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  • Al Cronkrite


“Courtrooms are frightening places. Nothing grows in a courtroom – no pretty pansies, no little children laughing and playing. A courtroom is a deadly place. People die in courtrooms, killed by words.”  Attorney Gerry Spence


Most American citizens have never been personally involved in our court system.  They may even harbor a sense of moral superiority thinking that only the bad guys end up in court.  Their vague impression is that all are considered innocent until proven guilty and that our court system is run by talented lawyers who render just decisions on guilt or innocence.  They have never thought about how much it costs or who pays the bill. There is the impression that lawyers are expensive and dishonest but not as much suspicion of the courts themselves..


Recent television documentaries have revisited the 2006 indictment of three members of the Duke University Lacrosse team for raping a Black stripper they hired to put on a show at a private party. Read here.

Mike Nyfong, the Distict Attorney who prosecuted the case, was up for re-election in a predominantly Black district.  His election was assured by prosecuting this case of the alleged rape of a Black girl by White Lacrosse players.  Disregarding the evidence he vigorously worked to convict three innocent members of the Duke team and would have succeeded if the families of the three students had not hired competent lawyers who were able to expose his illegal actions.

Our adversarial court system focuses on winning not on justice.  In addition it has severed its ties to immutable righteousness pushing out Biblical legal standards in favor of the unanchored opinions of legislators, lawyers, and judges.

In his book “The Rape of Justice” Eustace Mullins writes, “Citizens who confidently cite their Constitutional rights in court are amazed to find that the judge becomes furious, and threatens them with severe punishment if Constitutional principles are brought up again.  This is our hidden code of justice.”  Mullins feuds against the courts; because he lacked a Law Degree and the courts were prejudiced against his arguments.  He claims our courts operate under the

Law Merchant – a body of law that concerns commercial establishments and allows for the quick and equitable settlement of disputes sometimes by ignoring law.  Mullins claims this is the law that governs our court system and the reason the Constitution is ignored.


Our courts are in shambles.  Politically appointed judges render partisan decisions that are often afield from their proper sphere. They supported the removal of Christian ethical standards; they endorsed abortion and are endorsing sexual deviations.  Justice has become a relative term that can be changed at the whim of any black robbed autocrat.

When the courts forsake the unchangeable Law of the Bible they sacrifice justice to the evil of human opinion ending in injurious chaos.  What is “right and good” to one man may be wrong and evil to another.  No society can expect to live in peace and order when they depend on the wisdom of men.

What we are witnessing confirms  R. J. Rushdoony’s maxim that any change in the law amounts to a change of religion.  Laws supporting abortion, feminism, and homosexuality confirm the religious change in our society.  We are living under the religion of “Humanism” and as a religion it is exerting the exclusivity that Christians have forsaken.

Rushdoony explains that not only are churches religious institutions but the state is a religious institution as well.  He writes, “the state as a religious establishment has progressively disestablished Christianity as its law foundation and, while professing neutrality, has in fact established humanism as the religion of the state.”

Humanism is a devilish religion that is destroying logic in the minds of its subjects.  They no longer understand the absurdity of men wearing women’s clothing and claiming to be female while entering women’s restrooms.  Nor do they understand the criminal nature of urging children in the early school years to consider their sexual orientation.

The Justice Department is suing the State of North Carolina over the use of rest rooms – how could anything be more ridiculous?  Only a humanistic government could involve itself in such tyrannical trivialities.

Our courts are full of humanistic judges that have lost their connection to righteousness and are unable to foster justice.  They fill our jails with innocent citizens and allow guilty citizens to go free.

In 2012 article in the Huffington Post Conrad Black writes this about American justice, “Almost everything about the American system is wrong. Grand juries are a rubber stamp for the prosecutors; assets are routinely frozen or seized in ex parte actions on the basis of false government affidavits, so targets don’t have the resources to pay avaricious American counsel and are thrust into the hands of public defenders, who are usually just Judas goats for the prosecutors. The prosecutors poison the jury pool with a media lynching at the start; bail is often outrageously high, and prosecutions and ancillary proceedings from the SEC, IRS, etc., drag on for a whole decade, all contrary to the Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments. The plea bargain system, for which prosecutors would be disbarred in most other serious countries, enables prosecutors to threaten everyone around the target with indictment if they don’t miraculously recall, under careful government coaching, inculpatory evidence. Prosecutors win 95 per cent of their cases, 90 per cent of those without a trial, and people who exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to go to trial receive more than three times the sentence they receive if they cop a plea, as a penalty for exercising their rights.”

Writing extensively about courts Hans Sherrer emphasizes the violence that emanates from judges and courts; death, incarceration, fines, and tyrannical dictates.  His concern is for the innocent who fall into the system and are then subjected to violence they do not deserve.  He writes that.at least one innocent man or woman is being sentenced to prison every minute that courts are in session in the United States.  Over 100 thousand innocent people are sentence to prison every year.

Sherrer goes on to point out the Supreme Court’s decision in the Herrera v. Collins that a claim of innocence is not “itself a Constitutional claim” that the Constitution only guarantees that procedural formalities are followed.  Innocence is irrelevant in federal court and lower courts are sometimes stained by that same outrageous human logic.  This reasoning makes the defendant a cipher whose fate rests on the accomplishment of certain procedures.

Judges are political animals.  They gain their black robbed seat by currying the favor of the politicians who appoint them.  They are often better politicians than lawyers and are seldom the best qualified.

Quoting retired judge Samuel Rosenman, Sherrer writes “The idea that the voters themselves select their judges is something of a farce. The real electors are a few political leaders who do the nominating. . . . Political leaders nominate practically anybody whom they choose . . . the voters, as a whole, know little more about the candidates than what their campaign pictures may reveal. For example . . . [a poll] showed that not more than one per cent of the voters in New York City could remember the name of the man they had just elected Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals – our highest judicial post. In Buffalo, not a single voter could remember his name.”

Though this is truer of judges, whose names appear on the ballot as strangers it is also true of many politicians because our press fails to properly inform voters.  Even if they are smart enough to actually know the issues voters are still influenced by propaganda that is bought, paid for and published by a profligate press and media.

During the Reagan Administration over 90 percent of the Federal judges were Republicans.  Judges are political creatures that change with the regime in power

The quality of the court system is directly affected by the judges that oversea it and inferior judges are a large part of the problem.  Lawyers who are forced into a court that is prejudiced are unable to properly defend a client even though he may be innocent.

When one person every minute is wrongly convicted we can assume that the travesty acted out in Durham, North Carolina is, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence.  Overzealous prosecutors; legal leeway; disinterested, amoral judges; adversarial courts; and a desire to win even at the cost of justice, make fair trials impossible.

Read this list of innocent people wrongly convicted of crimes and consider the number of people that have been executed because justice failed them.  Then think about the Christian religion that provided the historic criterion for justice and has now forsaken that criterion in favor of lawless heresies.

Humanism cannot produce justice.  The best of human minds are influenced by multitudes of experiences that distort their ability to think clearly.  We were not created to govern ourselves.  Without the presence of the immutable God of the Bible and his righteous unchanging law the chaos of human opinion is soon followed by an evil tyranny.


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