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  • Al Cronkrite

In this sermon “The War against Christ by the American Government” Reverend Matthew Trewhella develops a Christian perspective against the sharp Devilish direction of our national government.  Since 9/11 satanic programs have progressed with astonishing rapidity.

For centuries Biblical Law was bedrock for the legal standards of Western Civilization.  It was never encoded verbatim but it served as an immutable foundation. There were dissenters but the God of the Bible remained the legal underpinning.

The Women’s Liberation movement produced significant force against Biblical doctrine.  Movements for independence and equality began before the American Revolution.   In one of the many letters First Lady Abigail Adams wrote her husband, John, she expressed her resistance “to all arbitrary power whether of state or males”.

Women’s liberation enjoyed huge gains during WWII when bevies of excited housewives and single women flocked into factories to replace men who were away at war. Constant war tears at the fabric of the family.  Homes without male direction often produce deviant offspring who then disrupt the peace and order of the culture.

Americans tend to be a pugnacious people who are quick to fight and love to win.  This belief in American exceptionalism readily bypasses the serious ancillary detriments that accompany war.

Our culture has been badly damaged by an organization that took advantage of freedom to work at destroying righteousness.  Decades ago The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) mounted a concerted effort to remove the residue of Christianity from the American culture.

Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence M. Stratton wrote a book entitled “The Tyranny of Good Intentions”,   According to reviewer Nikos Leverenze, the book describes how “the law has been transformed from a shield that protects the people from the encroachments of government power into a sword that enables the government to lord over the people.”

A percentage of humanity seems to be born with an urge to do “good”.  Doing good is commendable but the good some produce does more harm than good.  Roger Baldwin was born in Massachusetts to a well-to-do family.  He was educated at Harvard.  He wanted to improve society.  A student of Russian immigrant Emma Goldman

he became a collectivist who wanted to bring utopia through the blue prints of Karl Marx.

Other zealous do-gooders in the Baldwin circle included future Justice of the SCOTUS Felix Frankfurter financial supporter Albert DeSilver Lesbian Jane Adams, money guru and world shaker Jacob Schiff,  Communist Party luminary Norman Thomas, and Protestant Minister’s daughter Crystal Eastman.  There were others; all were smart, rebellious, anti-Christian, arrogant, collectivist, and sexually deviant.   They believed in freedom but not in the absolutes necessary to maintain it.


Prior to the formation of the ACLU an organization called the National Civil Liberties Bureau was founded to assist conscientious objectors during WWI.  (Baldwin was a conscientious objector)  Eastman, Baldwin, and Thomas were principals in this organization which was the foundation for the ACLU.

Hatred of Christianity is a strange phenomenon.  Christianity with minor exceptions has been a peaceful, non-violent, generous, altruistic, religion that wishes goodness for everyone.  Christian legal standards have been destroyed by the Church itself.  However, remnants still condemn sexual promiscuity and challenge society to be monogamous; apparently this faint righteousness creates a vicious hate in those that seek social debauchery.

Arminianism in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries struck at the heart of the sovereignty of the God of the Bible and opened the door for the entrance of the Enlightenment.  It was God’s sovereignty, His absolute control of the world and everything in it that Jacobus Arminius challenged.  Once this challenge permeated both the church and society man and his beliefs became the center of life; making God and his edicts subject to the intellects of men.  Freedom of religion makes man the sovereign placing The One True Religion under the authority of the creature (man can decide who he will worship and what he will believe); a role reversal that has destroyed obedience.

Removal of the Standard left mankind without a anchor creating both personal and societal chaos.  Chaos begs for control and opens the door to humanistic power seekers who seek to restore order with despotism.

Power seekers are abundant in our time.  David Rockefeller writes openly in his book “Memoirs” about his efforts to bring the United States under world government.  His Grandfather John D. Rockefeller through control of the Standard Oil Company become the wealthiest man in the world.  His successful efforts to gain control of the oil industry were successful and may have set the foundation for his grandson’s quest to centralize the world.

Zionists have a dream of controlling the world from Jerusalem and the heads of international corporations dream of milking a controlled world for profit.  History is replete with empires that have succeeded in obtaining control over much of the civilized world.  Without the abiding righteousness of God’s Law the world becomes a war zone where the fittest survive and destroy their adversaries.

When power is vested in individuals who are restrained by the absolutes of Biblical Law, freedom is a result.  When power is centralized in antinomian, humanistic individuals or groups tyranny is close at hand.

We have traveled far down heresy road.  The death penalty for adultery which is ordered by God’s Law is unthinkable for the majority of Americans.  Husbands as the sole owners of property and wealth who are respected as the powerful heads of their homes are beyond our imagination.  We think we have progressed by defying the Wisdom of the Creator and replacing it with our own.  I remember a former humanistic friend who was so incensed by my support of God’s Law that he called me an SOB and never spoke to me again.

Those who hate God’s Law hate God.  The Law is God’s wisdom in statute form.  The Bible is full of men and women who worshiped the One True God and obeyed his Law.

Reverend Matthew Trewhella speaks about the tragedy of allowing open sexual deviations.  Sodomy (homosexuality) was named from the ancient city of Sodom which God destroyed.  Not only Sodom but Gomorrah, Admah, Zeboim and Bela; five allied cities were involved in this judgment.  Of the five only Beta survived.  As Pastor Trewhella so clearly contended, the sin of the United States of America is almost impossible to reverse.

The citizens of our nation have lost their ability to use sound reason and ever the most brilliant are easily led into devastating error.

“The same sexual deviance (as in the United States) was championed during the French Revolution and it ended in blood shed”

“No nation has ever survived the degradation that now afflicts the United States of America.  It is not survivable.”

Two quotes paraphrased from Pastor Matthew Trewhella

Man was not created to govern himself; when he attempts to do so disaster is


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