Al Cronkrite


Darkness was the foundation of the universe.  When God created the world He dispelled darkness with light.  Man was designed to require sleep and sleep was a way of evading darkness. The Sun provides light but still allows dark.  Humans designed oil lamps to dispel darkness and used oil from whales and fat from animals for fuel.

The use of lamps grew as the populations increased.  During the mid-Nineteenth Century millions of gallons of oil were being used for illumination; whale oil, Camphene (alcohol, turpentine, and camphor oil), lard oil, coal oil, and kerosene.

With the knowledge that a flammable substance called “rock oil” was being skimmed off springs and lakes around Oil Creek in Western Pennsylvania a group of investors thought it might be a source of oil for lamps.

In the mid-Nineteenth Century George Bissell,  New York lawyer, got a group together.  To explore the potential of rock oil he engaged distinguished Yale Professor Benjamin Silliman to authenticate its properties as an illuminate and lubricant.  Silliman did so and his endorsement was enough to attract investors.

By chance the group hired a tenacious roustabout named Edwin Drake.   He was far from being a Colonel but they dubbed him Colonel E. L. Drake and sent him out to Western Pennsylvania to garner rock oil by a process of drilling that had been successful in producing salt water.  Drake was convinced that oil could be obtained by the drilling method and in 1858 the Seneca Oil Company was formed with Drake as its general agent.

With dubious investors and an equally dubious and drunken drill team, work progressed very slowly.  As the work slowed investor’s money slowed and Drake was sometimes forced to use some of his own money.   In 1859 having found knowledgeable and dependable drillers Drake was successful in getting his drill down sixty-five feet but when no oil was found the last remaining investor sent Drake a money order with instructions to close things up and return home.

On the morning of August 27, 1859, before the letter and money order arrived, Drake came to the drilling site and found the workers collecting oil in any and all containers they could find.  He attached a hand pump to the drill pipe and began pumping oil by hand.  His tenacity had paid off.   For the first time oil was produced by drilling.

Drakes astounding success created a gold rush environment around the tiny town of Titusville, Pennsylvania.  Land was quickly purchased or leased and in slightly more than a year 75 wells were producing.  An over-supply drove the price down from $10 a bbl. to fifty cents and then to 10 cents.  Many producers were forced out of business.

In 1863 as demand caught up with supply prices climbed to $7.25 a bbl. and at the end of the Civil War a hoard of veterans arrived to seek their fortunes in this new business.  Prices climbed to $13.75 a bbl.

John D. Rockefeller was born in 1839 in upstate New York.  The family moved to Cleveland, Ohio where John’s father, William Rockefeller, forsook his buying and selling trade and became a “Doctor” touting herbs and medicines.

Young John‘s school teacher stressed mental arithmetic and John excelled.  It was an ability that served him well.  At sixteen he went to work for a firm that shipped produce and shortly formed his own partnership with a man named Maurice Clark to trade produce.  They started trading commodities like wheat, salt, and pork.  After Drakes discovery of oil they began dealing in oil.

The oil trading led them into the refining business. Rockefeller and Clark were good businessmen.  Many of the oil refineries were undercapitalized and inefficient.  Rockefeller was prudent and paid attention to detail.  Their trading business provided capital and the oil business began to grow and make money.

A Dispute developed between the partners on the speed of their expansion and Clark, the more cautious partner, suggested they have a private bidding for control of the company.  They immediately did so.  Bidding went from $500 up quickly to Clark’s bid of $72,000 and Rockefeller’s $72,500.  Clark would go no higher and ceded the business.  Rockefeller offered Clark an immediate payment.  Clark said he would wait. They shook hands and parted.

In later years Rockefeller claimed this was the beginning of his business career.

Crude oil extracted from the earth has had a rollicking history.  It began furnishing oil for the lamps of the world and when Edison invented the light Ford invented the automobile and a market that was dwindling was refreshed with a fast growing and lucrative replacement.

A barrel of oil equals 42 gallons.  The barrel as a unit of measurement was established in 1866 by Pennsylvania producers.  It antecedent was established in 1492 by King Edward IV as the standard size for a barrel of herring to prevent cheating in the packing of fish.  The measurement stuck though few have ever seen a 42 gallon oil barrel.

From 2008 to 2014, the four most well-known publicly traded oil companies – ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron, and BP – generated average cash from operations of $35 billion per year.  The dollar volume was cut by about one third when Saudi Arabia began pumping and flooding the market with oil.  It will return as oil prices get back to normal.

Oil lubricates the movers and shakers of our world.  John D. Rockefeller became fabulously wealthy supplying oil to the automotive market.  He realized that in order to make money in the oil business he must be able to control production and was successful in acquiring enough capacity to realize his intention. Without control over production oil would have been too cheap to be worth developing.

Fate allowed John D. Rockefeller to be in the oil business when the horseless carriage began to grow and with it the use of refined oil.  He and his clan were good businessmen and they were able to amass world changing wealth.

But the European Rothschilds, already using their banking expertise to control much of Europe, were not going to let Rockefeller succeed in acquiring monopoly control of oil in Europe.  They entered the business with the two feet of more than one of the five brothers and gained a competitive portion of the European market.

To the casual observer there appeared to be steady competition between the two domineering families but under the surface agreements were made that allowed both to enjoy the best profits.

Oil and Banking are favorite businesses of the new world order cadre.  The Bush family is knee deep in the oil business.  They openly support world government but they are small potatoes when compared to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.  Both of these powerful families crave control while shunning publicity.

David Rockefeller exposed his agenda in his autobiography, “Memoirs” but the Rothschild tentacles are usually hidden.  We hear rumors that the Russian oligarchs were financed with Rothschild funds and that George Soros and Henry Kissinger are Rothschild puppets but public announcements never appear.

Logic tells us that all wars require financing.  Armaments are expensive and a nation without funds and credit cannot afford them.  Al Qaeda and ISIS are funded or they would be unable to put forth propaganda and carry out their reigns of terror.  We, the people, are never privy to these financial sources but there are investigative reporters who ferret out that information and it can be found by those who search beyond the censored news in our controlled press and media. Read here.

Germany was supplied with money and oil to carry out the first and second world wars.  Do you know, gentle reader, who supplied the financing and who sold the oil?  Wars are financed by the shadowy elite rulers who are in absolute control of our world.  The proletariat is not supposed to question these issues (they seldom do); they are to go about their daily lives as if nothing untoward is afoot; all is well as long as their ox has not been gored.

Unfortunately, the world is neither orderly nor safe and the plans of the would-be world rulers are not set in concrete.

The United Nations is quietly setting up its law around the world.  Agenda Twenty-One destroys national sovereignty and allows international control of nations.  World government involves centralization and centralization is always tyrannical.  Please read this description of Agenda 21.

The United Nations agenda has been in the works for over a century.  President Woodrow Wilson attempted to implement it with the League of Nations after WWI.  This attempt failed and a Second World War was needed to get it back on the agenda.  It is making giant strides with very little public attention.

All tyrants want centralization.  Total centralization allows total control from the top down.  The United Nations is a project of the old guard.  There are other world powers that would like to occupy a position on the top of the pyramid. There is widespread cooperation in consolidating power since all would be tyrants require it.

Once the consolidation is complete the fight for control will begin.  Zionists believe that they have a divine right to rule the world.  They have tremendous power throughout the planet and are currently using that power to help the consolidation.  In spite of an all-out effort to eradicate the Muslim religion through massive propaganda and military intervention it remains a strong force.  Asia and the Chinese are still harnessed to the quest for centralized power but Asians are a different race and they have not forgotten their glorious historic empires. They will be a factor in the fight for world domination.

The United States of America was a worthy experiment in allowing the people to govern themselves under a Constitution that limited the cancerous power of government.  It did not last long.  It was a system designed to govern a moral people but the moral standards of United States citizens have been in constant decline since the ratification of our Founding Document.

The Constitution has often been ignored and laws have been passed that violate its explicit demands.  It is still referred to when it is helpful to use it but forgotten when the arm of tyranny is extended.  There are termites in our framework that have eaten away at its structure without being noticed by the people.

Oil and the massive profits it produces has been instrumental in financing the destruction of Western society. If the fortunes produced by oil and banking could be nullified we might be able to take back some of the righteousness that made the Western World great.

But the evils of Cultural Marxism have been accepted by a morally bankrupt, insouciant population, setting the stage for a demonic struggle.

Christians are God’s second group of chosen people but like His initial choice we have been consistently disobedient.  His Law was to buttress our Constitution but we forgot that long ago.  The mistake of not making support for God’s Law a requirement to hold government office has allowed our government to become entirely humanistic and viscerally evil.

We worship a merciful God and the situation is never hopeless but even His patience has a limit and we may have reached it


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