Al Cronkrite

“Shooting straight in the cause of crooked thinking

Their greed is sugared with pretense of public spirit.”

“Eclogue from Iceland” Louis MacNeice

Election year fever is gripping the country. The decline of our nation is blamed on the opposing party and on their candidate. Lots of emotion accompanies the condemnation of President Obama or President Bush. Polite Americans refuse to discuss politics because emotions run too high. It is a blessing to the puppeteers who pull the strings since they are accountable to no one.

Campaigns allow the candidates for President to describe perfect solutions to the problems that concern voters. These solutions are music to their ears and like lemmings they begin to support the candidate that has provided the best rendition of a popular position.

It is all great fun but void, mendacious, and useless. What the candidates say may come from a sincere heart but they know that their popular solutions to the severe decline of our nation have very little chance of becoming reality. Our carefully designed constitutional republic is confined by the strings of a puppeteer. Candidates have several things in common: they all support neo-Israel; they all support the war on terror, and they all blame the other party for the country’s ills.

Wars have been a continuous part of United States agenda from the beginning of its existence. There have been few periods of peace. Read here. The current war is an offensive war against a ghost called terrorism. It involves conquering nations that are not enemies and who pose no threat. The ultimate objective has never been honestly explained but it appears to involve subduing the world under a new world order. It is the granddaddy of all wars; now fifteen years old it shows no signs of stopping. It may continue until the United States conquers the world or dies as a disemboweled shell.

We were the strongest nation in the world when the trappings of the new world order began to take hold some fifty years ago. Some of our strength has been lost and it appears what remains will be used in an all-out effort to put the Fascist world order in place.

Since all candidates support it, the coming presidential election will have no effect on the war.

It is an aberrant war. The United States of America appears to be fighting as a proxy for Israel. American Neocons (many are Israeli citizens) provide the impetus for our aggression. Their power over political donations and over the press and media allows them to wrestle our elected officials into doing their bidding.

In 2006, John Mearsheimer, a University of Chicago professor and Stephen Walt from Harvard published a book entitled “The Israeli Lobby”. It is a scathing indictment of Israeli hegemony over U S. policy. “Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing that given to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct economic and military assistance since 1976, and is the largest recipient in total since World War Two, to the tune of well over $140 billion (in 2004 dollars). Israel receives about $3 billion in direct assistance each year, roughly one-fifth of the foreign aid budget, and worth about $500 a year for every Israeli.” Read here.

Neo-Israel is a diverse nation and not all Jews support the policies of the Israeli government. That said, the financial tentacles of Israel are wide-spread and its power structure through-out the world is daunting. In the United States its control of the media is in lock-step with the policies of the government where they also exert a major influence. They not only have inordinate control over our government’s policies but their programs overflow with self-serving propaganda along with an anti-Christian, liberal social agenda.

Manipulation of the electoral process, though often masked, is evident in every election. Donald Trump’s astounding popularity has been supported by the press. His pronouncements have been aired without derision or distortion; entirely different from the last election, four years ago, when Ron Paul was marginalized and mocked. Neocons own and control the press and media and every candidate understands that one cannot win an election without supporting Israel. Trump may not become president but his entrance will give Congresswoman Clinton a better chance even with all of her baggage.

A sizeable portion of the U. S. electorate supports Israel for heretical religious reasons; their support is thoughtless and unconditional, they will not vote for candidates who put U. S. interests before those of Israel. Other Americans form their opinions from the propagandized news they see, read, and hear; their premise is false and their decisions are against their own interests.

With a rare bit of humor R. J. Rushdoony writes, “If you believe that political parties are going to do anything but help themselves into power, you belong on the honor role of All-American pigeons. No doubt, you will also believe that cattlemen can become a lobby for vegetarianism or that deer hunters look back on ‘Bambi’ as their all-time favorite movie.” (Our Threatened Freedom, Pg. 201)

Neocons are the most privileged players on the political scene. They control what the nation (including most politicians) sees, reads, and hears; great power by itself. But in addition they control the money supply which can sustain or destroy a nation and without which no candidate can mount a campaign. Mearsheimer and Walt could not publish their book in America; it was finally printed in England. Though full of truth it has received bushels of denigration and its content has never been properly discussed.

There is a vast beguilement of the American electorate. The press and media control public perception of the candidates by censoring the news. They can make a bad candidate look good by censoring his downside and a good candidate look bad by censoring his good side. What they report may be accurate but what they leave out creates a huge distortion. The electorate is misled by the rhetoric of candidates of both political parties who speak of policies that when finally elected they seldom initiate. This leads to the perennial complaint that what the candidate promised on the stump is usually reversed when finally elected. Though this deception has been going on for years brainwashed American voters continue to go to the polls with high hopes.

Candidates for the office of President are restricted to wealthy individuals or to those supported by them. Money is the powder under the election explosion. Popularity for the pre-selected candidates is created by the press and media by manipulating the populace. Prospects for both parties must overtly support Israel and the war, and, covertly, the new world order.

Russia is a newly created enemy and Vladimir Putin is the whipping boy. Stephen Lendman writes, “US presidential aspirants represent America’s lunatic fringe – pro-war neocons talking tough on Russia, proliferating Big Lies, ignoring good sense.”  Listen here.

Putin’s rhetoric is conciliatory. He denounces American imperialism and promotes a peaceful solution to the problems in the Ukraine while American’s neocon warhawks and those who depend on their power talk tough and promote war. There is so much deception that it is hard to tell whether Putin is sincere or is playing a role for the conspirators.

Someone recently argued that we must support the candidate that would do the least harm; the lessor of two evils. We must not forget that when we cast a vote we endorse the policies of the candidate that receives it. How can we endorse offensive war against nations and people who have done us no harm; innocent people made in God’s image that we are murdering and ruining? How can we endorse Israeli hegemony over us when many families have resided here and helped build this nation since the middle of the Eighteenth Century?

How can anyone of conscience vote in the coming Presidential Election?


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