Al Cronkrite


Joel Stein, in a hubristic piece published last December in the Los Angeles Times, claimed Goyim (He didn’t use that word but his writing defined it.) are dumb because only 22 percent think Jews control Hollywood.  He proceeded to prove they do and ended his diatribe with this bit of sarcastic realism “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”  Read the column here.

Included in Stein’s article is a list of the Jewish heads of the various Hollywood studios:
“How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have not only the power to shut down all film production but to form a minyan with enough Fiji water on hand to fill a mikvah.”

Stein’s list reminded me of another list from a review of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s last book “Two Hundred Years Together”:  “From the very beginning the secret police was under the control of the ‘Bolshevik Jews.’ Solzhenitsyn revealed their names in the most interesting chapter of his book called The Nineteen Twenties. They are the biographies of the mass murderers at their desks in the Cheka, the OGPU, and the GPU. But they were not just sitting at their desks. Uritzki, Unschlicht, Katznelson, Bermann, Agranov, Spiegelglas, Schwarz, Asbel, Chaifetz, Pauker, Maier, Yagoda, personally participated in the tortures, hangings, crucifixions, and incinerations. Dzerzhinski, the founder of the Cheka, had three deputies from this guard of iron Bolsheviks – Gerson, Luszki, and Yagoda. An elite of Bolshevik Jews! Years later, when the Gulag Archipelago was being expanded, they were again to be found in the front line of executioners. Israel Pliner was the slave master of the Moscow-Volga-Canal; Lazar Kogan, Zinovey Katznelson, and Boris Bermann directed the forced labor genocide at the White Sea Canal project. The Great Purge became their graveyard.”

Solzhenitsyn cites September 17, 1918 as the year the Red Terror began.  A Communist apparatchik named Apfelbaum (see also Zinovev) proclaimed, “From the population of a hundred million in Soviet Russia, we must win over ninety million to our side. We have nothing to say to the others. They have to be exterminated. The bourgeoisie can kill some individuals, but we can murder whole classes of people.”

In his review of Solzhenitsyn’s book Wolfgang Strauss writes “And who were the victims? The overwhelming majority were Russians. Those shot in cellars, those burnt to death in the cloisters, those drowned in river boats, those hanged in the forest; officers, peasants, aristocrats, proletariats, the anti-anti-Semitic bourgeois intellectuals – Russians mostly, but others as well. The “hangmen of the Revolution,” the crimes they try to justify with internationalism, transformed their “dirty revolution” into what Solzhenitsyn calls an “antislav” revolution.”

Read Wolfgang Strauss’s entire review here.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn was one of my heroes.  He was a truthteller.  “Two Hundred Years Together” is a best seller in Russia but Americans cannot buy it because Stein’s friend Abe Foxman and others of his ilk do not want us to know the truth about the participation of Jewish Bolsheviks in the murder of millions of Christians.  Steins employer, the Los Angeles Times, is owned by Jewish billionaire Sam Zell.  Jewish control of American media (movies, press, television, radio, and publishing) allows a handful of elite Jews to control all information available to America’s consumers.  In America, the Jewish propaganda machine puts Joseph Goebbels to shame.

Jews are not monolithic.  There are Jews who do not support neo-Israel and Jews who disdain the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL).  There are Jews who have assimilated and Jews who are Messianic.  Most Jews are politically Liberal but some are Conservative.  There is variety but there is also cohesion; Jewishness is a bond that fastens Jews together in spite of varying views.  Jews prefer one another!

Arrogant as he is, Joel Stein is right about dumb Americans; they have swallowed the Holocaust propaganda hook, line, and sinker and are quick to condemn anti-Semitism.  Americans have not yet recognized that there were more than 50 million people killed during WWII.  Forty-four million of them are ignored while 6 million are continually and repetitiously brought to our attention again, and again, and again.

You may not know it because the papers do not give it coverage but Jewish tyrants are very close to inveigling our mendacious congress into passing legislation that will encode thought crimes, curtail free speech, and free discussion by making questions about the Holocaust illegal.  Read the specifics here, and here, and here.

They neither forgive nor do they forget.  Read about John Demjanjuk here and here.

People and nations are often manipulated through the exploitation of almost irresistible urges that are intrinsic or sometimes, if not often, created.  Neo-Israel is an excellent example.  Following the Diaspora in 70 AD Jews were scattered into Christian societies where they were reluctantly accepted as heathen who clung to the notion that The Christ was legitimately crucified.  Still echoing the haughty proclamation of the High Priests about being “Sons of Abraham” they were tribes without a nation; guests in countries not their own.  Serge Botkine, a Russian, writes of the Jew; “Without a country of his own, and as a rule, without any desire to become identified with the country he for the time inherits, he remains, as for hundreds of years he has been, morally unchangeable and without a faculty for adapting himself to sympathy with the people of the race which surrounds him.”  Persecuted for the disruption they caused in their host nations and victimized by German genocide following WWII, Jews were frantic to find a safe haven.  Land occupied by Arabs had been set aside for neo-Israel by the 1917 Balfour Agreement.   The hysteria that followed the Holocaust resulted in Jews flocking to the Holy Land overwhelming a society that had been in existence for centuries. This population invasion was soon accompanied by an erroneous religious notion that the land actually belonged to them and should be re-conquered by a second invasion of the Promised Land.

Jewish tyrants are smart, misanthropic, industrious, cunning, and endlessly persistent. Over hundreds of years, sometimes as prisoners, they have risen like cream to the high seats of power. The nation God created from Abraham was the most powerful in the Middle East.  When their sins brought them defeat they rose to the pinnacle of power during exile in Egypt and in Babylon.  Following the Diaspora as guests in other nations they overwhelmed their hosts, robbed them of their authority, and assumed control over large segments of the culture.  Nation after nation welcomed them and later rued the day they did so.  Invariably their presence resulted in strife; in Rome, in Spain, in France, in Russia, in Germany, for over 60 years in the Middle East, and potentially here in the United States.

The attempt by tyrannical Jews to portray themselves as victims has been amazingly successful but it remains bogus for Jews have been and are perpetrators as well as victims.

It was 46 years ago in March that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the same God that created a great nation from the seed of Abraham, chose to save me, provide forgiveness for my sins through the propitiation of His Son, heal me, guide me, and provide me with the blessing of righteousness.  Great is His faithfulness and great is the peace He has maintained in my life and the life of my family in the midst of the battle set before me.  His legacy is a legacy of peace.  Miraculously He lead His chosen people from captivity in Egypt, miraculously He defeated their enemies in the Promised Land.  When His commandments were obeyed His people were blest; when they were forgotten or disobeyed they were punished.  When disobedience was beyond forgiveness He sent His son to His chosen people as a perpetual sacrifice providing access to the Throne and heed to their petitions.  Jesus was sent to save God’s Chosen People from the rejection caused by their sins.  It was the ultimate act of forgiveness from a merciful God.  But like Pharoh the hearts of the High Priests were hard and the advent of a New Covenant did not fit into their preconceived notion of god’s character.  In a fatal act of disobedience they rejected God’s forgiveness because it was not of their design.  It was not forgiveness they wanted but revenge.  In spite of the multiple mercies God had provided through the history of their nation this pivotal mercy was rejected.

The High Priests set the stage for the misanthropy that has been an historic characteristic of Jewish leaders; one writer described it as “self-righteousness, aggressive tactlessness and presumptive arrogance”.  It is the spirit that drags 89 year old John Demjanjuk to Germany for a second trial; that makes the deaths of 6 million Jews more important than 44 million Christians; that justifies betraying a merciful, profit-producing nation for a dream of internationalism; and, the undermining of that nation through denigration of their religion, their moral standards, and their currency.  It is the spirit behind disobedience to the law, manipulation of the news, torture, genocide, murder, pornography, feminism, homosexuality, and abortion.

Jews have become a disruptive force wherever they live.  Their presence brings discord and strife.  They have failed to accept the forgiveness their God has provided and as a result are unable to forgive others.  It will be so until they, themselves, succumb to the propitiation provided by their God through the death of their Lord and Savior, Jesus, The Christ.

Salvation is from the Jews.  It comes from a merciful God whose historic dealing with His Chosen People involved repeated mercy. The blessing on my life is a result of the mercy of God through the death of Jesus.

Two thousand years of heresy is enough!   It is time for Jews to bring peace to the world by coming to their Savior.


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