Al Cronkrite

“I shall build me a castle with the stones of defeat

For defeat is the staff of the strong.”

R. J. Rushdoony,   “The Luxury of Words”   Pg. 3

Several weeks ago I received from Chalcedon a small booklet of R. J. Rushdoony’s poems. The title of the book picked my immediate interest. Words are indeed a luxury and the English language is abundant. What a blessing to put them together to convey a new idea or a cherished thought. New ones and old ones keep popping up and offer fascinating cadences and meanings. Writing is both a joy and a privilege.

Some of Rushdoony’s poems contain a flavor of defeat. He was a brilliant man who channeled his gift into God’s Kingdom as a believer in the absolute authenticity of God’s Word. Truth tellers never experience the accolades of society. They are fortunate to find a small following but in their lifetimes they can never expect popularity and approbation. Rushdoony confronted error and evil wherever he went and was often insulted for doing so.   I wonder sometimes how many would have followed Jesus if He had not performed miracles or how many would have followed Rush if he had not been brilliant.

My wife and I were recently blessed by the arrival of our first grandson. Our son spent many years in a state of defiance which destroyed a couple of decades of his life. When he was born we dedicated him to God and prayed for him regularly. His mother loved him and defended him even when he was in the depths of evil; it caused considerable upset in our home.

When he was a few years into his third decade, recently fired from a job at a large corporation, in a casual conversation at work his mother was told of a local man who was looking for someone to run his plumbing and electrical business. He was getting older and he and his wife had no children. Our son called, got an interview and was so well qualified that he was hired immediately. He began working. He liked the job and the owner liked him. The business was in its fifth generation and finding someone to run it had been so difficult that when our son was hired arrangements were being made to sell it.

A great change came over our lone progeny. He worked 12 hours each day and did so for a sustained period. His work brought the business back into profitability. He hired another worker, bought new trucks and provided income to the owner. He flourished and so did the business. The owner liked him from the start but now began to treat him as his own son.

Finding a wonderful woman, our now changed profligate was soon married. At the wedding, the owner, when asked to say a few words, was so overwhelmed by the events of the previous months that while talking he was overcome with emotion.

A year after the wedding the love of his life presented him with a son and us with a grandson.

I relate this story to tell of the good that sometimes comes from troubled times. I prayed for, disciplined, worried about, and fought with our only child without success but when God intervened everything I had worked and hoped for happened smoothly, peacefully, and with a more precious outcome than I could ever have imagined.

Now this talented young man who formerly would not listen to the Gospel has acknowledged the intervention of The Creator and possesses the grateful heart of a convert.

R. J. Rushdoony went through a sustained period of difficult times but now many of us are being blessed by reading his books and seeing the fidelity of his son to the work his father started. Faithfulness to the Gospel is rewarded within God’s perfect time; often in the wake of human failure.

For several decades I have been following the dismantling of the nation of my birth.   Half a century ago I began to wonder why our elected officials would pass legislation that was inimical to the interests of our citizens. Though I was only a brief member of the John Birch society their literature helped me understand that powerful forces were working to dismantle the nation and replace it with a dictatorship of their choosing. Over the years laws were passed that destroyed our manufacturing base and lowered our standard of living. Moral turpitude became a regular part of our entertainment and dishonesty a part of our government. Instead of bulwarks of righteousness our churches became sources of entertainment. The moral standards of our nation plummeted. Nefarious forces pushed for open borders and massive immigration began destroying our culture.

In his extensive work on the cultures of hundreds of American Indian tribes Peter Farb concluded that the IQ type of brilliance was evident in all races however backward and that social and intellectual advances are a result of the cultures that spawn them. He cited the example of the wheels found on ancient Mexican toys that failed to produce wheeled vehicles because the culture had no beasts of burden to pull them. Wheel bearings were of no use until we had wheeled vehicles; electric lights were preceded by candles, the telephone by the telegraph, guns by gun powder, etc. Technical advancement builds on previous achievement. Societies with cultures consumed by the status quo produce brilliant individuals but without technical advancements to build on, innovations are not made. .

The destruction of the American, Christian, European culture is a disastrous form of murder. The world’s most advanced culture is being purposely destroyed in a quest for world domination. As we leave the industrial age and venture into an electronic era we move into an even more delicate construct then the one we are leaving. When industry is lost the technology that accompanied it is lost as well.

I dislike long videos and usually avoid them; however, there are some that are worth the time. Patrick Wood is editor of the August Review and in cooperation with former Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute, Anthony Sutton, has done extensive research into the influence of the Trilateral Commission (TC) over our government. He has done a three tape interview on “Technocracy” that covers much of what is happening in our world. Here.    Here.     Here.    At the end of the third video (49.56) Wood addresses a crucial problem: He says we have “had our ladder leaning against the wrong wall” which I take to mean that for forty years we have been complaining about symptoms and ignored the source.


Gun grabbers will not cure murder by confiscating guns. Guns are a symptom.   Immigration (both legal and illegal) is a symptom, the destructive War on Terror is a symptom, trashing the Bill of Rights is a symptom, pervasive propaganda is a symptom, loss of individual freedom is a symptom, mountainous government debt is a symptom. Ninety percent of the verbiage (written and oral) addresses symptoms and is useless in the battle we are facing.

Wood observes that members of the TC are pervasive in every administration, Republican and Democrat.  He claims members of this world government saturated organization successfully write and promote legislation and exert untoward pressure on our government. He further claims that members control the press and media allowing huge leverage over the political process. He correctly infers that these individuals if not the enemy, are closer to the enemy than the programs they engender.

Wood does not mention the Zionist agenda. Talmudist Neocons , who control our money supply, our information, and much of our government are a sizable part of our problem. They, too, seek world government but would rather it was centered in Israel. The War on Terror benefits the interests of Israel and the Neocons have enough control of our government to sustain the manipulation. Though the TC and the Zionists have overlapping agendas there is a major difference in the objective.

We have a burgeoning cauldron of hate for Muslims in the Western World. Propaganda from our own government has been the source of much this animosity and as with most of our resistance to world tyranny our vigorous efforts to stop the Muslim incursions are misplaced.   Muslims come here because after 9/11 our armed forces bombed and invaded their land killing and displacing millions of innocent people who were living in peace and had no animosity against the United States.

It is not pleasant to have our nation invaded by foreigners who defy our laws and seek to change our religion; more so when we are often paying for their sustenance. Nevertheless, if we want positive results we much address the problem with knowledge and wisdom. There is NOTHING in our Constitution that forbids Muslims participating in our government! Stop complaining about that. However, before 9/11 there were very few Muslims in our country and the mass influx is a fault of our government – not the Muslims. Powerful Neocons hate Christian America and would destroy Christianity by any means. The TC seeks open borders as a means of destroying the world’s nations and replacing them with a new construct of their own making.

We cannot win the war until we know and understand who the enemy is and what he is doing!

God broke up the Tower of Babel conspiracy and He can do so with this contemporary attempt at world domination. If American voters are not presented with candidates who are free from both the TC and Zionist influence they should refuse to vote.

When candidates for the presidency of the United States of America support Israel and war they support programs that are inimical to the best interests of our nation and should not be considered legitimate candidates.

God cannot support a righteous agenda unless steps are taken to begin one. Boycotting the election could produce enough honest resistance to bring some help from our Wonderful, Sovereign, God in Christ.


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