored by people who should be investigating and reporting on them.

One is the massive amount of Zionist Jewish control of the world; another is the worldwide existence of Chemtrails; and, another is the acquiescence of all of our elected officials to the politically correct agenda of a delinquent government.

There are others but these three are particularly egregious and harmful since while plainly visible to everyone they remain mostly unacknowledged.

A tiny minority of the world’s population is manipulating major governments and societies around the Globe.  The Yiddish finger is always hidden from view but a little investigation reveals it is present, strong, and often a clinched fist.

History reveals that Jews have been a powerful force in several nations during previous eras but never before have they enjoyed the overwhelming dominance they have today.. The United States of America is completely under the thumb of Zionist power.  As the 2016 presidential election draws closer their control of election process is clearly visible in the rise of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a viable candidate for President of the United States.  It would be difficult to find anyone that could bring more negative baggage to the table.  But here she is, cleansed, white clad, coiffed, and rolled is righteousness.

Her husband, President William Clinton came within a hairs breadth of being impeached for lying to congress (and everyone else) and she has escaped jail by a whisker for a rather stupid email scandal that has been successfully whitewashed.  In spite of this truckload of negativity she is now in a position to win an election.

The stage has been set and the actors have memorized their lines.  Hillary has rallied the troops and an ignorant electorate living in our nation under the auspices of the Zionist immigration law of 1965 will propel her to control of the world’s most decadent but powerful nation.  And how was she able to accomplish all this?  The Zionist controlled press and money machine has given her a steady flow of funds and favorable publicity creating a positive image for a malicious woman.

And it isn’t just Hillary whose strings are being pulled by invisible fingers; Trump’s major backers are of the same ilk

Chemtrails, the second massive manipulation, provides another strange but telling phenomenon.  They are so obvious that everyone can see them and so scandalous that they are easy to deny.  The official story is that they are just vapor trails left by high flying aircraft.   This lie can be easily refuted by any sane person who watches what is going on in the sky.  The long chemtrails can be seen coming from high flying aircraft; a short time later these thin trails begin to expand into imitation clouds.   Anyone who confronts this massive prevarication is branded a “conspiracy theorist”. None of our weather forecasters, news people, papers, or television shows mention them.  It is either denied or ignored by our entire population.  Now they have been a part of the scene for so long that everyone considers them normal..

A sort of mass insanity prevents citizens from seeing and confronting the obvious; a symptom of the insouciance that paralyzes the only army that could return us to peace and safety.

Please watch this video.

The third manipulation involves our government, the heart of our nation.

We are living in the age of false flag operations, massive propaganda campaigns, and flagrant outrageous mendacity.    It is everywhere from our churches to our retail establishments to the corporations that supply our food, to our doctors, our teachers, historians, etc.  Propaganda and prevarications are pandemic.

All this evil fantasy makes it impossible to render correct decisions because the facts have been severely distorted or forgotten.  When correct decisions are impossible chaos results; we are living in such a time.  We are drinking the wine of confusion.

We have been at war for close to fifteen years yet our citizens seem oblivious.  It is happening thousands of miles away, does not affect our daily life, and is seldom questioned by our citizens.

The massive debt being accumulated for us and our children is seldom mentioned.  Once in a while someone complains about our deteriorating infrastructure and the loss of millions of high paying jobs; but mostly all of this is separated from our consideration being a responsibility of esoteric factions in our government.  Most of our citizens seem to consider mass murder by our distant military a righteous undertaking.

Our government was designed to provide contending branches that would prevent one segment from becoming too powerful.  Power was purposely decentralized.  It was the hope of our Founders that preventing the concentration of power would result in freedom for our citizens.

Powerful forces outside our government have succeeded in distorting the relationship of its branches.  These powerful forces have imposed and illegal format that allows them to use our entire nation as their own private weapon.  Their agenda is to conquer and impose a solitary government on the entire world.

This immense power in the hands of a tiny colluded group of winners in the game of Capitalism has resulted in our elected officials being puppets to their wealth and power rather than to the voters who are the legitimate puppet masters.  The result of this manipulation is a uniform failure to confront illegitimate control, inimical government actions, propaganda, lies, illegal law, spurious war, and mountainous debt.

While all this is going on our elected officials act as if everything is normal.  Rather than exposing the outside forces that are destroying our nation they work at accumulating wealth and power at the expense of the people they are elected to represent.  Our entire government has become an inimical charade.

Obedient servants like Bill and Hillary Clinton become multi-millionaires through infusions of money that falls into their bank account.  Obedience to the current Satanic force is lucrative.

Our elected officials are afraid to confront the people who are destroying us because in doing so they might, themselves, be destroyed.

We gave up the absolutes given us by our Creator thinking we could do better using our human brain power.  The result of this disastrous decision is now apparent for everyone to see.  Confusion reigns in our families, our churches, and in our government.  It is as profound confusion that does not lend itself to correction.  Barring the sovereign intervention of the One True God we and our nation are lost.


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