Al Cronkrite


Voltaire: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”

Arabs do not take kindly to insults directed at their faith.  Nor is the Free Speech bulwark of American freedom respected by powerful world forces   The Paris magazine “Charlie Hebdo” has become the target for Muslim wrath for publishing cartoons that made fun of Islam.  In 2011 their office was firebombed and in 2015 a more dangerous attack killed several people.

France is in the grips of a relatively peaceful invasion by hordes of Muslims.  It was not a military assault but simply the immigration of huge numbers of foreigners into what had previously been French domain.  This kind of invasion is bound to create strife.

Like all of Western civilization France is no longer producing children in quantities that will sustain the race.  There are too many old people and not enough babies.  This lack of offspring can be traced to more than one phenomenon:

The industrial revolution made urban life more attractive than rural life and hundreds of thousands of farmers migrated to cities where the jobs they were paid to perform were easier and the rewards were greater.  In an agrarian society children were assets but in an urban societies they are an additional responsibility.

As the industrial revolution grew cities formed and governments developed.  The gears of trade were lubricated with currency which was the heart of the social order.  The money changers with their green visors developed a monopoly over the mediums of exchange and even though usury was condemned in God’s Word, the gentile society needed the money and allowed this concentration of power to continue.

Using Otto Scott’s “Robespierre, The Voice of Virtue” as a foundation R. J. Rushdoony writes about the similarity between contemporary United States and France as it was just before the 1789-99 French Revolution   He writes about the ”great volume of pornography which preceded the Revolution, and the immense rise of prostitution, gambling, spiritualism, occultism, Black Masses, Sadism, Fetishism, perversions of all kind, all parading under the banner of human liberty.  The law of God was despised, and a new doctrine of law was taking form, summed up later by Robespierre in the statement, ‘The people are the law.’”  At the same time a vitriolic attack was mounted against the church and Christianity.

The cruel winds of revolution are beginning to rise in the United States.  Evidence comes from violence at Donald Trump’s Rallies, this ugliness has the smell of the guillotine and though it is not expressed in daily encounters it is only slightly under the surface.

In a recent interview Noam Chomsky talked about the power of Corporations and the fact that so called Trade legislation passed by our Congress is really not about trade but about encoding legislation that will give corporations power over governments.  In assessing the power of bankers and corporate moguls he emphasized the immense potential power held by the people of the world – more power than all the corporations, more power than the wealth of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, more power than the entire upper one percent combined.

There is no question that the morals of our nation are under attack by nefarious forces that are bent on destroying our culture, our families, our churches, our economy and our government.  There is no doubt that more than one powerful group is at work deceiving the world, murdering its people, and tyrannizing its nations.

But in the end, as Chomsky clearly points out, it is the insouciance of the people that is at the root of the problem.  The people have far more power than any of their enemies.

The moral deterioration of our  population is feeding the fall of our social order. Rushdoony sees it in the relationship between parents and Children.  He writes about “what people tolerate in their children, without being disturbed and what they demand that you tolerate in them”.  A population that allows such behavior in children cannot expect to live under a government that affords freedom.

The Neocon cabal that dominates society and government in the United States is backed by a cadre of wealthy and powerful allies who solidify control through propaganda and distortion.  It is a secular, amoral, Satanic domination that is being given free reign.  It is destroying our Bill of Rights by curtailing free speech and backing world government legislation that threatens our sovereignty.

At the root of this inordinate control is the failure of the Christian Church.  And at the root of the failure of the Christian Church are its members.  Yes, gentle reader; in the end, it is you and I, we are the problem.  We are failing to live according to the requirements of the Word of God and our lifestyle results in a mute acceptance of evil domination.  Instead of confronting evil head on as Scripture would direct us, we prefer the peace of silence above our liberty; some aberrant groups are so vapid that they accept it as part of God’s plan.

A plethora of doctrines are destroying the Christian Faith making it a laughing stock in the face of the secular juggernaut.

In “The Catholic Thing” David Carlin, a professor at the Community College of Rhode Island, writes about the deterioration in the definition of God that has taken place in our generation. Describing the Old God he writes “The old God (the paleo-Christian God, we may say) considered sin to be a horrible thing, worse than illness, poverty, ignorance, ugliness, or any other bad thing. Sin was so bad from God’s point of view that he was prepared to send us to Hell for being unrepentant sinners. And it was so bad that God was willing to send his Son to suffer and die in atonement for our sins.

And of the New God he writes “The new God realizes that these sexual “sins” are not always desirable; but they are usually harmless, and much of the time they are positively good. The new God keeps in mind that we are humans, made of flesh and blood. We are not bodiless angels. The old God said, “Hate the sin, love the sinner.” The new God says, “Love the sinner, and please don’t make a fuss about the sin.”

Professor Carlin clearly described the problem but he pulled the punch!  The era of the Old God was characterized by an emphasis on God’s Law while the New God is a product of antinomianism.

Western society has fallen so far into Satan’s pit that they actually have an aversion to obedience.  They prefer a free and easy Grace that ignores God’s Commandments and focuses on loving the sinner and not making too much fuss over the sin.

Law is force and without the force of God’s Law we are unable to counter the ugly evil that is overcoming our society.  American freedom is being legally removed by laws promoting sexual perversion, inordinate group rights, and world government.  If this aversion to God’s perfect and immutable law cannot be broken and replaced with a personal willingness to conform to God’s righteous Commandments in our own lives and bravely confront the power structure with the evil of its ways, there is little hope for Western civilization.

Christians must understand that the God of the Bible will never be pleased until the Grace He affords Christians results in obedience.  Any neophyte Christian who does not get hung up on particular scriptures and attempts to segment the Bible who is willing to study the saga of the entire Bible will realize that our Christian God seeks an obedient people and has provided His Grace to that end.

Laws concerning same sex marriage and laws requiring gender neutrality are a direct challenge to God’s Creation and to the legal standards He has given us.  If we cannot defend God and His Law, He will allow us to be overrun by the forces of evil before again raising an obedient people who will defend Him and His Kingdom.  He will have an obedient people and it may not be us!


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