Al Cronkrite


“The American government today and its economic system is radically different from the Republic and the economic system which existed in this country for almost a century and a half.  This means nothing less than that we have gone through a political and economic revolution.  The changes are not such as are visible to a person strolling along our streets or even to one reading our newspapers.  These changes are in the internal organism of our political and economic systems.  The object of these changes has been to torture and even ignore the constitutional charter on which our society rests.  This was done for the purpose of creating an atmosphere hospitable to the organization and management of a socialist America – but avoiding cautiously the use of the socialist label.  It was made possible by a kind of political thuggery by which the sitting justices were driven from the Supreme Court to make room for a benchful of revolutionary judges, or at least compliant political judges, who, in a series of decisions, tortured and twisted the words of the American Constitution to provide a spurious legal atmosphere in which this movement could be carried out.”  John T. Flynn


“Law is in every culture religious in origin…the source of law is the god of that society…in any society, any change in the law is an explicit or implicit change of religion….no disestablishment of religion as such is possible in any society….there is no tolerance in a law-system for another religion.  Modern humanism, the religion of the state, locates law in the state and thus makes the state, or the people as they find expression in the state, the god of the system….Every law-system must maintain its existence by hostility to every other law-system and to alien religious foundations or else it commits suicide.” Rousas John Rushdoony


The Flynn quotation is from his book entitled The decline of the American Republic published in 1955 by The Devin-Adair Company in New York City. The Rushdoony quotation is from the introduction to the first volume of his Institutes of Biblical Law published in 1973 by the Craig Press.  Maps of the reasons for the theft of freedom and Republican government, though futile, have been in existence for decades.


As our nation faces yet another foreign war the spurious use of national crises continues to rob us of our freedoms.  In direct defiance of the Founders admonition to avoid foreign involvements, for decades our past and current leaders have continuously entangled us in them.


John Flynn writes cogently about the purposeful stacking of the Supreme Court for the express purpose of thwarting the Constitution and changing the law of the nation from the Constitutionally based Republic which was our inheritance to a humanistically based centralized Marxist government unknown, unmentioned, and unacknowledged by the American people.


In The Gulag Archipelago Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn describes the process involved in changing from one legal system to another as it played out following the 1917 Russian Revolution.


The Tsarist statutes were immediately thrown out and for four years, until 1922, there were no laws, the courts acted as an “organ of the class struggle of the workers directed against their enemies“.


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin considered terror a form of persuasion and shortly before his death wrote, “The court must not exclude terror.  It would be self-deception or deceit to promise this, and in order to provide it with a foundation and to legalize it in a principled way, clearly and without hypocrisy and without embellishment, it is necessary to formulate it as broadly as possible, for only revolutionary righteousness and a revolutionary conscience will provide the conditions for applying it more or less broadly in practice.”


Effective June 1, 1922, ten days before a debilitating stroke struck him, Lenin reviewed and added to a new criminal code which then came into force.  Among a number of offenses that required the defendant “to be shot” was Article 69 which made a capital crime of “propaganda and agitation particularly in the form of an appeal for passive resistance to the government…..”


Trials of individual and groups became common.  They were used not only to rid the new legal order of dissenters but also to create terror in the hearts of citizens who might otherwise offer resistance to the new regime.  It was not necessarily what they had done that constituted the defendant’s guilt but what they might do if they were allowed to live.


Being marked as a wrecker or counterrevolutionary might result from a distortion of the testimony of another defendant.  It might come from being denounced by a fellow citizen or from previous resistance in speech or writings.  The accumulation of gold or foreign currency was considered a crime against the people and might result in the defendant being shot.  A group of farmers who after turning their crop over to the new government, gleaned their own fields in an effort to feed their starving livestock were shot for their crime.  Christians who protested the right of the government to confiscate their property were shot and church basements were used as domiciles for the torture of prisoners.  They executed innocent “bishops, priests, monks, and nuns” on vague charges of counterrevolutionary offenses.


Two reactions marked the behavior of those caught in the net.  As the quest for power began to consolidate many individuals and groups that had been comrades in the Revolution but had varying opinions became enemies and were subject to esoteric breaches of law that resulted in death.  Many of these individuals were dedicated Communists; in actions similar to those common to Christians they confessed their sins and were complicit in their own death.  Though the prosecutors were adroit at twisting facts and protestations were usually futile, there were, nevertheless, a few who loudly but unsuccessfully proclaimed truth.  Conviction was a forgone conclusion but the goal of confession offered public approval and was always sought.  As in America the judges often berated the hapless Russian prisoners whose lives were often additionally terrorized by extreme overcrowding, freezing cells, outright torture, and sleep deprivation. Many individuals died.  Some were tried and convicted following their death.  As in American courts, convictions were frequent for non-crimes and for being damned if one did and being damned if one didn’t.


It was considered additional torture to hold condemned prisoners for several months before their execution and the record was conjectured at 140 days.  The American practice of holding condemned prisoners for thousands of days was not even approached in the heinous criminality of the Russian Communists!


Law being an instrument of power, the new laws were formulated by those who were power laden.  Since right and wrong no longer existed the first consideration in formulation of law was the protection of the government and since the government was composed of individuals, those who possessed the most power determined the fate of those without it; justice became whatever the powerful claimed it to be.  “People were not people, but carriers of specific ideas.”  Class expediency was the only method used to evaluate individuals.  “People lived and breathed and suddenly found out that their existence was inexpedient.”


As the 2004 election approaches, all of this is repugnant to most Americans.  Most of us believe we live in a free country and intend to vote for one of the two major political parties.


The progress of Communism in America was mapped by Gramscian Marxism, it was surreptitious and incremental; designed to be imposed without the knowledge of those it oppresses.


An interesting analogy might be made between the conviction and execution of the Russian farmers who gleaned their fields to feed their starving livestock and Martha Stewart who sold her stock before it declined.  Both were attempting to conserve their private property, both cases had an element of the class struggle, neither considered their actions criminal, there was no intent on injuring anyone or anything.  However, in both cases those who had accumulated nothing were jealously glad to see those who were enjoying the fruits of their labor punished; and both governments (Russian and American) fostered the result.


Protecting the government is also paramount in contemporary America.  Consider the travesty committed at Waco when under the Clinton Presidency at least 80 men, women, and children were needlessly killed by agents of the Reno Justice Department.  No one was convicted of any crime!  Placing the government above the law, this particular act set the stage for future terror against innocent dissidents.


Solzhenitsyn commented on the compliance of most Russian citizens when confronted with government injustice – Americans behave in a similar manner.  Citizens want to trust their government, they want to have faith in its good intentions.  To their great danger, they willingly ignore the wisdom of America’s Founders.


My previous writings have often produced requests from concerned Americans on methods of countering the powerful forces seeking to enslave us.  My response is that the nation is far down the road and there is little hope of reversing the clutches of despotism.


It is difficult to miss the connection between law and freedom.  The laws of the Soviet Union were often ignored, frequently changed, and always granted power to the government while stealing it from citizens.  The changes in the American legal system have been unnoticeably slow but steady and cumulative.  We are now in the same situation as Russia, our laws are often ignored, frequently changed, and always grant power to the government while stealing it from citizens.


Communism involves messianic government.  Government becomes the god of society.  Gods are jealous.  My Christian God is a jealous God.   Government has usurped the seat of God, it has been better at protecting it’s legal stature than Christians have been in preserving theirs.


The legal code provided by God through Moses called for the death penalty for Blasphemy, Sabbath desecration, sacrificing to false gods, and propagating false, doctrines.  The Communist Government in Russia did likewise.  Messianic governments always war against detractors.  They have been responsible for more deaths than all the wars of history Those that find God’s Laws too cruel need only conduct an honest evaluation of the results of humanism.


The remedy has always been in the law.  From the beginning America sought to be a Christian nation that lived under secular law.  The solution was always a return to the legal mandates God gave to Moses!   Dr. Rushdoony stated a truth that Americans failed to grasp and that failure is responsible for the situation we find ourselves in today.  Hear it well, “there is no tolerance in a law-system for another religion!”  Americans have been complicit in the death of the Republic by voting for individuals who have sustained its slow death.


Following the Revolution, Russian laws were immediately rescinded and replaced with the opinions of human zealots.  In America the process has been slow and steady but just as real and just as dangerous to freedom


There it is, we have allowed our legal system to be high jacked by another religion and while we have loudly decried the results we have totally failed to recommend the solution. The solution is a return to the legal mandates God gave to Moses.  Christians who would settle for less remain complicit in their own demise.

This article was written several years ago.  Next post will be a new article.



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