Al Cronkrite

After pondering the complete lack of social fruit (Righteous fell as the number of Christians rose.) from twenty years of Charismatic revival, I came to believe that Christianity was under the judgement of God for supporting heresies that distorted the Gospel as it is given to us in God’s Word.  This conclusion sent me back to the Reformation and the theological correction is produced.

For the last couple of decades I have been writing from a Reformed Christian perspective. My assertions have been attacked innumerable times by antinomian, Evangelical, Charismatic, and Dispensational Christians who have been brain washed into believing heretical doctrines that have destroyed the power of Christianity and allowed our society to deteriorate at an ever accelerating rate.

These heretical doctrines are deeply entrenched and as hard to correct as those in cults .  They are, in fact, a form of cult that has usurped proper Christian theology.

When the objective of Christian leaders became building churches instead of preaching the entire Gospel, Christianity lost its sinew and became a flaccid, pietistic religion that emphasizes Grace and conversion and produces Christians who are self-centered, disobedient, arrogant, and unteachable.

This deterioration in Christian theology bears a huge responsibility for the steady decline in the moral standards of our nation; it is dying because its religious foundation has failed.

Obedience produces the fruit of righteousness; peace, order, and prosperity.  Today we have a Christian community that is without a standard for behavior and that fits easily into our present pagan environment.

The elements of truth in these heresies make them even harder to correct.  All serious error has an element of truth and that element of truth is what sustains it.  We are saved by Grace and are forgiven by Grace and we live by Grace.  But Grace without obedience is stolen and plastic.  All of God’s blessings are contingent on obedience.

One of my present accusers is spouting the common heresy that the Law is God’s method of revealing our sin.  That argument has an element of true but it is being used to allow a serious error.  The Law does convict us of sin but those who try to destroy it by dismissing its essential nature are engaged in a most flagrant form of heresy.

The Bible is a single entity.  It is the Word of God.  It is not to be dissected as it was under the hand of Thomas Jefferson.  Desecration of the Scripture is a serious offense against King Jesus and His Government.  The Bible contains the entire Gospel of Christianity but it must be studied as a complete entity.  When Grace is overemphasized the Gospel is distorted; it is also distorted when the Law is overemphasized..

The Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be properly presented without reference to the entire Word of God.   Even back in the 1930s, when I was young, Christian deterioration had begun.  However, I do remember that every sermon preached in our little Methodist Church was preceded by scripture references from both the Old and New Testaments.  There was still an awareness of the need to preach a balance Gospel.

The entire Old Testament is a story of how God chose His people provided them with His Commandments, told them to obey and finally rejected them because they refused.  In a final effort to save His chosen people God sent His only Son as a sacrifice.  When He was crucified and rejected God broke His covenant with His chosen people and allowed Gentiles to bask in his forgiveness.  Henceforth Christians became God’s chosen people and Jesus the ONLY pathway to the Father.

The Old Testament set the stage for the New Testament but since God’s Word is perfect and unchangeable His Old Testament Commandments are just as binding in the New Covenant era as they were in years of yore.

When the United States of America was younger the Ten Commandments provided the foundation for its legal system.  When human law failed or came into question God’s Law became the yardstick for correction.  Now, both the Church and the Government ignore God’s Law and depend on the sinful musings of human intellect.

Obedience to God’s Law is no longer a requirement for salvation. Salvation is provided by the Blood of Christ which was shed on the Cross of Calvary for our redemption.  Nevertheless the Law is still the standard for Christian behavior and for the legal system of a Christian society.

Dispensationalists believe that the Jews are still God’s Chosen People.  Brain washed Christians have fallen into this heresy by the thousands.  I have a friend whose Jewish blood appears to be leading him to this heresy.  Jesus is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”. There is no access to the Father except through Him.

Show me a Christian Church that treats King Jesus as ruler and king; that enters His sanctuary with humility, obeisance, fear, and respect.  Show me a congregation that seeks to obey His Commandments and is afraid they might disobey.  Show me a single Christian who fears the Lord and seeks to know and obey His Law.

We do not approach God as a Ruler and King.  We do not attend church to learn to be His servants.  We are interested more in what is happening to us than how we can serve our Savior.   Our emphasis is on the person, not on the Ruler.

This is His world, we are His creation, He is sovereign, we are His subjects, He seeks to bless us through obedience.   Andrea Schwarz writes “So in the truest sense, people do not need to find their calling; they need to embrace their most fundamental calling of fearing God and keeping His Commandments”.  All teaching and preaching should enjoin us to fear God and keep His commandments.

God wants servants.  He seeks followers that will pronounce the Good News as messengers not oracles.  The Holy Spirit is the Oracle.  The Bible is the teacher and the Law is the standard.  Our calling is to seek to bring, first ourselves; second, the Church, and finally His entire creation under His dominion through obedience to His Commandments.

How wonderful it is to be at peace.  We seek peace and often fight wars under the aegis of peace.  But peace evades us.  Global Research recently published research that has the United States of America involved in some type of war for over 90 percent of its existence. See here.

Christianity has failed to present a viable alternative to the grinding humanism that is emanating from our government.  It has failed because it has sought to be an oracle rather than a servant.  It has failed because it has not treated God as a Living Ruler.  Instead it has been a selfish consumer of blessing rather than a self-sacrificing servant of the Living God.

We have been taught by numerous teachers and read numerous books but we have failed to understand the entire Bible. It is about obedience.  It is about God seeking an obedient people and showing His merciful nature by being patient and forgiving.  It is one narrative, not two.  The New Testament is a record of God’s final attempt at mercy for His chosen people.  He sacrificed His only Son that his chosen people might be again forgiven and restored.  When they rejected His Son He rejected them and the Diaspora quickly followed.  Christians are God’s chosen people.

Now, we Christians have lost our way because we have refused to study God’s Law, obey it in our own life, and seek to bring His creation under His dominion.  Instead of assuming our role as God’s regents in His creation we have allowed His rejected people to rule over us and bring us under their satanic spirit.  Christians have never picked up their weapons. The battle against humanism has been lost without significant resistance.

God’s Law is the alternative to the evil humanistic law that is being forced on our culture.  No nation has ever survived the legal degradation going on in America.  The Christian culture bequeathed by our forefathers has been destroyed by rebellious humanists that God has rejected.  But the fault is mostly ours; Christians and the Christian church must shoulder the blame.  We have failed, we have been deceived, and we are guilty.



  1. Good morning, Al. My comment concerning the appearance of piety and a depth of sincerity in worship has been limited to a period of time in my earlier life when I worshipped with African Americans at a full-gospel Pentecostal black church on a regular basis. What a wonderful experience it was to join this exuberant group of ‘Saints.’ Matter of fact, I’ve never felt closer to the Lord Himself than when I worshipped with these people, was baptized anew in the Atlantic Ocean and became one in the Lord with this group for a period of several years. Subsequently, I took leave of Florida and began the present phase of my life which involves greater mobility and connection with my children. As a long time student of comparative religion, I feel that it is African Ameriacan churches such as Joy of Faith that are keeping the embers of Christianity alive.


    • Andrea, Thank you for the comment. I was taught to beware of feelings. However, I still weep when I am reminded of the Grace that God gave me when I was converted. But, isn’t it true that obedience involves a decision that does not always feel good?


  2. It is refreshing to hear pure truth….it doesn’t set well with those that want a pretend Christianity. Seek ye the old paths….thank you for making the old path known. It is each ones choice as to whether they choose to walk it.
    Cry aloud and spare not….pretty words will not condemn us , the truth will. Thank you again.


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