Al Cronkrite

“The social tie, which distress has long since weakened, is then dissolved; they have no longer a country, and soon they will not be a people; their very families are obliterated; their common name is forgotten; their language perishes; and all traces of their origin disappear.”

De Tocqueville from Farb’s “Man’s Rise to Civilization”

The Christian culture is dying, both in Europe and in the Americas. Not the Christian religion but the culture the Christian religion produced. Biblical Law which was the bedrock of the legal systems of Western nations is being replaced by law spawned by pagan power centers. This law reflects the depravity of the untethered human heart. It is always tyrannical with the strong quickly moving to dominate the weak.

Though Western culture never enjoyed a majority of chosen Christians it was favored with a predominance who sought a society that obeyed God’s Law. Many of these leaders may have been disobedient themselves but they wanted orderly subjects and considered the Law of the Bible the best standard.

The Constitution of the United States of America reflects a lack of Christian commitment by our Founders. It does not mention the Savior, it does not support Biblical Law, It opens political office to any sort of religion, and, it provides the government with the ability to tax it subjects. It is essentially a humanistic document that allows the growth of tyranny.

Reformed Christians who were early arrivals in the new world believed in God’s Law and sought to make it the legal basis of their society. As new and different Christian religions arrived their job became more difficult. The new world became a polyglot of various Christian theologies most carrying a heavy humanistic burden. Humanism is the perennial enemy of the sovereignty of the One True God. The constant desire to “be like God” deteriorates righteousness and brings on tyranny.

The large nations of the Far East, China, Japan, and India have succumbed to the octopus’ tentacles by admitting central banks but when a culture is intact there is strength. Japan is an Island and is vulnerable to isolation but China and India have massive man power and abundant natural resources. Russia with her vast land mass is an ally.

Russia’s leader, Putin, seems to seek the preservation of the Russian culture; but at the same time he supports world government by endorsing the United Nations. China, India, and Russia are resisting U. S. imperialism but where they stand on national sovereignty has not been determined.

The United States has been a controlled entity since the Federal Reserve was enacted in the waning day of the year of Our Lord, 1913. There were controlling factors before but after l913 the U. S. became a pawn in the game plan for world government. We fought a series of useless wars and underwent needless booms and busts. Control was finalized in the Twentieth Century and is being put to the test in the Twenty First.

Our Christian culture is being destroyed and we are becoming a balkanized nation of different cultures and different languages. While our government conducts an immoral, murderous war that threatens to destroy the cultures of several mostly Muslim nations, waning indigenous U. S. citizens neutralized by wholesale mendacity go about their daily tasks as if everything is normal and peaceful. They seem pleased to have peace now rather than face the enemy and have freedom in the future.

The Bramble Men who pull the strings that control our world are attempting to create a world that is not only bad for the serfs they want to control but bad for them as well.   Christianity was instrumental in the creation of the most advanced culture the world has ever known. It freed men and women to explore new lands and create new inventions. Its work ethic created a massive willing work force and allowed innovation and capital to create peace and prosperity.

Secular world government seems good in theory. It could eliminate war and force a cantankerous world population to live in peace. The upper one percent could forge a leisurely sumptuous existence that they believe would be utopian. It could return the world to its former pattern of lords and serfs.  But it would stifle innovation and create a static, mediocre existence that would be tragic for all concerned.

The Christian culture has been the bulwark of Western civilization. Under this culture Great strides have been made in manufacturing and technology. America and Europe have enjoyed a standard of living unknown to previous generations. Ruining the best is a high price to pay for power to rule over the worst.

The invasion of millions of foreign immigrants into the nations of America and Europe risks their Christian culture. We must ask ourselves who are these Bramble men who want to destroy Christianity? Who has the most to gain? Culture is delicate and once it is destroyed cannot be regained.

Peter Farb in his excellent history of the North American Indian genocide describes the destruction of the culture of the different Indian tribes reducing them to an aimless existence that allowed disease and conflict to abolish the 400 or more different Indian cultures that thrived before the arrival of Europeans.

The assault on our culture is not restricted to immigration. Christian moral standards are now being rescinded by a power structure that is stupid enough to believe that they can enjoy peace and prosperity by destroying the religion that created it.

Jesus condemned the Pharisees because their hypocrisy was the way of death. Human beings were not created to govern themselves and there is no better proof of this fact than the brutal pages of human history. Humanism always ends in tyranny and those who adhere to it will eventually lose their lives and their freedom as a result.

The United States of America was never a Christian nation but its culture was flavored with the embers of Christianity and its leaders believed the Biblical Law provided an excellent restraint on the populace. When there was doubt the reference was to God’s Law. This practice served the nation well until the enlightened men who drafted out Constitution substituted Natural law for God’s Law.

One attempt to describe Natural law begins with these words,. “The term “natural law” is ambiguous. It refers to a type of moral theory, as well as to a type of legal theory, but the core claims of the two kinds of theory are logically independent. It does not refer to the laws of nature, the laws that science aims to describe. According to natural law moral theory, the moral standards that govern human behavior are, in some sense, objectively derived from the nature of human beings and the nature of the world. While being logically independent of natural law legal theory, the two theories intersect.” Read here.

Natural law is a humanistic ploy used by heretical Christians who hate God’s Law and seek to explain it away as if God has repented of His sin in levying it on His erstwhile wayward subjects. They forget that God does not change and neither does His Law. Christians, God’s current chosen people, are saved by the propitiation of God’s Son but because God’s legal system is the ONLY perfect system they are expected to use it as a standard of behavior.

When prominent preachers like Chuck Baldwin publically support antinomianism they contribute to the flaccid Christian theology that has failed to even challenge the massive forces of evil that are overflowing us. God’s Law is a reflection of His character when Baldwin and Christian leaders like Tony Perkins reject it they are actually rejecting the One True God, worshiping instead a god of their own making.

Baldwin and Perkins are wrong!   We cannot fight evil law when we have forsaken righteous law.

In her book, “Days of Empire”, Yale Professor, Amy Chua writes of the anomaly of “rampant, raging anti-Americanism” which is combined with a strong desire to live in America. They seem to hate us for our strength and domination while at the same time seeking to do likewise. She goes on to question whether American Imperialists have the “glue” to keep an empire together. I believe she knows we do not!   All we have is power and power is a faulty binder.

Christianity is Divine Glue. Real Biblical Christianity offers the world peace and prosperity. Without God’s Law there is no Christianity. The battle to improve the world will not be won by force. Improvement must come with a population willing to abide by the only perfect legal system. Even this perfect system must be administered with mercy because a perfect system cannot always bring justice to an imperfect people.

The Bramble men who control America are brutalizing the world and destroying the nation that might have brought peace and prosperity to it. They are killers, demonic power seekers, who may destroy themselves in the process.

Please note: I have been writing commentary for the past couple of decades. First, letters to the Editor and columns for a local weekly paper and later for the internet. When the local weekly paper went out of business I began writing for the internet page . Later, published all of my columns. More recently put my essays on their server.   At this writing Etherzone is graciously continuing to archive previous essays but is not putting up new ones; CovenantNews and VeracityVoice have both taken down their websites.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­My early columns were secular and were widely reprinted; if my memory serves me correctly, the Huffington Post ran one of them. As I began to relate current events to a Reformed theological perspective secular pages dropped my writing and when a study of the Zionist agenda and Neocon hegemony in our government led me to take an anti-Zionist stance, popularity took another blow.

I do not write to be popular and have refused offers for donations. However, I would like to get my writing to a wider audience and would be grateful for Christian email lists or any address lists that would reach interested people

Thank you, and God Bless you and yours.


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